• Kuroko: How long has ‘gullible’ been on the ceiling?
  • Kagami: ...There’s nothing there, though?
  • [later]
  • Koganei: Hey, doesn’t that cloud look like it says 'gullible’?
  • Kagami: Which one?
  • Koganei: The one over there.
  • Kagami: But it doesn’t??
  • [later]
  • Tsuchida: Hey, did you know they’re taking the word 'gullible’ from the dictionary?
  • Kagami: Why would they– Hey!
  • [later]
  • Hyuuga: Okay, so, are we gonna ignore the fact that someone wrote 'gullible’ on the ceiling, or…?
  • Kagami: That’s enough, I won’t fall for it again!
  • Hyuuga: Fall for what? It’s literally–
  • Kagami: [points upward] There’s nothing there, stop messing with me!
  • ['gullible’ is written on the ceiling]
  • Kagami: What the fuck.

anonymous asked:

Could I request for the reactions of GOM and Takao (optional: Miyaji and Hayama) when their s/o suddenly sing along with the music they're listening to and they're so into it. (You know when people are alone in their room and just indulge themselves into the music with matching dancing and possibly, headbanging) And then s/o suddenly smiled brightly and boom, the dorks fall in love more deeply to them. <3 Thank you very much senpai!~

Kuroko—It wouldn’t be very easy to “feel” his presence, so his partner would often end up singing along their favourite songs while thinking they were alone. For Kuroko alone it would be something he likes very much. He loves hearing his partner’s singing voice and would never miss a chance to listen to and watch them.

Kise would at first be surprised when he hears them sing, but eventually, if he was in another room, he would stand up and quietly walk into a room and observe his partner. A fond smile would be seen on his lips and the cuteness of his partner would make him unable to hold back. He would embrace and kiss them, quickly giving himself out.

Midorima wouldn’t mind if his partner started singing. In fact, he would enjoy it. Surely he likes silence, but usually he prefers if there is just a bit of noise, so he wouldn’t end up crazy in the deafening silence. And before he would know it, he would be standing on the doorway, watching them and falling more and more in love. He would blush deeply if he was caught and would never admit anything.

Aomine—When he is resting, he likes silence. But he wouldn’t mind music either. So the first time when he heard his partner sing along, he had to open his eyes and almost slap himself unsure if he hears and sees right. After a second of his shock, he would grin and pull them on the couch, not wanting to let go. He wouldn’t mind if they ever start singing again.

Murasakibara would for a moment stop what he is doing and look at them if they were in the same room. He would quietly watch them, smiling to himself before he would continue what he was doing all while listening to them. He wouldn’t mind the noise and if his partner started headbanging, he would just stare at them in silence, but wouldn’t say anything. As long as they like it and it doesn’t annoy him too much, all is well.

Akashi would be pleasantly surprised. He would just walk into room in that moment, his partner’s back facing him as they danced and sang to the song they listened. He would lean on the doorway with a fond smile, not missing the way they sang with their emotion and smiled the whole time.

Takao would try to start teasing them, but would stop when he sees how into they are. He definitely wouldn’t try to embarrass them as it was obviously seen they loved singing. If they started headbanging then he would end up laughing, saying they look ridiculously funny. He would still approach them and kiss them, saying he wouldn’t mind watching them again if they like it.

Miyaji would at first feel a bit annoyed because of the music. When he would be on the doorway, ready to ask them to silencing the music or changing it, he would stop and just…watch mesmerized. His partner would actually have to be the one waking him from his daze, asking in worry if he was alright.

Hayama would be so excited and happy the moment he sees them. Surely the music, the beat and the lyrics made him rock his own head back and forth he would grin widely when he saw his partner doing it. No sooner would he enjoy, holding their hand and just spin them around, not even minding if they made the room even messier.

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