August 21, 2017
  1. Sagittarius
     Japanese food

  2. Leo
     Light blue

  3. Aries
     Love song

  4. Libra
     Tank top

  5. Gemini

  6. Aquarius
     Romance novel

  7. Virgo
     Spanish cuisine

  8. Cancer
     Sunny-side-up fried egg

  9. Pisces

  10. Scorpio

  11. Taurus

  12. Capricorn

anonymous asked:

8, 13, 15 with aomine and ushiwaka and mafia! Dazai?

Are they more of a long term relationship kind of gal or can never keep a relationship longer than 3 months even if they tried?

If Aomine actually tried a little he would be able to keep a relationship for as long as he’d like, but sadly, he gets lazy even when it comes to putting an effort into loving someone at times. Although keep in mind, if he really wants to, he will.

Ushiwaka would never even get with someone unless he was planning for a longterm relationship. It takes a lot for him to actually like someone, so once he does, he won’t be letting go of them so easily.

Dazai does not do relationships, let alone long ones. Even with the many people that hoped they’d be the one he will accept and wanna be with till forever, it never worked out but ended with their hearts getting broken.

Would they ever date someone that is a few years younger or older than they are?

Aomine wouldn’t mind dating someone older nor younger since age isn’t a big deal for him. But if he feels they are too young then he wouldn’t feel so comfortable and would try not to cross the line with them.

Ushiwaka would rather they be the same age as him or at least 2 years younger. 

Dazai will date older people and younger people, but if they’re not legal then he’s not even gonna touch them let alone try to pursue something more than just simple talk. 

Would they ever have sex with someone they don’t actually have feelings for but only for fun? aka a fuck buddy

Aomine wouldn’t mind having a one night stand, but to see that person again would be a little too awkward for him so having a fuck buddy isn’t something he’d like. He’ll have sex alright, and he will have fun but he wouldn’t wanna see them again, not unless he wants more than just sex.

Ushiwaka isn’t even the best when it comes to friends let alone getting someone into bed. He would never be comfortable doing it with someone he has no feelings for, he doesn’t see the appeal in that. The only time he’ll have sex with someone is when they love him as much as he loves them. Meaningless sex is definitely something he’d never do.

If Dazai had the amount of money for the amount of fuck buddies he’ve had and has, he would not only be rich but a sugar daddy as well.

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: [kisses Person B's neck]
  • Person B: what is this?
  • Person A: affection
  • Person B: disgusting
  • Person B:
  • Person B: do it again

Updated sports anime maps! The first one is more of current popular sports animes and the second one has older sports ones too! I considered putting them all on the same map but that’d be way too messy on one picture ;((

Thanks to @mew318 for Haikyuu, @hetaliabunny for Diamond no Ace, @stephie-senpai for Oofuri, and @fencer-x for the Prince of Tennis help!!

***Edit: Saisei is from Kanagawa, not Tokyo

Japan prefecture map from wiki

Full size/clearer HERE