kuroko no basket weaving

Akashi I am Akashi “Emperor of Baskets” Seijuurou! My basket weaving skills are absolute! All of you suck! Especially you, Shintarou. Look at your basket.

Midorima … It’s perfect.

Akashi LIES

Murasakibara …someone ate my food… Kise-chin it was you, wasn’t it..

Kise W-what? I don’t know what you’re talking about! What food? I didn’t see any food? Are you sure you had food? I don’t remember you having any.. eh heh..

Aomine -acting like nothing happened cos he’s the one who ate Mukkun’s food-

Murasakibara Kuro-chin did you take my food?

Kuroko …what

Akashi I AM ABSOLUTE!!!11

…I did it again.

I was actually planning this for a while but I kept forgetting about it orz oh and then I lost the pic I originally planned to use for it… so I had to hunt down another one!

I call them “The Generation of Miracle Basket Weavers”

…or something..

(excuse the inaccurate heights.. there’s kinda no way around that ^^;

also I still think Mido’s head is too big whoops…

-cough- also I didn’t intend for Aomine and Kise’s baskets to be opposites of each others’ colors.. that just kinda happened… cos I Kise to be shorter… and.. oh never mind)

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