Teacher : kuroko-kun could you help with the class cleaning today?

Kuroko : sure sensei. No problem. *claps chalkboard erasers together*

[meanwhile in the other classroom]

Aomine : hey Kise, i bet i could score more point than you at the match today.

Kise : nooooo that’s not true Aomine-cchi! I’m going to get more points!

Kuroko : danggggg this is fun :) *claps them faster*

~wind blows~

[chalk dust follows]

Aomine and Kise : ouchhhh my eyes!

feujenny  asked:

Summer headcanon! Gom+Kagami favourite activities to do at the beach with their s/o?

Kuroko always initiates sandcastle competitions, and he always wins. However you can’t pout for too long, since he swiftly takes you to the ice cream stand to get your favourite.

If you weren’t absolutely terrified by the prospect, then Kagami would teach you to surf as well as proudly show off his own skills. But if that’s too much, then he sticks to walking along the shore with you and swimming in the sea together.

Kise’s always wanted to try out beach volleyball, as it’s a 2v2 sports. But that’s not the only thing on his mind. He wants to be able to look back on your day out, so he takes lots of pictures of the things he found the most beautiful (mainly the sea, the sunset and you in your swimming costume)

Midorima prefers to relax, choosing to sunbathe and collect a few shells as a memoir, but he’s not opposed to making bad sand sculptures like he used to with his sister (he also has a lot of cute family stories to tell)

Aomine doesn’t go to the beach that often anymore, so when he does he tends to go off on his own to find crabs and crayfish as he assumes you won’t be interested. But once it occurs to him that he happens to have you with him, you guys attempt to fly kites in the breeze.

Murasakibara makes the best sandcastles you’ll ever see. He also makes sand sculptures, and it becomes your mission to make a masterpiece. However, since Murasakibara hates having to go fetch water, it gets drowned in the tides as you guys built it far too close.

Akashi likes to have picnics at the beach with you and sunbathe. You have to spend a little bit of time convincing him to play in the water with you, but once he agrees, he actually relaxed for once.

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Gom + Kagami + Izuki's reaction to their s.o. Having sewed a couples cosplay after they had said they didn't want to couple cosplay. (The s.o. had sewed it before they had told them no)

we kinda veered off cosplay but pls appreciate the effort

Akashi: although the idea was particularly excellent (he was most certainly a king, and you were even more than a queen), Akashi really did not like the thought of being mocked by the rest of the Miracles; they would probably pull out the “I am absolute” line as an attempt to mock him. But when he sees the amount of effort you’d put into both of them, he can’t refuse.

Aomine: when you told him you’d made costumes for the both of you, he was initially surprised. Mainly because they had to have taken a very long time, judging from the expression on your face. And when he saw them, he knew it was true. And he does like playing a few Zelda games every so often, so he was up for it, too. It’s only on the actual day does he hesitate, because he had not signed up to wear the Zelda costume, while you’re grinning at him in the Link one.

Izuki: he’d had his fair dose of Mario when he was a kid, like many others. And after agreeing to go a convention with you, you had to decide what you were going to wear. You bring up the idea of going as Mario and Peach which he’s originally against - he’d look pretty lame as Mario, come on. And then you reveal you’ve already made it, so he can’t really say no, can he?

Kagami: he has no complaints. He’s always wanted to be Iron Man. 

Kise: he also has no complaints, as he loves Frozen, and he wants to see how many people think he’s a girl (you’ve got him going as Elsa, complete with full length wig)

Kuroko: just because he’d mentioned liking Phantom of the Opera one time didn’t mean he wanted to actually be the phantom guy who was in it. (Erik I believe?) People did call him Phantom because of his weak presence but even so… He tries to politely refuse until you say that you’ve already made them, and when he puts it on, he has to admit he looks rather dashing. 

Midorima: he’s not too sure if he’s seeing things or that actually is a carrot costume, but Midorima’s slowly backing away before you can notice. You’re already dressed in the matching shovel costume (and you’re actually pretty adorable for a shovel) and pout when you see him trying to escape. He can’t refuse such a pout, even if it meant that he would lose any sort of credibility he’d managed to gain over the years. 

Murasakibara: honestly he’s not sure how you managed it (or even why you spent so much money on the material, because that was sure to cost a hell of a lot), but as soon as you say you want to go as cola and popcorn, he’s refuses. Yeah sure, he likes snacks, but he doesn’t want to dress up as one. Unfortunately, you’re just as stubborn as he is and say you’ll eat all the sweets in the house if he doesn’t dress up with you, so he does. 

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Maybe the GOM with their s/o in a cooking class and some guy tries to flirt with s/o by having them try their food all the time? Pls thank you

I’m sorry this took so long. Thanks for requesting! :*

Akashi Seijuuro: He wouldn’t be pleased. Not by one bit. Being the ever-so-innocent girl you are, you didn’t notice that the guy was already flirting with you.

“____-chan, try this one.” He smiled as he put a cookie infront of your mouth.

The guy just wouldn’t stop. It’s very obvious he has a hardcore crush on you but you’re so oblivious, to which Akashi was thankful. This has been going on since the class started.

“Here, another one.”

That’s it.

Just as you were about to open your mouth, the cookie was gone. Rephrase, the cookie was on the floor along with the other ones on its container. Smashed and crumbled in pieces. Akashi’s other eye turned gold and you immediately smelled trouble.

“Get out of my sight, unless you want to be like that cookie.” Akashi’s voice was calm but dripping with venom. The guy knew better than to retort so he complied.

No one dared to feed you again during cooking class.

Aomine Daiki: He’s glaring daggers at the guy obviously trying to flirt with you. He is a fucking wimp, according to Aomine.

The guy asked you to taste his bavarian cream for his donut. Since your hands were dirty, he spoonfed you, causing Aomine to snap.

“______-chan, you have a cream on your lips.”

Aomine strode towards the both of you. He grabbed your nape and licked the cream on the side of your lips. Your face was fifty shades of red and your eyes are wide as saucers. Aomine smirked at your reaction.

He turned to the wimp. “This is my woman you wuss. Go find someone else to flirt, asshole.”

Midorima Shintarou: His lucky item for today is a knife. How very convenient.

It was Takao who saw it first. “Hey Shin-chan, look at that guy.”

Midorima’s eyes narrowed. “What about him.” It came out like a statement, but Midorima wasn’t the one to act rashly.  He knew what was happening but decided to give it a bit more time.

“______-chan, say ah~” The guy attempted to feed you with his baked muffin.

Clearly, you were getting uncomfortable. How are you going to turn this one down nicely, knowing fully well that your boyfriend is just at the back of the room? You were about to say something when the guy froze and dropped the muffin.

“Leave.” A cold, baritone voice spoke behind you.

You sighed in relief. Even if you had your back turned, you knew what was happening. The boy scrambled out of his seat.

“Shin-chan, do not use your lucky item that way.” You pouted. “But thank you.”

You smiled brightly and a blush formed on Midorima’s cheeks, but he hid it by pushing his glasses up. “Hmph.”

An idea popped into your head. You took a fork and sliced a piece of your baked red bean cupcake and put in infront of your boyfriend’s mouth. “You love red bean right? Come on, say ahhhh~”

His blush caused Takao’s loud laughter to reasonate throughout the whole room. Midorima was going to put his lucky item to good use later.

Kise Ryota: This man will pout. He will pout, sulk, whine… did I mention pout?

You sighed in exasperation as both men fought for your attention. By the way, how did Moriyama Yoshitaka, a senior, get here in the freshmen’s class? Oh yeah, he said his ‘classes are done early and decided to give my two favorite kouhais a visit’. That one was a lie, you swore.

And he was openly flirting with you, in the very presence of your boyfriend.

“_____-cchi! Taste mine!” Kise presented a strawberry cake infront of you. A cake which looks like it was ran over by a truck.


“No! My work is better! Hey beautiful, open up and taste my lucious treat.” Moriyama did the same, presenting a plate of super burnt cookies.


“Senpai! You don’t belong in this class!”

“Shut up Kise! How could I ignore this pretty woman infront of me!”

“______cchi is my girlfriend!”

“Would you like to go out, ______?”


“ENOUGH!” You sighed in exasperation. Now you could fully understand how Kasamatsu feels when he’s dealing with these two idiots.

“Ryota, I won’t eat that. I’m not ready to die just yet.” You told your boyfriend, to which he wailed like a kid.

You turned to Moriyama. “Senpai, stop smirking. I won’t eat that too. I have volleyball practice later, and I would like to avoid stomachache, or possibly irregular bowel movement.”

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara was just on a station behind yours. Each cooking station can accomodate two people and the one beside you was the guy who you knew was crushing on you, but pretended not to know for the sake of his feelings. Plus, you already have a boyfriend.

“______-san, would you like to taste these?”

That’s the 4th time this week. Murasakibara would’ve stomped over to your station if it wasn’t for the fact that he needs to delicately measure and prepare his dish. As much as he likes food, that’s how he deliciously makes food as well.

And his dish is clearly better than that man’s.

Murasakibara finished his dish: a Yakisoba. He made that because it’s your favorite. He plated it beautifully, earning a pleased reaction from the teacher. He carried his creation over to your station.

A shadow loomed over you and the man’s. You immediately turned towards its owner and smiled cheerfully. “Mura-kun!”

He gave you a gentle pat on the head and a lazy smile, before glaring daggers at the man who eventually pissed in his pants. “Don’t eat that man’s food, _____chin. You might get sick.”

“That’s rude, Mura-kun.” You pouted.

Technically, the guy’s dish wasn’t really what you would call food, just decent enough to be edible. But still…

“Ne ______chin, say ah~” A chopstick with noodles was placed infront of your mouth. You immediately opened your mouth, eager to taste your boyfriend’s delectable dish. He really was the best in cooking class, and possibly in the whole Yosen.

Kuroko Tetsuya: “O-oi! Kuroko you bastard!” Kagami yelled. Kuroko immediately let go of Kagami’s uniform; he’s so lost in planning how to kill the man currently flirting with you, he didn’t notice he was gripping Kagami’s uniform, almost choking him.

Okay, the 'killing’ part was an exaggeration, but he wasn’t pleased by what he’s seeing.

You had a blotch of cream on your face and a guy was wiping it off with a tissue since your hands were busy. That’s cool. But the proximity between your faces is so close, anytime you might kiss or something. Not cool.

The teacher divided the class in two teams, and each team has to make one dish and a dessert in an hour. This team’s leader is Kagami, it was no surprise since he was so good in cooking. You were in the other group, making a dessert with your other teammates.

“I’m sorry, Kagami-kun.” He said, not really sounding apologetic.

Kagami caught on the situation when he saw where Kuroko’s gaze was focused on. He sighed and scratched his nape. “Go.”

“What?” Kuroko asked.

“Go to ______.” Says Kagami. “Tell that guy to fuck off or something. That’s what’s obviously bothering you.”

Kuroko gave a small smile towards Kagami; he really is a good friend. Kuroko strode over to where you were, his usual poker face on.

“Is is gone?” You asked the guy.

The stain on your cheeks were gone, but this guy was not quite ready to let go of this moment. “One moment, ______-chan. This is quite hard to remove.”

“A cream stain is easy to remove, _______  _______.” Kuroko stated the man’s full name in disdain. The both of you was startled by him, blame it on Kuroko’s low presence. “If you’re gonna hit on ______-kun, do so without being obvious. And please know that she’s taken.”

The man knew better than to retort. Kuroko may seem weak and small, but after winning the winter cup, his teammates and many people in Seirin knew that Kuroko is a devious little scheming fucker, and messing up with what’s his is not a good idea.

The guy walked away, head low. Kuroko turned to you. “_______-kun, are you okay?”

“Tetsuya~” You crooned.

shy-empress  asked:

May I get Murasakibara getting really protective of his small female s/o? ^~^ Thank you so much and I hope you have a nice day/night!

A/N: omg sign me up for this because this is really, really adorable and I love Mukkun - of course you may! I LOVED writing this and I loved the prompt; so so so so cute! Thank you for the ask  and I hope your day/night is lovely as well <3 By the way, I love your avatar and header! Akashi is so bae! 

There were some serious inconveniences that came with your height, and you learned this fact at a young age. There were many times in your life that you had needed a stool to grab something off of a top shelf, and being able to see things in a crowd? Forget it. Finding someone whom you spoke on an eye level with was a rare feat, so your neck had a permanent position fixed upwards; stiffness often crept its way there as a result.

Your boyfriend, Murasakibara Atsushi, was your antithesis. While you were miniature, he was a giant at nearly seven feet tall. While you stretched for objects out of your reach, he was ducking into doorways. Yet, though you two were sometimes mistaken for a brother and his younger sibling, you found that the two of you complimented each other, both of your extremities forming a balance. Atsushi was lazy, that much was for sure, but he cared about you. He was there to grab whatever you needed, to give you a much needed piggyback ride when you couldn’t see, and contrary to popular belief, with enough maibou and lazy cuddles you were actually capable of convincing him to rub on your neck - calloused, dry hands becoming a sensation you enjoyed, as it was your boyfriend assisting you out of his own love for you, you knew. 

The disadvantages of your height, therefore, ceased to bother you on a daily basis. 

Murasakibara was the personification of sloth, and though he wasn’t one to ever vocalize his feelings often, you knew inside that giant of a body was a large heart to match. You knew he’d be there for you, because you were ‘his ______-chin,’ and though sluggish, he was protective; you would always be there for him as well, because you loved your gigantic boyfriend. 

You hummed on your way out from class, the weight of your bag slung over one shoulder. You squinted as your eyes made contact with sunlight; the day was bright, clear, and beautiful. A slight breeze blew past you, cooling down perspiration that threatened to surface on your skin. You were giddy, happy as could be, because the rest of your day consisted of spending time with your boyfriend. You had agreed to meet him at the school gates and you had planned to go straight there after class. 

You, however, were not expecting a gentle tap on your shoulder. You turned around, expression brightened as the possibility came to mind that it was a certain purple haired boy; your mood immediately dampening when you realized that the tap had not come from your significant other, but one of the boys from your class. You weren’t quite sure of his name, he and his two friends behind him, but you knew they weren’t good news. You were pretty sure you had never learned their names because they were always suspended or not in school, and considering the fact that they had never wanted anything to do with you previously, the feeling of poison bubbled in your stomach as anxiety formed. “H-Hello,” you greet, swallowing down nervousness, exhaling insecurity. 

The boy nearest you, the one you immediately dubbed as their ringleader, had an expression on his face that startled you, one that could only be described as cynical. “Hello, ______.” He purred, eying you up and down before taking a stride closer to you. Needless to say, you felt uncomfortable, and though you wanted to take a step back in order to separate your personal space from his, you couldn’t; your legs were rooted to the ground in uncertainty. “You’re so cute, y’know? So small, and such a good girl. I saw how you were paying attention in class like you were some sort of teacher’s pet.” 

Your mouth felt dry, your tongue thin and papery without moisture. You wanted to fight back, to say something sassy - because, wasn’t it normal to pay attention in class? But you couldn’t. Hell, you couldn’t even look the boys in the face. They were intimidating and you knew they wouldn’t be scared to rough you up. Not to mention, they were at least six feet tall, and not something you could even possibly contend against. “So, since you’re such a good girl, how about you hand over those class notes? It’s the least you could do for a guy like me, because if not, I feel like that pretty little face of yours might not be so perfect anymore.” 

You want to run, you want to move, or tell him off,  or to do something. But your breath is coming in shallow inhales and exhales and you can’t even bring yourself to meet his gaze. It’s clear that he’s expecting an answer, so when you manage to open your jaw and let out a quiet, “N-no…” he loses his patience with you right then and there, his temper snapping. Before you know it, a weight is lifted from your shoulders, bag tipped over as a clatter is heard, multiple books and papers hitting cement as the contents of your bag are spilled all over the ground.

It’s the clunk of your things hitting the flooring that snaps you out of your trance. You gasp, mouth agape as your eyes flicker up to meet his. His expression is ruthless, and with the unsympathetic laughter of hyenas behind him, his friends spurring him on, you’re left panicked, heart beating erratically in your chest as you realized that you had never, ever been in a situation like this. It’s the ultimate underdog stigma; no one was on your side, and you’re too weak to fight for yourself. You hear a bitter laugh, paper crumpling as the boy picks up your class notebook. “H-hey! Give that back!” You stutter, eyes wide as you reach up on tippy toes - but he holds your notes out of reach from you, a grin on his filthy features. “Aww, look at this poor little bitch! What’s the matter? Are you-” a fake gasp, “Are you angry at me? Oh no! What’re you gonna do?” his voice comes out like sludge; like something that belongs in a sewer. 

Frustration burns through your lungs as you jump in place, arm outstretched in an attempt to grab your notes, of course to no avail. You feel tears prickle at the corners of your eyes, itchiness at your nose; you feel like crying, because you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve this and you’re about to give up. You clench your jaw, teeth grinding against each other, and you’re so lost in your vexation that you don’t hear heavy footsteps, the crunch of snacks, or the crinkle of a maibou wrapper. 

He changes the whole air of the predicament with a crunch of his snack. A shadow looms over you and though a string of taunts had previously been coming out of the mouth of the delinquent in front of you, for once, he shuts it. “Say, ______-chin. Who are these guys?” You immediately halt your jumping. Feeling someone pat your head, you glance up to meet a familiar face. Your heart soars in your chest, and though your expression had previously been aggravated, your frown is replaced by a smile. “Atsushi!”

While you’re pleased to see him, Murasakibara is less than thrilled with the situation. While described as dim by some others, he was certainly able to put two obvious things together.  “Why were they making you jump like that? You looked really sad for a second there, ______-chin. Seeing you sad makes me really, really upset.” He pauses for a second, eyes narrowed with impending rage. “Hey, you,” Murasakibara steps forward, looming over the boy with overwhelming dominance. Upon being addressed the boy nearly jumps. His own mouth is agape, eyes wide as he stares up at the titan that was your boyfriend. You finally realize your hand is shaking, your limbs trembling from the adrenaline of the situation; yet you can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that he’s here. The giant plucks the notebook out of the boy’s fingers with ease, throwing it behind him as he’s too infuriated to care. Luckily, your reflexes are fast enough to catch it. “I’m pissed, so I’m gonna crush you now.” he drawls, eyes glinting something dangerous. 

It isn’t long before the boy is making pained whimpers and gasps, Murasakibara’s hand latched onto his head and adding increasing pressure. The delinquent’s fingers tremble, and he opens his mouth to say something, but it comes out as a whine of pain instead. His two friends were long gone by now, having run as soon as they had seen the menace that was Murasakibara. Worry flashes through you - though you’d been terrified, you didn’t want to kill the boy with how your boyfriend could be sometimes, plus with the fact that Murasakibara was incredibly powerful, it was likely that your bully could suffer some serious damage. “Atsushi, please!” You pipe up finally, voice regained as the threat of danger had blown over, “That’s enough!”

You don’t need to tell him twice, because though he’s approximately two feet taller than you, he’s tied to you like a dog to its owner. He lets go, the boy slumping to the ground, trembling and attempting to regain his breath. “Never talk to ______-chin again, or I’ll crush you for real next time.” He stares down at the boy, purple hues reflecting his supremacy and it’s only then that the boy scrambles to his feet, letting out a panicked yell of sorts as he ran. 

You’re able to still your thumping heart at the delinquent’s retreating figure, bringing a hand to your chest as you let out deep inhales and exhales in attempt to calm yourself. A large hand makes its way onto your head, stroking and patting as he feels your hair with long digits. “______-chin?” He asks you. You divert your attention up at him, a smile forming on your lips as you realize just how strongly you feel for your lover. He was always good to you, always there for you whether you needed something off of a top shelf, needed to see over a crowd, or needed someone to protect you. You reach up on your tippy-toes and grab at the tie of his school uniform. He understands, bending over at your request.

Your palms make their way to his cheeks, stroking tenderness and affection into his skin with the pad of your thumb. Murasakibara lazily drapes his arms around you, pulling you into an embrace of sorts as his eyes close at your ministrations. You take the chance to peck his lips, pulling away ever so slightly to touch noses with him. You loved your boyfriend. He was your other half, your prince and hero, your balance. Your face is filled with bliss, happy with the fact that you found such a boy to spend your time with, and you find yourself smiling. “Thank you for saving me, Atsushi. I love you.”

  • Akashi:Before we begin our match, I should inform you that I've discovered another phantom sixth man, and I intend to destroy the molecular bonds that bind your very matter.
  • Kuroko:Thanks for the heads up.
  • Akashi:You're welcome. *starts leaving* One more thing.
  • Kuroko:Yes?
  • Akashi:It's on, bitch.

athenalovesanime  asked:

I love the tee request! Can i ask another? About Akashi getting jeaous because a boy was flirting with his shy s/o

Sureeeee :) Bcs a jealous Akashi is the best Akashi :)

The two of you were on a date. It wasn’t planned, though. Classes were cut short because all school faculty members had a sudden meeting. The two of you had the rest of the afternoon, and the both of you was up for a little walk in the park.

“It’s a date, then.” Says Akashi.

Because it was an abrupt date, both of you were in your uniforms. He unbuttoned his blazer as you sat in a bench under a tree. It was sunny out and the tree provided the best shade.

“I’m going to get something to eat. What do you want?” He asked.

You never took advantage of Akashi’s money, you didn’t care about his status in life. But you are a big eater, possibly on par with a purple-headed giant, so you never turn down offers on free food.

“Potato chips, ice cream and a fruit juice. And a chocolate bar, if you please.” You grinned brightly at your boyfriend, who pinched your cheeks at your cuteness.

“Anything for my empress.” He winked and walked over to the convinience store just across the park.

You hummed softly to a familiar song while you waited. You felt hot, so you took off your blazer and placed it beside your bags. Your fit blouse defined your, ehem, large assets, which caught the attention of two boys nearby.

They walked over to where you were. You planned to ignore them but that seemed impossible. They sat beside you, and you instantly felt uncomfortable.

“Hey, you seem lonely.”

“Yeah, why don’t you hangout with us?”

They were wearing school uniforms. Fukuda Sogo, you noted as you read the school logo on their polos.

“No thank you, I’m with someone.“ You tried to keep your voice even.

“Eh? We don’t see someone, though.” One of them said. The other grabbed your arm, pulling you towards him. “Come on, don’t be such a killjoy. We’ll have fun~”

“Hey!” You tried to pry his hand.

“Don’t touch her.” Another hand harshly knocked the man’s arm away. Relief was evident in your face as your boyfriend pulled you behind him.

Akashi’s face was calm, but you could feel the rage. The boys faces’ turned into shock.

“Y-you’re Akashi Seijuuro, right?”

“Shit, dude. H-he’s Rakuzan High’s captain.”

How could they not know? They’re also basketball regulars, two who cannot ever forget Akashi’s intimidation and terror on court.

“Yes, I am.” Akashi’s condescending voice sent shivers to their spine. “You are from Fukuda Sogo High, are you not? I’ll have my revenge on court. For now, get out of my sight.”

They scrambled off and Akashi turned to you. His face was back to being relaxed and carefree, one of the little things you appreciated about him.

“Thank you.” You said.

He kissed your forehead. “It is my job as your lover. This just proves that I cannot leave your side even for a while, or other men will start chasing after you.”

“Not really my fault I’m that charming~” You joked.

“Can’t argue with that, love.” Akashi smiled. ”However, you’re mine. I will ward off any man who–”

“Sure, sure.” Akashi wasn’t able to finish his sentence when you began to rummage through the cellophane. Your eyes sparkled when you saw a large bag of potato chips.

You stood up, kissing Akashi on both of his cheeks. “I love you, Seijuuro. Men may chase after me, but they’ll never get my heart because it’s already yours. It’ll always be yours.”

Akashi’s face rivaled the color of his hair, but he was glad there was food to distract you. He sat down beside you, a stupid grin now plastered on his face.

He silently wondered what he’d done to deserve an angel like you. Akashi kissed your cheek and ate what he’d bought for himself.

The rest of the afternoon was very lovely for the both of you.


A week later, you overheard some of your classmates talking about a traumatizing match yesterday.

“I’m really proud of my school.”

“Yeah. Rakuzan beat up Fukuda Sogo pretty bad.”

“Beat up is an understatement. They totally obliterated the other. 204 to 0. That’s whack!”

“Zero! They hadn’t made a single basket, and we gained two hundred points.”

Could it be? You turned to your boyfriend who was two tables away, engrossed in the book he was reading.

But if you look closely, you could swear that one corner of his lip was curled upwards.

You shook your head. Oh, Seijuuro.


Kurobasweek2016 Day 7: Free Day

                                • Kurobas Dog & Cat
  [ 黒子のバスケ くつろぎコレクション 第2弾 -With a Dog & Cat- ]

The Art of Writing Fanfiction
  • Phase 1:oh shit look at all these plot bunnies go this story's gonna be LIT AF
  • Phase 2:*actually starting to write* okay first paragraph you got this just punch the reader in the face with the awesomeness of this story
  • Phase 3:*two hours later* FUCK ME WHY IS THIS SO HARD
  • Phase 4:*break time*
  • Phase 5:ehhh this calls for some inspiration... *proceeds to read fanfiction of various levels of gayness*
  • Phase 6:*writing again* hey this isn't so bad story's progressing nicely, i can actually finish this on time
  • Phase 7:*writer's block* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  • Phase 8:*finally on the last paragraph* I CAN SEE THE END IN SIGHT
  • Phase 9:ahhh i feel accomplished i can finally rest ea-
  • Phase 10:*proofreading* why am i such an illiterate bastard
  • Phase 12:repeat.