• Nijimura:Okay, cook something that matches your personality. I want ‘you’ on a plate. Got it?
  • Nijimura [on Kuroko]:It’s okay. Not the best but certainly not the worst.
  • Nijimura [on Kise]:Colorful and a mix of different flavors. Sweet, spicy, sour… etc.
  • Nijimura [on Akashi]:It’s perfect.
  • Nijimura [on Momoi]:You have to peel the skin! Everything's literally still got the skin on, even the fucking banana!
  • Nijimura [on Murasakibara]:There’s nothing on the plate… Did you even cook at all?!
  • Nijimura [on Aomine]:*immediately drinks a glass of water* That’s so spicy!!
  • Aomine:Because I’m too hot.
  • Nijimura [on Midorima]:…Too salty.

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Possible to request for cheating kise and kagami and they beg to have their s/o back? Thank youuuuuuu!

Ya.. you like these cheating scenarios too much.. How can you make me write all this? /iloveiteitherway/



It felt like the air was suddenly punched right out of their lungs when the sight of their boyfriend making out with his model behind the stage made them freeze on the spot. They didn’t hear their name being called by his manager, their eyes covered to not see anymore as they were led away. Tears were streaming down their cheeks and they held on the hand that continued to cover their eyes before they were pulled by another hand.

Their name was being called, trying to get their attention, trying to make them look at him, but they couldn’t. They heard him speak, talk, beg, but all they saw was that smile as he kissed them. They didn’t want to hear excuses as they shut their ears, shaking their head, calling him a liar. All those moments, all those memories, days and nights spent together, cuddling on the couch, going on dates disappeared in a mere minute. Everything they felt was sadness, anger and pain, unbearable pain that only grew stronger with each apology and sweet nothing leaving his lips.

“Please…” His voice was a whisper as he held on their shoulders, head leaning down, rain falling on both. “I was reckless, blinded for a moment and I didn’t know what has gotten over me. I am sorry, but [Name], please, don’t leave me…” It was the first time he called them like that. He was serious.

But the pain they were in was much greater.


They wanted to surprise him when he went back to America for student exchange. It was time for holidays and they normally talked over the phone, but for the last two days they couldn’t because they were on the plane. He sent them address the moment he arrived to Los Angeles and they saved, their plan already coming into work.

They stood in front of apartment with the same number on that it was written on small paper in their hand. A small smile spread over their lips as they knocked and waited before they heard doors opening. The smile quickly faded when a woman, a beautiful woman, stood in front of them, wearing one of his shirts.

“I-is Taiga here?” They heard themselves ask and when the woman looked inside and called his name, they turned around and started walking away.

His voice burnt in their head, his touch on their wrist as he stood in front of them shirtless and in the sweats they bought him. He was saying something, but all they heard was lies, lies and more lies. His head snapped to the side, eyes wide before he looked back at them, eyes showing guilt and regret.

“Did you ever really love me?” Their voice was surprisingly strong.

“I did,”


“I am sorry, [Name], I really am…” He was talking. “I will make it up to you, I will come back to Japan if it will make you feel better, but please don’t turn me out. Don’t push me away…”

They laughed. “Make me feel better? Push you away?” They repeated. “The moment you let her in your head it was you that pushed me away. And don’t bother calling me, because I won’t pick up.”

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Can you add Kagami, Kiyoshi, Izuki and Takao to the mix please admin-sama?! can you do GoM realizing they're falling completely and hopelessly in love with their s/o, and accidentally blurting it out after seeing their s/o do something moronic/cute (such as their s/o's tendency to always pout when they're forced to eat carrots or something)?

This was soooo overdue. I’m sorry guys. Just dropping by to announce I’m not dead and thank you all so much for sticking around with us! P.S. Takao’s ended up being… different… than the rest.

- Lena

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Kagami sighed, but it was difficult to remove the smile from his face. Not that he wasn’t going to at least try, because this was supposed to be a serious place, an important place and there were plenty of people giving them dirty looks over irrelevant reasons anyway.

None of it seemed to deter the girl giggling like a little kid beside him, holding onto his hand like a lifeline.

“Hey, will you stop that already?” he asked, but the fact of the matter was, he didn’t really want her to. Well, he did, but not enough to actually force the issue. Her giggling in general was contagious, the only reason he was only vaguely annoyed was because this time, it was directed at him.

She took a deep breath, glancing up at him. Then she burst into a set of giggles all over again. “I’m sorry, I just–thank you. But you look ridiculous in that monkey suit.”

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KagaKuro Week: Day 5

since you’re my partner I am always with I know a lot about you // familiarity | affection (26th)

Title: Himeko’s story time!

Rating: T

Pairing: KagaKuro

Summary: Kagami Himeko needs to ace that “storytelling time” in her class!

Note: This is the story that I said that it took me quite a while to do it because I have no idea what kindergarten storytelling is like hahaha. I don’t have that in my youth so XD

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Fandoms List

I’ll put this here, in case someone is curious about it.
This ones are my most strong fandoms, things that I usually draw, or things that I would like to draw more :’D

- Ao no Exorcist
- Assassination Classroom
- Arakawa Under the Bridge

- Boku no Hero Academia
- Bleach

- Danganronpa
- Durarara!!

- Gintama

- Haikyuu!!

- Kagerou Project
- Kill la Kill
- Kuroko no Basket

- Mob Psycho 100

- One Piece
- One Punch Man
- Osomatsu-san

- Pokémon

- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Soul Eater

- Undertale

- Tokyo Ghoul

- Vocaloid

  • me:*watches a new show*
  • my type of character:*appears*