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Drabble with Himuro trying to teach his s/o how to cook (his s/o has 0 cooking skill)

“Wait, what are you doing?!” Himuro grabbed your wrist as you were about to pour the oil into the pan.

“You said to pour the oil in.” Himuro grabbed the bottle and showed it to you. He sighed and shook his head.

“Yeah, but this isn’t olive oil. This is vinegar. Trust me, it’s not the same.” You gave him an apologetic look. He grabbed the correct oil and handed it to you. “Pour this in, only enough to coat the bottom of the pan.”

“o-okay!” You poured the oil and coated the bottom. “Done!!” He checked the pan. He smiled at you and grabbed the bowl of cut up chicken pieces.

“I’m going to put the chicken in, I need you to flip them over every so often. Don’t wait too long, they cook faster than you think.” He poured them in after pulling you away from the stove. The grease splattered a bit, he didn’t seem fazed.

“Tatsuya, you’re a great cook!” You smiled. Himuro blushed, leaned over and kissed you.

“You’re a terrible cook.” He chuckled.

“Hey!!” You shoved him and moved over to the chicken, muttering insults under your breath.

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haiii, could you write a scenario, that aomine brings his crush back home after a party and shes drunk (and kagami is her sister) So he sees them and gets mad at aomine and is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER?! xD

You’re completely and utterly off your face, and you know it. Well, maybe not, as you’re trying to convince Aomine you’re sober enough to stay at the party while simultaneously hugging a lampshade. Aomine looks at you, bemused. This isn’t a side to you he’d ever seen before and although it is hilarious, he should probably take you home. You had both agreed beforehand that whoever was the drunkest by 1am would take the other home, and that happened to be you.

It was a pain, as you demanded he carried you and would not stop babbling about cats the entire way there. By the time you’ve reached home (which seemed like an eternity but was only fifteen minutes), Aomine is tempted to just drop you there and then. (But he doesn’t, because he kinda likes you, and it would be mean even so.)

So he carries you all the way to the front door, and you pass him your keys so he can open it. He’s a bit tipsy himself, so doesn’t notice how familiar the flat is. He dumps you on the sofa and you squeal, but he pays you no mind and sits down next to you. You’re a naturally clingy person and love attention, so it isn’t long before you’re sitting on Aomine’s lap, laughing at the red that stains his cheeks. Of course he’s embarrassed; you’re so close, and he’s had a crush on you for what seems like ages-

“Ahomine! What the fuck are you doing in my house? And with my sister?” 

Kagami points at Aomine, as if that somehow makes his statement more powerful. You just giggle as you look at Aomine’s shocked expression.

“Your sister?! How the hell was I supposed to know that, you idiot?”

Aomine would not mind if the ground swallowed him up right now. You being related to that sack of idiocy wasn’t even the worst of it. It was more the fact the sack of idiocy had found you two in such a position that he was now assuming the worst; like hell he’d do anything with you while you couldn’t even tell the difference between left and right. 

In fact, he actually wants the ground to swallow him up, is Aomine’s only thought as you laugh some more and poke his cheeks.

Gom At The Concert With S/O

Admin Liz and Admin Ru

Kuroko: He didn’t understand your love for that boy band but to make you happy, he agreed to accompany you to the concert. When he saw the crowd, he held your hand tightly. And because of his little presence and your exaggerated enthusiasm, you might be separated and there was no way he could find you in this crowd again so he wouldn’t take the chance to lose you. He never let go of your hand throughout the concert but the poor boy was so disturbed by all the loud noises. However he didn’t complain because he was glad to see that you had a big smile plastered onto your face, and him seeing you happy was more than enough to make his day.

Kise: Kise knew your favourite boy band and what a coincidence, they were his favourite band too! So going their concert was actually his idea. He stayed close to you throughout the concert and sang along with you at the top of your lungs. You loved how Kise could be a fangirl just like you were when it came to your favourite boy band and how he complies with everything. You had such a lovely boyfriend. You felt lucky when you looked at his smiling face, reminding you of a big ball of sunshine.

Aomine: Aomine never seemed to understand your enthusiasm towards this boy band of yours, and to be honest he was a bit jealous of the boys. You had the boys’ pictures, posters, cards, bracelets and every piece of merchandise in your room. You kept listening to their songs and kept talking about how handsome they were. In fact, when Aomine heard that you bought tickets for their upcoming show for the both of you, he didn’t want to go at first, but you used a tactic that completely changed his mind. You offered some pleasure when you got back home from the concert as a way of saying thank you, if he would be so kind as to accompany his beloved girlfriend. Aomine agreed to your ‘deal’ and soon, the both of you were headed off to attend the concert. He was a bit disturbed from the loud music and all the girls around him screaming but he had to admit, he did enjoy seeing his girlfriend so happy. You were singing really loud and throughout the concert, you were holding his hand though all Aomine could think was how he was gonna have his present when the two of you get back home.

Midorima: Seriously, can you even imagine the sensible Midorima in a place where surrounded with a crowd of screaming girls? Definitely not! All of your pleads were in vain because he would never go such a place. Takao liked the same boy band with you so he talked to Midorima and tried to persuade him to go but he didn’t budge. In the end Takao put his arm around your shoulder and said:
“Then it seems like I’m going to take your girlfriend out tonight.” he said smirking.
Midorima was nearly choked. He quickly got up and followed you two to the concert. No need to say that it was the worst night of his life. He even lost his lucky item in the crowd. When they got back home, he swore to let you go with the Takao next time rather than joining you.

Murasakibara: Murasakibara didn’t seem to get the point.
“But (Name)-chin, you always listen to their songs so why do we have to go all that way?”
"Well, because this time I will be able to listen to them while they sing in front of my own two eyes. Please Murasakibara, this is really important to me. I will buy every snack you love. Please.”
He loved how his girlfriend begged in front of him so adorably.
“If this is important for (Name)-chin then we should go but let’s buy some snacks first.”
You screamed and clapped your hands. You were so happy you started to dance around the room. Murasakibara was having fun just watching you.
“Will you dance like this at the concert too?”
“I may. Why? Is there a problem?”
“No. In fact dance like this there as well, I really liked it. I will watch you so I won’t be bored.”
You laughed and went to buy the snacks. All through the concert you screamed and dance and Murasakibara couldn’t take his eyes off you.

Akashi: Akashi Seijūrō was going to attend a concert? No way! That was totally out of the question. You shouldn’t even think about it in the first place. He didn’t even argue with you. He forbid you to go to such place and his orders were absolute so you couldn’t defy them. You pouted. Your favourite boy band was going to perform a few minutes away from your house and now you were gonna miss the concert. You were gonna miss your one and only chance to see them live but hey, we’re talking about Akashi Seijūrō here. One day after the concert, Akashi invited you to his home. You moved to hug him thinking that maybe you could get through this with him. What you didn’t expect to see was the boy band was in his house. You just looked at them surprisingly and then you looked at your boyfriend.
“Now, now, (Name). I never said you can’t listen to them live, I only said you can’t do that in such a horrible place. I brought them to sing, just for you.”
You couldn’t believe your boyfriend was capable of doing this. You were so surprised and excited you started to feel the world beneath your feet shaking. Guess you had to calm yourself for a minute and later you have to thank your boyfriend for what he did for you.