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Hello cutie! May I request a scenario where Akashi tries to make his s/o laugh and he fails but the s/o ends up laughing bc that was so cute of him to do? Thank you~ <3 You're amazing! Keep being you~~ //hugs// Have a nice day lovely!!

((Lmao I had so much fun looking up Japanese puns, thanks lovely, I really appreciate your love :’D Hope you like this!))

“______.” You turn your head when you hear Akashi Seijurou, your boyfriend, call your name. Though, something seemed a bit off about him. In fact, he had been acting strangely the last few days. Your normally calm and even a bit distant boyfriend was constantly calling your name at random points of the day, asking you the oddest questions or saying things that made you worry.  

“Hm? What is it, Sei?” You tilt your head at the way he tenses a little at your acknowledgement, the way he takes a deep breath, and the way the normally calm upturn of his lips twitched in obvious discomfort. When he speaks, it’s as if someone is strangling him, his voice terse and staggered. He tries very hard to seem confident. 

“ There is a mikan orange on an aluminum can. (Arumikan no ue ni aru mikan).” You blink, completely clueless. 

“O-oh…that’s nice, Sei…but I’m going to go study in the library before I head home, okay?” 

“Ah, wait…” You speed away, whipping out your phone and immediately looking up the symptoms of too little sleep and too much stress. Maybe you should insist he sleep earlier? Meanwhile, Akashi pinches the bridge of his nose, squeezing his crimson red hues shut in frustration. Why was this so hard? 

“______, could you come here a moment?” You look up from your piano music, as you had been rehearsing a piece for your upcoming concert with Akashi, since your violinist was sick today. 

“Is something wrong, Seijuro?” 

“No, I just..wanted to ask you something.” Uh oh, here we go again. You can’t help but bite back a laugh. 

“What is it?” This is it, he thinks triumphantly. This is my win. I will make _____ laugh. 

“Is snack time is at three o’clock, what time is it now? ( Okashi wa san ji, ima wa nan ji?)”


“Two o’clock.” 

( The word ji (字) means both time and letter. If okashi has three characters, お・か・し, then ima い・ま has two character, so 2 o’clock.)

“Did you hear me, _____?”


“Two o’clock.” 

“I heard you the first time, Seijirou.”

“Seijirou, what is going on with you?” 

“I do not know what you speak of.” 

“Why are you saying such..strange things?” 

“I’m hurt, my dear.” Akashi runs a finger through your (h/c) locks, kissing your forehead and smiling handsomely at you. “You find me strange…?” Normally, your knees would go weak and you would forget what you were talking to him about, but your stoic expression and the slightly raised eyebrow told him that that wouldn’t be working anytime today. 

“Are you okay? If you want to relax, you can come to my house and-” You’re cut off by Akashi’s lips pressing against yours, one hand winding around his waist and the other cupping your nape, sliding down around your collar. He pulls away slowly, looking a bit downtrodden. He murmurs something into the junction where your shoulder met your neck. “Sei…I can’t understand you.” He sighs, pulling away and looking firmly into your eyes. 

“I wanted…to make you laugh.” You thought you heard him wrong.

“I…I’m sorry…what?” 

“When I’m with you, my heart feels full and my chest light. Your smile and laugh make me laugh.” You can’t believe your ears as Akashi pours his heart out to you. You wish you could say this wasn’t surprised, that this happened all the time. But it didn’t. He usually kept all his problems to himself. “Yet I can never give you the same joy and laughter you give me. I feel as though I’m losing a battle I definitely don’t want to lose.”

Several moments of silence pass through the both of you, before a little bit of air escapes between the spaces of your teeth. Akashi looks at you incredulously, but the gaze melts into one of pure shock as you suddenly double over, laughing heartily and holding your stomach. You guffaw and chortle, covering your mouth with one of the hands on your stomach. 

“Is that what you worry about?” Akashi frowns just a bit, feeling unnerved by the fact that after all that trouble, his true and honest feelings were what broke you. 

“____, this isn’t funny.” 

“No, no, it’s not, I’m sorry.” You smile, moving closer and playing with his tie, looking deep into his eyes. “I just can’t help but laugh when I realize my boyfriend is so cute.” He grabs your wrist and pulls you to him again, suddenly regaining his princely composure. 

“If I am cute as you say I am…then you are immaculately perfect.” 

You don’t even get to blush properly before your lips meet again. 

basketbaes-imagines  asked:

“God, you always make me blush so damn much.” with Akashi pleasee (okay I'll apologize in advance bc I'll send many of these bc I love them all so much okay sorry bro hehe ily<3) Thank you~

This too is adorable. Also I’m implying something in the little drabble~

   “God, you always make me blush so damn much.”

   Akashi looked towards you, eyebrow raised, and clear confusion written over his features. He had no idea where that had come from. The last you blushed was last night when the both of you were in bed doin-

   The current thought was broken by your voice, “Seijuro! Did you hear me? You need to take responsibility for this you know?”

   Again he was confused till he noticed your finger pointing towards your neck. Not realizing what you meant he moved by your side, inspecting further on the area he remembered what lead to those mar-

   “Seijuro! You’re making that face again!” A clear blush had spread over your cheeks before continuing, “You’re thinking about last night again aren’t you? God you just- stop that!”

   Chuckling at your outburst Akashi couldn’t help himself but kiss the marks and pepper over the side of your neck. This action resulted in your face becoming a deep scarlet. Just when he couldn’t think you were any cuter you just do.