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Hello! I love your blog, your work is amazing! x33 Can I request GOM+Izuki+Mitobe+Himuro reacting when they learnt their s/o have tics, and their s/o were afraid of reactions because they had a lot of teasings when they were young, and how their boyfriends reassure them, please? Sorry if there are a lot of characters and I hope my English is good for understanding my request. QAQ Thank youuuu~ x333

Your English is perfectly fine and no worries for the number! (*^^*) -T-chan

Kuroko at first wouldn’t realize. Only when his partner would began feeling nervous, he would pay more attention. Soon he would realize and see what is bothering them and instead of pointing it out, having a feeling they feel uncomfortable talking about it, he would tell them how much he loves them instead. He would give a hint on their tics, letting them know he doesn’t mind.

Kise wouldn’t even realize that his partner has a tic. He would only pay attention if his partner spoke of it first, blurting it out by accident or if he overhears anyone. If he overhears/hears from someone else, he would be angry because it is no one’s business than his partner’s. He would confront them and tell them to not pay much attention to others about what they say and reassure them that they are perfect just the way they are.

Midorima would find out about their tics after spending more and more time with his partner. While he wouldn’t pay much attention to it, he surely would see that they feel uncomfortable every time they find themselves doing something unconsciously. Then he would assure them that it is only normal to have tics as everyone has one.

Aomine wouldn’t mind if his partner has tics or not. He finds out about their tic pretty quickly into their relationship and all while he wouldn’t say a word about it, he would still find it a bit cute. When he sees that they don’t like it, he wouldn’t exactly call out on it, but would just pull them on his lap and ask what is bugging them. If they told him, he would assure them that he doesn’t mind when they made weird faces because who doesn’t?

Murasakibara wouldn’t even realize. Like surely his partner makes weird faces, bites their lips or repeating words, but everyone does that. If they confront him, he would just say to stop worrying about something stupid, which could make them upset. Seeing his mistake he would quickly reach out for them and explain that he really doesn’t mind if they have tics or not.

Akashi would know about the tics even before they would be in relationship. But even then he wouldn’t pay much attention to it or point it out, because while he knew, he also found out that they are uncomfortable every time they catch themselves doing it. If they ever pointed it out, he would only smile and say that their tics were also the reason he fell for them, which isn’t entirely a lie.

Izuki would think that tics his partner has are actually cute. Surely he wouldn’t pay much attention to them, but comment or even make a joke about it. If he sees his partner hates them, he would apologize for making jokes and would assure them he meant in a good way. He would be careful from then on, but still be the same Izuki he is.

Mitobe, despite being silent, he would show concern whenever his partner feels down because of their tics, which would eventually lead them to tell him. Even though he wouldn’t say anything, he would show more. He would pull them in an embrace and smile softly, kissing their cheeks, eyes, nose and forehead.

Himuro would be sweet about it. Surely he would notice but would never pay much attention to it. But every now and then he would say something sweet and really caring, assuring his partner that they are beautiful no matter what. He would hate seeing them be embarrassed of something they can’t help with and would do anything to stop them from belittling themselves.

I just want a friend

I used to love school. I used to love going to school with my friends. Working hard in class. Participating. Playing. Hanging out. I used to love it all. But now it’s changed. I feel so alone. People say they are my friend. But why do I feel like I have none. You know. The other day they were talking about depression. And one said. “If they want to kill themselves they should do it properly. ” I think that’s when it started. I used to have depression. So you can feel how that would affect me. I slowly started noticing. How I was slightly left out. The one left behind. The one ignored. Uncared for. I broke down three times today. Disappeared for a whole hour. And. No one noticed. Or cared. Or asked about it. When I say something in a group chat it automatically dies. I’m so alone. I just want to be invisible now. I just want to stay at home. I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m suffocating. I don’t eat at school anymore. I just hide. But really. I just want a friend. Someone to rely on. To hug. That will accept me for me. That will be there for me. Is that so hard to ask….

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  • Kuroko: *phone starts ringing*
  • Aomine, looking to see who's calling: Lmao, you still call your dad “daddy”?
  • Kuroko, answering the phone and making direct eye contact with Aomine: Hello Akashi-kun.
  • Aomine: *chokes on drink*