• Kise:Senpai, please flirt with me.
  • Kasamatsu:... Fine, fine, face around.
  • Kise:Eh?!
  • Kasamatsu:Just do it.
  • Kise:*turns around*
  • Kasamatsu:... *taps Kise's shoulder* Excuse me.
  • Kise:*turns around with a smile* Yes?
  • Kasamatsu:Do you have time to spare now?
  • Kise:Why?! Are you asking me for a date? Of cou-
  • Kasamatsu:Please use it wisely.
[ explosive ]

{ one does not simply tease a bodyguard }

AU: Yakuza!Reader, Bodyguard!Kagami
Pairing: Kagami x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 3463 words
A/N: I’ve been going overboard way too easily these days. I’m sorry. For noijakupls since your bae as bodyguard. Just imagine.

“Oh my God, dad, I don’t need a bodyguard.”

“Yes, you do.” Your dad, being the so called head honcho of his yakuza, merely took a sip of his tea. You glared at the redheaded man across from you who was seated next to your father. He jerked in surprise at your telepathic deadly threats. “It’s dangerous for you to be out there without a companion. I’m one of the most powerful men in the country so I’m sure your life will be in danger too.”

Not to mention he’s hella arrogant.

“Thus, I have hired Kagami Taiga. He’s skilled in martial arts and all sorts of other self-defense.”

Kagami Taiga, huh? The guy blinked in confusion at you. He looked like a lost puppy. He looked ready to be bullied.

Well, Kagami Taiga, get ready for hell.

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anonymous asked:

himuro, imayoshi and takao fluffy headcanon plsss XD bless minor Monday!


  • Himuro is super popular with girls and often receives confession letters and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. This drives you insane but he’ll always reassure you that you’re the only one for him.
  • Since he can play billiard, he’d love to teach you. This was mostly for his advantage since he gets to see you stretch across the table and he would help position your enticing figure to get the ball in the hole. If ya catch my drift.


  • Although his type of girl is the considerate/respectful one, he wouldn’t mind you being a little perverted or a little shy and embarrassed. He loves teasing you and his goal in life was to make you super flushed and pissed.
  • He likes to take you out to the countryside and fish with you. It’ll be really relaxing and he’ll spend most of his time asleep on your lap.


  • You and his little sister would team up to prank Takao until he gets embarrassed as hell. This was revenge for all the times he pranked both of you.
  • He’s all for impressing you with his moves so he’s always dragging you to his basketball games just to show off. Sometimes, he even does back flips just for the hell of it to impress you.