February 9, 2016
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Reacting to Midotaka

Kuroko and Murasakibara: “…”

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Kagami and Aomine: 

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Kise: “asdfghjkl; I can’t OHMAIGOD!!!!”

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Midorima: “I don’t love Takao, nanodayo.  Shut up.  Who even ships it?” O///O

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Takao: “hahahahaha of course Shin-chan loves me.  He’s a tsundere tho.  I ship Midotaka 110%.” 

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Miyaji: “Ooohhhh, this relationship is getting interesting between those first years.” 

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Momoi:  “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh.  This looks good  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).”

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Akashi: “Get out of the way, peasant Takao.  Shintaro is mine.  Just watch me, the absolute emperor.”

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Mini Drama ~Kise and Kasamatsu~ English Translation

This is English translation to an audio performed by Kimura Ryouhei and Hoshi Souichirou that kachimatsu blessed us with by posting.

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Iwaoi And Aokise


- Kise always has cold hands and feet so he pads around the flat in super thick fluffy socks

- Aomine always ends up getting dragged into very competitive sliding competitions (Aomine hates to admit it, but Kise knows that Aomine’s a competitive soul who refuses to lose at anything. Kise’s not above abusing this knowledge to goad Aomine into these competitions all the time)

- Sometimes it’s less of a competition and more of Kise flying right into Aomine (“Incoming, Aominecchi!!”) and Aomine yelling (see: cursing very colourfully)

- At the beginning, fights and clashing over small things were not particularly uncommon, but since then they’ve learned to compromise

- And by compromise I mean Aomine ends up humouring Kise – sometimes a little sarcastically, but Kise very pointedly ignores those moments – until Kise comes out from Pouty Sulking Mode and shoves his face against Aomine’s shoulder, half-wailing his apologies

- Kise will always slink his arms around Aomine and cling to him like a damned leech every night when he slides into bed

- Aomine complains, inevitably, that shit, Kise, let a man fucking breathe, but he’ll always reach around to card his hands languidly through Kise’s hair

- Until Kise suddenly tightens his arms into a death grip and presses his cold-ass feet against Aomine

- (This always ends up in a lot of yelling)

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~Mod Sin


- Iwaizumi can tell how Oikawa is feeling by the slightest change in expression

- Oikawa knew that he was in love with Iwaizumi ever since junior high, but Iwaizumi doesn’t realize his own feelings until his second year

- They love to go stargazing together

- Iwaizumi is always the big spoon and Oikawa loves to snuggle in close to him

- Oikawa can get insecure at times, but Iwaizumi is always there to rub his back and whisper sweet things into Oikawa’s ear as he cries into his shoulder

- Iwaizumi always makes sure that Oikawa takes care of himself and worries about it all the time

- They love taking baths together, not in a sexual way, just enjoying being close to each other (plus Iwaizumi gives Oikawa the best massages during those times)

- Oikawa is really clingy. Iwaizumi pretends to be annoyed by it, but secretly loves every second of it

- No one was surprised when they announced that they were dating, some were even confused because they thought they already were

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~mod meme

Why doesn’t the fandom ever address the fact that Kuroko can and does perform magic tricks? If you look at his wiki, there’s a whole bunch of stuff in the trivia section from official character books outside of the plot that mention him doing magic tricks. He learned a bunch when he was learning misdirection and uses it sometimes for entertainment. I have seen NOTHING of this in the fandom. Where are the fanart and comics of this? it could be hilarious


Kuroko No Basuke (Kiseki No Sedai)

♥Akashi Seijuurou

♥Aomine Daiki

♥Kise Ryouta

♥Kuroko Tetsuya

♥Midorima Shintarou

♥Murasakibara Atsushi

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Hi, i luv yur writing so so much, amd your series is amazing! Can you write 32 for midotaka pls?

Title: Suited to a Tea
Characters/Pairing: Midorima/Takao
Prompt: 32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Summary: It hits Shintarō like a ton of bricks.
AN: Thank you anon for liking my work. The title is a play on this saying and yes, that is a reference to the boyfriend shirt. My MidoTaka series is You’re the One on AO3.

Suited to a Tea

Shintarō met up with his friend at a teahouse near Tokyo Station. Akashi was in town for the day. He had called Midorima from the bullet train seemingly out of the blue.

Midorima didn’t know why, but he had purposely sidestepped the question of where he was going when he’d spoken to Takao on the phone that morning.

And when Takao had pressed him for an answer, Midorima made up an excuse.

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