Request Queue II

As of November 13th 2012
Request post here 

- Kise x Kuroko
- Murasakibara x Akashi Filled ONE
- Kagami x Generation of Miracles
- Kise x Kasamatsu (II) Filled ONE TWO THREE
- Himuro x Kagami

- Hyuuga x Riko x Teppei (II)  Filled ONE
- Aomine x Momoi  (IV)
- Aomine x Kagami (II) Filled ONE
- Kasamatsu x Anyone  Filled ONE TWO
- Riko x Anyone  
- Kuroko x Momoi 
- Kiyoshi x Anyone
- Murasakibara x Anyone Filled ONE
- Takao x Midorima (III)  Filled ONE  TWO THREE
- Riko x Hyuuga (II)
- Murasakibara x Himuro Filled ONE
- Aomine x Kuroko 
- Kagami x Kuroko Filled ONE
- Aomine x Kise (IV)
- Hyuuga x Izuki  
- Akashi x Kuroko
- Akashi x Anyone
- Akashi x Kise 

Notes: As you can see, we are slowly but surely going through your requests, but we have a special announcement - since neither Jin nor I are particularly fans of AoKise, if you have any specific requests please direct them our way since we are unlikely to fish PIXIV for those DJs! Thank you for your patience and understanding! ~Lola