kuroko matters the most to aomine at the end of the day

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Teacher GOM realizing they have a crush in of their students(separate) Thank you.

I apologize if you’re a Murasakibara fan because I had a total author block with him on this one. ㅠㅠ Also, please specify gender of crush/significant other next time! 

- Kru

Kise Ryouta - Kise constantly peeked at her from the lecture book he was reading aloud to the class. Whenever she would look up to glance at the board, he’d quickly look back at the words. The entire class could sense his odd behavior except for her. Some even turned back to look at the oblivious girl to see why Kise was constantly staring.

“Ahem, t-that’d be all for today. Everyone is dismissed,” Kise cleared his throat and circled back to his desk. The entire class was dumbfounded, but eventually got up and out the door to enjoy the rest of their class-free day.

However, she had stayed behind.

“Sensei, I thought your lecture today was really great! I was kind of sad that it ended so short…” she said, adjusting her hair while pressing her books up against her chest. Kise promptly apologized, a blush rapidly forming on his face. She looked disappointed at his lack of response, and turned to leave.

But Kise stopped her by grabbing onto her wrist. Do I… like her? He asked to himself as she looked at him, surprised. “I…” He started, taking a nervous gulp, “I, um…”

“…yes?” she urged for him to continue, desperate to know what he had to say.

“…uh, d-don’t be late tomorrow! I’ll pick up the lecture where I left off.”

Her eyes softened slightly, and she nodded. “Okay, sure.” Kise let go of her and watched her leave the classroom, counting every step she took. When the coast was clear, he put his head down on the desk and groaned at how idiotic he felt.

Midorima Shintarou - Midorima was about to take a sip from his coffee when he saw her, sitting underneath a tree in the middle of the school’s courtyard. She was studying material from his class, and she clearly seemed confused. He leaned against the pillar next to the teacher’s lounge and watched her trying to piece together all of her notes. A small smile tugged at his lips at how much she flailed around. He quickly went back to his usually resolve after realizing the effects she had on him.

Wait… it can’t be.

Midorima straightened out his posture and nervously adjusted his glasses. There was no way he had a crush on one of his students. Absolutely no way.

Yet the more she apprehensively bit her lip, twirled her pen, scrunched her eyebrows together, Midorima could feel himself falling deeper.

When the girl caught a glimpse of him, she smiled widely. “Ah, sensei! Can you help me over here?? Geez, why are these worksheets so difficult?!”

He cleared his throat and fiddled with his tie before walking over the her, a slight tinge of red on the apples of his cheeks. “You’re not studying enough, it’s quite simple.”

Aomine Daiki - Aomine snapped awake when one of his students hit his head with a notebook. He shook his head drowsily, wiping his drool while taking his feet off the desk. “Hmm??” he hummed, blinking his eyes rapidly to make out the face of the person in front of him.


“Sensei…you said you’d meet me in the library for after school tutoring,” she complained, hands crossed.

Aomine groaned and glanced at the clock. Shit, it’s already 6 pm. He scrambled around his desk for the review papers, “alright, alright. What kind of student hits their teacher on the head with a book?” He rubbed his head and attempted to look innocent.

She scoffed. “Why are you sleeping here anyways? If you don’t want to tutor me this badly, why don’t you just go sleep at home? Besides, it’s bad for you to sleep here. Your neck will hurt,” she placed a finger on his forehead and pushed his head back, releasing a groan from him, “See? And stop eating ramen for dinner everyday.” She poked the styrofoam cup with her pencil.

Aomine hissed, “there’s still some left-over, stop messing with it. And why does all of that matter to you? Acting like you’re my wife or something.”

Aomine’s eyes widened immediately at the realization of what just left his mouth. He quickly looked to her and she had a tinge of pink in her cheeks. Without saying anything, she just bowed and left the classroom.

“Wai-” she was long gone.

Fuck. Why is my heart racing? Aomine thought as he clutched his shirt.

Akashi Seijuro - Akashi calmly read his book in the library, turning the last page to the novel. A sigh escaped his lips as he closed the book and put it down. “Another cliffhanger.”

Curiosity got the better of him and he stood up to get the sequel. He walked through the endless halls of books, scanning to find the right one. There was nothing more peaceful than the library at this hour. Not many people around…no disruptions from the school kids…completely quie-

“Ah! Sensei?”

Akashi jumped slightly, and looked to his right. There she stood, the rays from the sky light shining on her like an angel. Now this was an exception.

“Ah, ______-san. Was I in the way?” he asks politely, wearing his most charming smile.

She shook her head. “I was searching for a book in this series.” She held the novel up, and Akashi’s eyes lit up.

“I was searching for that as well,” he stated. She immediately smiled.

“I didn’t know you read it! You know in the second book when the main chara-”

Akashi gently placed his index finger on her lips, hushing her. “I haven’t read the second one yet. No spoilers.”

Maybe it was the blush on her cheeks, the fact that she held her breath, or the nervous fluttering of her eyelids, but Akashi felt very warm on the inside. He quickly pulled his hand back and cleared his throat. “We can chat about it when I finish?” he offered, and she quickly nodded and then scrambled out of the library.

“She forgot the book…” he said to himself, a helpless smile on his face.

I’m in love.

Kuroko Tetsuya - Kuroko’s eyes flickered back and forth between the papers in front of him and the girl who sat three rows from the door, and four desks back. Was the test that difficult? Maybe I overdid it? Kuroko thought to himself as he watched her shove her hands into her hair, clenching the strands with fists. She bit her lip, closed her eyes tightly, and then let out a groan of frustration as she couldn’t figure out the answer. The surrounding classmates looked at her because of the noises she was making, and she just awkwardly apologized. She then proceeded to do finger math in the air while scratching her head.

Kuroko didn’t notice the smile that had formed on his face while he watched all of this. She was so entertaining and lively. She was something Kuroko had missed in all his life. He knew that from the moment she stumbled inside this classroom with papers and books all scattered across the floor.

But was this love?

Kuroko shook his head, and looked back at the essays he had yet to grade. Another groan was heard from the girl, and he looked up at her. This time, she had also locked eyes with him. Her lips immediately curved into a pout, as if to tell him to drop the test. Kuroko let out a quiet laugh and mouthed a ‘no’ to her, causing her head to fall to the desk.

Well he definitely did admire her.

A lot.

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Hi! Could I get GoM + Kagami cheering on their girlfriends at a track meet? Thanks!

Kuroko: Though he wasn’t the loudest in the crowd, you can bet that Kuroko was the one cheering for you the most. You try to look for him in the stands at the end of the race, but he’s gone. One moment he’s up there cheering for you, the next he’s — “Congratulations, ____.” — right next to you at the finish line.

Kagami: He didn’t know that watching somebody else run could get him so tense, but as he watched you and your fellow racers getting closer and closer to the finish, Kagami could feel his hands squeezing into fists. He was readying himself to cheer for your eventual victory.

Kise: It had been a good idea for him to come in disguise — or what Kise called a disguise — so he could watch your race without having anyone recognize him. All it managed to do was have your friends questioning why a weird guy who oddly resembled your boyfriend was screaming your name.

Aomine: Not much of a yelling person, Aomine would silently cheer for you from his seat in the stands. That is, he’d be silent until the last moments of the race where you were neck and neck with another person. You’d never heard him yell your name so loudly before in your life.

Midorima: You can bet that Midorima was there, standing near the finish line with a cool bottle of water and a clean towel just for you. Even if you didn’t win the race, he was giving you that smile that said he was proud of whatever you accomplished that day.

Murasakibara: Just watching you race would make him tired, but Murasakibara promised he’d be there to support you in your sport like you did for him. He didn’t do much in the ways of cheering, but you could definitely expect a voctory hug from him after you crossed the finish line.

Akashi: There was no doubt in his mind that you would do well in your race, but Akashi still stood off to the side of the course, as close as bystanders were allowed to be, and cheered for you as you ran past. You may have only heard him for a second, but it was that single second that mattered the most.

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Hii!! I'd love some fluffy fluff headcanons for Kuroko, Aomine and Kagami!! Thank you very much in advance, you're wonderful! 💕💕

as per your most lovable request, here is some fluffy fluff. 

Kuroko (Kuwoko)
- I pin him as another fuzzy sock lover, and will definitely wear them. But, you’ve noticed the only time he wears them when he’s over are the same days that he drags you to the couch and refuses to let you do anything other than cuddle with him. (Not that you mind)

- Whenever he decides what date night should be, it always involves both of you going to Maji to get some milkshakes, and then going to the local pet supply store and looking at all the kitties and kittens up for sale. He’s waiting till one resembles you just as Nigou resembles him, and in a heartbeat he will purchase it.

- You guys once went to watch a basketball live, and you thought it was cute that he held your hand while you were in the bleachers. That is until without even glancing at you, he started a thumb wrestle. 

- You made matching bracelets for the both of you and got sad when you saw he wasn’t wearing his. When he finds out that’s where you’re sulking, he lifts up his pant leg, showing you he wore it around his ankle. “Can’t wear bracelets in basketball babe, but this way I’ll never have to take it off.”

- When you lay down to watch movies it always ends up in the two of you cuddling, and Aomine falling asleep. But even when you try to slip away, trying not to wake him up, if you leave his arms he wakes up in an instant, complaining he’s never able to fully sleep without you in his arms.

- Whenever you’re having a bad day in one way or another, he’ll bring you a drink; hot chocolate in the winter and frozen lemonade in the summer. If you’re at school, he’ll leave it on your desk with a heart around an “A”, and if you’re at home, he’ll walk in with a new movie to watch while you enjoy the drink.

- Before your relatives wedding, he asked you to teach him how to dance so that he could give you that special moment without any slip ups. It took a lot of practicing and laughs, but after a couple sessions, Kagami got the hang of it. He’d randomly grab your hands in a swift moment no matter what you were doing in the apartment and dance to whatever song he was singing. Whether it was waltz or rap.

- After your first date, and your first kiss, you watched out the window of him walking down your drive way, only to see him throw his fists in the air and happily hop a few steps. He still doesn’t know you have a video of it.

- He’s not one to post on social media, only to follow his friends and favourite basketball teams/players, but he suprised you one night when he posted the photo you guys took in the mirror at the back of the claw-game in the arcade. Kagami isn’t one for good captions or expressing feelings well, so he instead put the emoji of a cat, the emoji of a tiger, and the emoji of a heart. He thought atleast you would get it.

- ^ got super embarrassed when all his friends started commenting and poking fun but he knew you loved it so much so he never took it down.

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GoM drabbles or headcannons with a s/o who absolutely always has to do makeup before leaving the house no matter what. If it makes them late she doesn't care she needs makeup done no matter what lolol

mori: i ghost wrote this


  1. pretty neutral about it. he fully understands that you wear make up for your own enjoyment and wouldn’t want to take any time away from that
  2. likes to watch you while you put it on because it’s honestly a work of art? like how do you contour your cheeks like that
  3. the go-to boyfriend to bring into sephora to swatch all the lipsticks and highlighters on. he’s much more profound than the other gom members, so he’ll know which colors match your skin tone
  4. if there’s a big event he wants you to attend, he makes you get ready at least three hours ahead of time because he definitely does not want to be late


  1. thinks it’s fucking magic. i mean, you’re sexy without your make up, too, it’s just that your make up very much enhances your facial features and he doesn’t understand how some products that add up to like $300 does that
  2. he likes it when you wear dark lip stick. a lot
  3. he’s smart enough to know that he can take at least an hour nap before asking you to wake him up when you’re done so that he can finally take the five minutes to get ready
  4. most likely to piss you off because he’ll play fight with you and then accidentally rub one eyebrow off and you end up furious


  1. the most understanding out of all gom. if anything, you two would get ready at the same time
  2. he doesn’t wear too much make up - he mostly just powders his face and sets his eyebrows - but if he wants to experiment, he’ll use your make up, which gets you a little annoyed because there goes one less application of that product
  3. your personal make up artists - he chooses all your make up, including nail polish
  4. he likes sephora more than you


  1. also pretty neutral about it. doesn’t really get it. doesn’t see a need for it, but if you wear it for you, that’s all that matters to him
  2. your mascara always gets to him - he’s a sucker for long, flirty lashes. gets very excited when you wear falsies
  3. helps you clean your brushes because a clean face is a happy face - he likes doing face scrubs and facials with you
  4. he doesn’t sound annoyed when you’re both running late - if anything, you’re the one annoyed because he keeps reminding you that you’re late, but he does that on purpose


  1. literally The Worst™ out of all gom. he thinks being late is unacceptable in any situation, so after the first few times you were late, he’ll lie and tell you to get ready an hour earlier
  2. although he’s always annoyed waiting for you, you never miss the blush on his cheeks when he sees that you’re finished. he likes the highlight on your cheeks
  3. likes looking at the ingredients because you should know what you’re putting on your face everyday
  4. helps you pluck your eyebrow hairs


  1. doesn’t mind taking long naps while you put your face on. in fact, he looks forward to it
  2. whenever your highlighter is poppin’ and your lips are plump and shiny, he calls you his glazed donut
  3. his favorite brand is too faced because all the eye shadows smell like chocolates and peaches (he forces you to buy those ones)
  4. always gets you flavored lipsticks also so he has a reason to kiss you all day

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Did you see Last Game already? At the end of the movie Aomine said he wants to go to America to play for NBA :D So what if before that, he's in college and likes a girl in his university, she likes him too and they have a nice, close relationship but neither has confessed to the other, then Aomine gets scouted and has to train in America. She sends him off, then Aomine kisses her, hot and steamy looool, at the airport and tells her to wait for him. SFW obviously haha, I think thats rare for him!

To the anon who requested this, if this piece is totally off the mark you can correct me! I feel like I misinterpreted somehow lol

Also this is extremely hard for me to write this because I’m in a long distance relationship (different countries) and we’ve just drifted apart, so basically my brain is telling me their relationship won’t work even as I write this. Sorry again I’m such a failure ;v;

(I also haven’t seen Last Game)

Plug-ins: If you want to commission me or want to donate, I’ll be happy to accept! Commissions are wide open!

You figure he keeps you around because you are less of a mom to him compared to Satsuki, whom you also hang out with, but that is not the only reason. Although Aomine is not trying to particularly hide it, he has feelings for you that include dates, snuggling, and some less than appropriate bedroom activities—which are obviously too friendly.

For a long time he thought that his feelings show, though, and he was scared of you calling him out for it because he wasn’t ready, but then he got that email.

He broke the news to you and Satsuki first like it was nothing but the weather before telling his fellow basketball friends. He read the acceptance letter and told the two of you that he will be gone within two months. That day was the day your heart was torn: on one side of the coin, you are thrilled and excited for this opportunity, and you are proud of him for working hard to pursue this dream that is close to coming true. On the other side, you want to cry your eyes out because you know you are going to be lonely and he is probably going to have so much fun there and meet somebody new…

“Hey, you okay?”

The voice that snaps you back to reality is Aomine’s, and you can tell that he’s actually concerned, which straightens you up. 

“Oh, yeah,” you reply dumbly, not knowing what else to say.

“You were making a face,” he adds as if he knows you’re lying. Maybe he does. You’re so out of it that you can’t make a decision.

 “Probably because I was thinking of my assignments,” you shrug, obviously making things up, no matter how plausible it may seem. You would be slightly disappointed if he doesn’t catch on that it is more than just your assignments that is on your mind, but if he did pursue his line of questioning you would have trouble convincing him.

“Come on,” he says, nearly rolling his eyes at you. “Find a better excuse.” You are slightly surprised at him for not buying your white lie, but then again, why did you want to lie to him in the first place? You are genuinely going to miss him, nicely kept more-than-friends feelings or not, what’s the harm in telling him that?

“I just… I feel like I’m going to be lonely without you here.”

Now it is his turn to be surprised, so much so that he almost stops in his tracks while he walks home with you. There is a glimmer of hope in his eyes that he doesn’t want you to notice, because perhaps it would ruin his chances of having you reciprocate his feelings.

“I mean I still have Satsuki, so I think I’ll be fine! But, you know, things are surely bound to be different without you around.”

The rest of the short walk home is silent, and you would think that you made the situation awkward, but the fact that the two of you are quietly letting the facts sink in makes it more serious than awkward. He will physically disappear—not off the face of the world, but off the face of yours. You won’t feel the warmth he emanates when he stands next to you or the sensation of his hands on your shoulder or arm as he casually touches you. Because he won’t be here with you. For how long, you don’t know.

“It’s going to be different without you, too,” he says when you reach your house. You share another few seconds of silence as you look at him, before you nod with a whispered ‘see you tomorrow’. He watches as your back disappears beyond the door and leaves.

You cry yourself to sleep that night.

For the rest of your days together, you spend it serenely, enjoyably, yet fearful of the time he has to depart. Fearful because you must suppress your feelings for him, not wanting to hold him back or make the situation worse—even if he does return your feelings for him, the two of you would only have less than two months left, and it is honestly more painful that way.

Aomine shares the same dilemma, and the pain he feels by trying to not get too close to you while not pushing you away can only be relieved when he plays basketball. You’re such a big part of his life to the point that you’re inescapable, even in his thoughts, where you unknowingly made a nest. 

He shames himself for being the unluckiest human being that is blessed with something so miraculous at such a wrong time that it has become the ultimate curse. 

But life rolls on and there are responsibilities that must be faced, so after spending seven weeks of usual daily life with sprinkles of celebratory-slash-farewell outings here and there, the day that you dread arrives. Aomine has never felt so conflicted in his life.

The luggage checked in, he returns to you, Satsuki, and his basketball friends for one last chat. It is your first time meeting the colorful group, and you being amused is an understatement. Kagami sincerely wishes him the best of luck, since he himself was scouted but chose to finish his studies before going to the States to train, while the others offer him similar sentiments. Kise is slightly more melodramatic, a stark contrast to Midorima who is the most formal of them all—Akashi is surprisingly more casual. Murasakibara doesn’t particularly cares except for the prospect of American snacks being brought back home to Japan. Kuroko seems like he is not showing much emotion, but everyone can tell that he’s feeling bittersweet.

You are all laughing at something Kise said when you hear the announcement for Aomine’s flight. Everybody is silenced.

Then Momoi tackles the tanned boy into a hug, tears running down her face as he pats her head. When she let go, Kise is next to embrace him, followed by Kagami, in which the two show him genuine signs of friendship. Wishes of success and luck are offered along with pats on the back and shoulders. Aomine sends everyone a small smile before his eyes land on you.

“Bye,” you whisper, eyes wet but you aren’t crying yet.

You expect a hug, but instead, he has a hand around your waist and another on your jaw, pulling you close for a deep kiss. Your eyes widen at the sensation of his soft lips on yours, and while you shyly kiss him back as your eyes flutter closed, Aomine returns it with a thousand times the fervor and desperation. He kisses you like it’s world end, too lost in you to care about the squeals and whoops his friends are making at the scene. 

After what seems like minutes, the two of you pull away for air, and you’re painfully aware of the heat on your cheeks, the hollers and amused chuckles from his group of friends, and the way your legs are too weak to hold up. Aomine acts as it’s just the two of you in the whole Haneda Airport, brushing a strand of stray hair away from your face before he leans in again, leaving a short and sweet kiss. 

“Wait for me,” he whispers, “I’ll come back for you.”

It honestly feels like a dream to you from there on out—you watch as his back disappears beyond the departure gates, but not before he sends all of you one last wave. While you are convinced it is a sick way of your mind playing tricks on you, you have seven other witnesses to prove you otherwise. Satsuki seems really excited as she talks about the dramatic scene you shared with her childhood friend, while the boys chattered idly about it with only Kise occasionally teasing you.

You also have a text from Aomine saying “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you”, so the kiss did happen after all.

When GM- O394 bursts through the doors, it gives new meaning to the word “miracle” and Midorima, for all that he believes very strongly in the accuracy of horoscopes, has a hard time believing that such a thing like this could actually happen.

But it did happen. It is happening. Orange is still alive.


There are two kinds of ghosts, Midorima thinks after the Special Diet is over. It was one thing to have 7284 reappear in his life, like an ugly nightmare coming back to haunt him. 7284, and Gray, and Generation Jabberwocky—they were all Projects Midorima hadn’t expected to see again (he’d never expected to see any of them, ever again) and to learn that they had survived was just the bitter remnants of hell, returning to earth to make sure Generation Miracle never finds peace.

But then there were ghosts like Orange. Not demons, but the kind that haunt you all the same.

The kind that remind you that you don’t deserve to find peace.


He doesn’t approach Orange during the party afterwards—he figures the respectful thing to do would be to let Kuroko talk to him first. Midorima marvels at the fact that Aomine and Murasakibara have no trouble at all approaching Orange (Hinata Shouyou, he reminds himself); it is not a surprise that Momoi does as well. And it is not a surprise that Akashi and Kise don’t approach him (in the same way it is not a surprise that he doesn’t).


“It really doesn’t bother you that he is not human?” Midorima asks the tall, lanky volleyball player with spiky black hair. Kuroo Tetsurou had invited him to play on their “Volley-Basketball” team, and made sure that Midorima felt involved. Midorima wasn’t expecting this generosity from a stranger, a volleyball player no less; he’s never known what to do with friendly people. But somehow they end up talking anyway, and it’s not as hard as he thought it would be to ask Kuroo a serious question.

“Why would it?” Kuroo replies, so earnest Midorima has to believe that he’s not being sarcastic. “Number ten is a great player on a great team, and that’s all that matters.”

“But you are ensuring that you will play against him in the future,” Midorima insists. “If you lose, you—” he has to stop because he’s not sure how to formulate the rest of his question. He still can’t believe all these people came to support Orange. (Well he can, Orange was always the most outgoing of the Miracles, but it’s still strange). Not just Orange’s (Hinata’s) school, but schools they’ve played against, schools they won against, all coming here to say they wanted Hinata to keep playing.

Whenever the Miracles played basketball against humans, there was extraordinary bitterness about their “monster-like” abilities. Even though Orange was never a Success, he would still have natural athleticism humans would envy. Why would the teams gather to support that?

“We’ve beat him before,” Kuroo says, sounding mild. “Every practice game we’ve ever played against Karasuno, actually. Like Oikawa said, Karasuno is a gifted team, but not an inhuman one. And I really want to play against them in an official game.”

He doesn’t think he’ll lose, Midorima realizes. But then, maybe it wouldn’t make a difference to him, even if he did.


As the day comes to a close, Midorima ends up standing next to Kise. Kise is the only other Miracle who never approached Hinata Shouyou, and now they won’t have the chance.

“It’s kind of a kick in the balls, isn’t it?” Kise says, offhand.

Midorima pushes up his glasses. “That’s not how I would have phrased it, but… yes.”

“It was bad enough when it was just Kurokocchi,” Kise says, and Midorima knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Black and Orange were not Successes, and the rest of them knew that, and left them behind. They could have helped Orange more, they could have helped Black more, but they didn’t. They left them to die. Black helped them escape anyway.

And now Orange saved them, too.

It was easy to think that they were not good people, and that it was not their fault they weren’t. It was very hard to see people who had it worse than they ever did still show kindness.

“We should have probably said ‘thanks,’ at least,” Kise says.

“Next time,” Midorima says, not sure if there will be a next time, but finds that maybe he hopes there will be. Maybe next time, he’d be ready to say thanks.

Maybe next time, he can apologize.

A/N: So I’ve had this collection of asks for awhile now, and finally I am responding! I thought it was valid to wonder what the other Miracles’ thought about Hinata’s reappearance, but it would have been too much to go into everyone, so I chose to focus on Midorima’s thoughts. I combined these three asks since they all more or less seemed related. It, uhh, all ended up a lot angstier than expected, but @iamsmaughearmerawr and anon-friends, I hope you enjoyed!! (also, @iamsmaughearmerawr, sorry this took so long and that you weren’t feeling well! I hope you’re feeling better now). Thanks for the prompts!

The GOM + Kagami on a Vacation Together


  • In charge of planning
  • However no one listens to him because of his lack of presence so all his plans are useless anyways. He gets lost the most as well due to this.
  • Also the guy with spares of everything. Need a spare toothpaste? He’s gotcha. Need some underwear? Kuroko’s gotcha ;)
  • “Kagami-kun, you’ve borrowed 3 pairs of my underwear already. I don’t have enough for the rest of the days.”


  • In charge of finding Kuroko
  • Doesn’t bring necessities (e.g. toothbrush/underwear). Instead, he brings random things that come in more clutch than Hyuuga’s 3 pointers when the crew is bored.
  • He’s also the guy that goes to vacations on an empty suitcase and comes back with one that’s about to explode because of all the souvenirs he buys. He even brought a stick home once, claiming it was a ‘souvenir’ 
  • “Oh, come on Kuroko, just one more night. Besides, I brought a basketball, Aomine! Want play one-on-one in the hotel room?”


  • In charge of enjoying the vacation because we all know no matter what job he’s given, he won’t fulfil it anyways 
  • Somehow becomes the ‘leader’ of the vacation because he knows how to have fun.
  • Occasionally gets lost too. But that’s due to his own incompetence not because of a lack of presence like Kuroko. soz not soz Aomine
  • “Ha! You know you’re going to lose Kagami! The bath tub can be the hoop.”

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loooooooooove love love these panel shots

you might think im abt to impose another stupid “lOOK HOW SIMILAR” statement but im doing this to illustrate just how different (surprise!) the protags of knb and rxl are today

to first brief over robo’s personality

stupidly honest, annoyingly methodical, straight-laced, can never take a hint, always unimpressed and expressionless: that’s how robo was introduced to us and that’s how he acts in reality, but alr the danger of falling under a subconscious impression is present not even 5 pages past the pilot chap

i could tackle each of his traits as more examples turn up in the future (as long as robo continues acting like himself these examples will turn up - eventually - whether we like it or not) but i’ll just take “can never take a hint” at random: it’s not bc he’s incapable of processing the atmosphere that he ends up never taking a hint. these traits are the result of his actions rather than a cause so as such, you could even apply a clear logic on the process that leads to him being “stupidly honest” or “always unimpressed” and/or some of his other traits that are, i think tragically, the only things to appear in public view in the end

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hii can you do akashi, midorima, aomine where they meet their ex in a wedding shop while she tries her wedding gown, the guy is also wearing tuxedo bcos they came from work or formal event, so they look like the wedding couple but they're the bitter ex couple and there's lots of tension and awkward moments

I really don’t know how to do this, I’m sorry if it sucks. These would be more reactions than scenarios?


He would politely say hello, good day, what a coincidence, all with a strictly business kind of smile. He would not overtly try to make the conversation (if there are any) not awkward. He’ll just let it be. If the small talk is going better than he expected it to be, he’ll throw in a compliment or two about how they look in the wedding gown, but Akashi will only laugh it off if they compliment back. It’s more tense than awkward, to be honest, especially if the shop attendant confusedly approaches the two of them and asks if you came together.

Should that happen, Akashi being the gentleman he is will easily explain how it’s a matter of luck that the two of them bumped into each other, leaving the attendant the only one flustered. As he leaves, he once again congratulates them for their upcoming wedding.


The awkwardest of the awkward, I should say. He literally does not know what to do, tries to act composed and be smooth like Akashi, but most of the time fails because of his darting eyes and weird facial expressions. It did not end well between him and them, so when he meets them by chance at a wedding shop, the first thing Midorima does is mentally curse his fortunes of the day while simultaneously working out a plan to get out of there as soon as possible.

He’s smart, so he’ll probably figure out a decent excuse, but if by any chance he doesn’t, it would be ten minutes of hell for him. He would also try to be polite, telling them they look great and congratulating them, but that’s about it. He does not have the will nor the skill to maintain lengthy small talks—it is up to the other party if they want to coax him into talking more by asking questions, which may not succeed thanks to his determination in leaving quickly. If the shop attendant mistakes them as a couple, he will vehemently deny and insist it was a coincidence, making a bit of a scene.


Aomine would be really surprised. Out of all the people in the whole city, he has to bump into them in a wedding shop, him wearing a tux that he rented and them trying out a gown. He quickly recovers, though, because he’s here to do one thing (return the tux) and he’s gonna scram once he’s done doing it. The most nonchalant among the three characters. He compliments and congratulates them real quick, almost as if out of obligation, before just standing there in silence. He’s not going to put effort into making small talk.

If the shop attendant mistakes them as a couple, he’d very promptly say, “No, I’m here to return the tux. Can I go to the changing room?” and that will be that. No being flustered, no stuttering. After one casual goodbye as he leaves, he becomes oddly philosophical and gets lost in thought about how people he knew are leading different lives. This is not because he hasn’t moved on. Instead, seeing them in that wedding dress reminds him of other people that once were his closest, but now are not in touch anymore. He wonders if he will ever meet them again.

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🎵 with aomine daiki 😗

Aomine- 21 guns by Green day

》y'all i only have angsty shit in my playlist, i hope you can find it in you to forgive me for this one. mentions of death/murder in here; it’s a darker post in general so beware!

Originally posted by zaleras

Does it take your breath away?
And you feel yourself suffocating?

Aomine Daiki is a policeman like no other– sure, his temerament might get in the way of his private life but his heart and mind turn cold beyond reason while he’s wearing his uniform. Which is exactly the cause of his heartbreak.

He had to make a choice; it was either you or the twenty-something people being threatened. He made a decision, with his hand steady and his gaze unwavering. But most of all, his heart heavy.

He regretted it, he regretted making the right decision and no matter how hard he tried to make himself believe that a price of one life for twenty was reasonable, it wasn’t. Aomine was as human as the next guy, so why did he have to pretend to be a soldier with the heart of ice!?

It haunted him. The memory of you falling to his feet, a smile on your face as you tried to console him, telling him how proud you were that he saved all those people. It wasn’t worth it.

Does the pain weigh out the pride? And you look for a place to hide?

One bottle. Two bottles. Three bottles. It wasn’t enough; he still remembed you. Your name, your scent, your hand in his, the weight of your limp body in his arms as he cried to heavens, begging them not to take you away. But they did. And it was his fault.

He will never forget the sorrowful looks that his colleagues directed at him; the firm, one palmed grip on his shoulder as they told him that it would get better. That it was for the greater good.

Psch. As if! You were the greatest good he has ever gotten and the greatest good he ever could have gotten!

He released a sigh. He had to take his mind off it. Off you.

Four bottles. Five bottles. The memories only became more vivid— he could neither run nor hide. His ultimate tormentor was his memory and he knew that there was no escape from it.

When you’re at the end of the road and you lost all sense of control; When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul.

“You can’t go on like this,” Kuroko tried to reason with him but Aomine refused to listen, “How much time does it have to pass before you realise that you’ve reached the bottom?”

With a grunt and a rub of his temples, Aomine rolled his eyes at the blue haired male, “I know I’ve hit the bottom, I want to dig deeper. Six feet under if needed. I don’t care for as long as I can be reunited with her.”

Before he had a chance to chug down the rest of his wine, Kuroko took the liberty to take it away from him, an evident frown present on his features.

“Enough is enough,” Kuroko’s voice was so firm that even Aomine had to take a step back and take his words into account, “I can’t make you get help, but you too know that you desperately need it. Drinking your issues away won’t get you anywhere— you know (Name) would hate to see you like this. She viewed you as a hero!”

“I killed her!” Aomine slammed his fist down, knocking the glass that Kuroko put away down to the floor. He didn’t even flinch upon it shattering. He could merely add it to the list of broken things in his life.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Kuroko took a step back, his eyes wide. Ever since you’ve been gone Aomine has never once let his anger take control.

“I killed her, I’m not a hero!” his voice switched from raw anger to a shaky, muttering mess.

“You had to make a choice!”

“I did, and I made the wrong one! I should have protected them all, I should have- I should have found a way to save them all!”

“Aomine…” Kuroko trailed off, his gaze softening, “You’re only human. Just because you should have doesn’t mean you could have. You know she wouldn’t like to see you in ruins like this. Look towards the future, or at least try to. Otherwise you’ll end up taking your own life regardless of the fact that you’ll still be breathing.”

He received no reply. He just hoped that it was because the words got through to him.

And in a way they did.

Because from then on, Aomine tried to look forward to a better tomorrow but why, oh why was yesterday the only thing on his mind?

Boyfriend shirt and other things (part 1)

It was a Saturday and like most of them Saturdays, Kise’s part time job as model took the most of its morning and afternoon. But what was left of the day, Kise met with Aomine.

He met with him to play basketball, to hang out for the occasional shoes shopping or movie watching, but also because Aomine was his boyfriend.

His secret boyfriend.  

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Kagami, Takao, Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara on how they met their s/o. fast foward both the KnB boys and the reader have feelings for each other but who confesses first and how?! Hope its not too much ! D: If it is, I'll just have Kagami's part hehehe :3

Sure! These are some of my favorite characters so I love this request. It’s definitely not too much, I hope you like it! My apologies on how long it took me to write this.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami certainly hadn’t been expecting to meet someone like you on any normal day at his average hangout, Maji Burger. But upon the mistake of your meals getting switched up when the employees handed you your bags, a small conversation began between the two of you. While Kagami initially laughed off the mistake—wondering how employees could confuse your meal with the fifteen burgers he had ordered—he couldn’t help but feel nervous, and the red tint to his cheeks showed that. He did end up offering you to share a table with him, and felt himself ease up as the two of you talked more throughout the course of your meal. It had been you whom had suggested hanging out again sometime, and the redhead readily agreed.

Time Skip

It didn’t take too long for Kagami to realize he felt something for you, and he wanted to do something about it. He wasn’t quite sure how to go about confessing though, so he did the only thing he could think of and that was to ask Kuroko for advice—embarrassedly, at that. Kuroko had given him the simple suggestion of just telling you how he really felt. Kagami approached you the next day with a very red face. He ignored your inquiries of if he was feeling alright and shouted his feelings for you, gaining the attention of anyone around the two of you. While he was nervous about how you would react, he was relieved to hear you felt the same way as him. Once he was sure you liked him as well, he proceeded to ask you to go out with him.

Takao Kazunari: Takao promptly attempted to make conversation with you when you entered into his school midway through the year. Having a new student in his class excited him, especially when he immediately felt attracted to you. Even though it was only your first day at the school, Takao followed you around most of the day, making conversation about anything and everything. At the end of the day, he showed no fear when admitting he found you attractive—in a way more than just your outward appearance—and asked for your number. He made it obvious that he wanted to grow close to you and get to know you, so that he could determined whether or not you were someone he wanted to continue a friendship with or perhaps something more.

Time Skip

It didn’t take Takao long to understand his feelings for you, and it wasn’t long after that which he confessed how he felt. Even though it was already obvious that he liked you, it took him some time to ask you to get into a relationship with him. He wanted to make sure your feelings for him weren’t short-term. Takao didn’t date often and typically kept a friendship towards the people he met. Once he became interested in someone, though, he liked to take the time to make sure a relationship would be the best route. When he was sure a relationship as more than friends would be for the better for the both of you, he would ask you out in a loud, dramatic way, drawing the attention of anyone in the vicinity. He certainly wasn’t shy when it came to expressing how he felt about you.

Midorima Shintarō: Midorima hadn’t been too keen on being assigned the task of showing the new student around. He made it quite obvious to you that he would simply show you where things were in the school and nothing more. Maybe a bit more communication would have put you at ease—being in a new school and all—but Midorima seemed determined to only speak when pointing out particular classrooms you may have needed to know about. He certainly wasn’t the friendly type, and it was hard to tell whether or not he disliked you or had something against you. It wasn’t until a talkative, raven-haired male bounded up to the tsundere and began to make conversation that you realized Midorima wasn’t particularly friendly towards anyone. If it weren’t for the one whom you learned was Takao, Midorima would have never spent so much time around you. Whether or not he enjoyed your presence was a mystery, but with Takao constantly dragging the two of you around, it didn’t matter what Midorima thought of you—he was stuck with you anyway.

Time Skip

It seemed Takao was the one to realize Midorima’s feelings before he himself did. Any time Takao would bring up the subject of Midorima having feelings for you, the stubborn male would refuse having any affection towards you past a friendship level. It seemed obvious enough to everyone else that Midorima thought fondly of you, especially with the way he would avoid eye-contact with you and blush if people teased him about his feelings. Nevertheless, he remained in denial. It wasn’t until Takao threw hints your way that you realized how Midorima felt—and one thing you knew for sure was that your relationship with him would never grow if one of you didn’t confess. In the end, you were the one to confess to him. Midorima was a flushed mess at the admission, but he could finally admit that he felt the same way—not without stuttering and turning tomato-red, of course.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine usually groaned and complained nonstop when Momoi dragged him to the mall. It wasn’t as if he was any less annoyed with her for forcing him to go, but it made the trip worthwhile when he—quite literally—ran into you. With a small smirk, he helped you up from the ground and began to try small attempts at flirting with you. Momoi would have stepped in and whined at him for not hurrying along, but seeing Aomine genuinely interested in someone was rare, so the female did not intervene. More small talk with you—with occasional bouts of flirtation—are what ended with him receiving your number and a promise to hang out together again soon. It wasn’t long before the two of you were constantly hanging out together.

Time Skip

It took awhile for Aomine to accept that he felt romantically towards you. With how close he was with Momoi, he wanted to make sure he felt a stronger connection than simply friendship towards you. Although most people thought it was obvious that Aomine had feelings for you, he took time to make sure he was ready to admit how he felt and possibly enter into a relationship—after all, most people assumed he was quick to get with anyone he found attractive, which was far from the truth. He wanted to be with someone he felt at ease with, and someone who he could see himself with for a long time. Once he was sure of his feelings and was sure he wanted to be with you as something more than friends, he went up to you and bluntly told you how he felt.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara hadn’t expected to find something he cared about second to sweets right outside the candy shop he went to every day. After exiting the store—and lacking attention to anything around him—Murasakibara felt himself bump into something. It wasn’t until he tilted his head down slightly that he saw you. He hadn’t apologized, thinking of it as your fault for not paying attention to your surroundings better. The purple-haired giant thought you were too cute to get angry at, though, so he simply let it slide. Seeing that the two of you were coincidentally headed the same way, you made small talk with Murasakibara, introducing yourself and even coaxing his name out of him. While he seemed uninterested, Murasakibara couldn’t help but feel secretly glad to have bumped into you. You had been the second thing to make him happy that day. Right after his bag of sweets, of course. He even became so lost in the conversation with you that Murasakibara didn’t realize he had missed his turn until he ended up in front of your house. Just as you were about to leave him for the comfort of your own home, he announced that he was glad for having met you that day, and wished to see you again sometime. And when Murasakibara wanted something, the childish side of him made sure he got it.

Time Skip

Even though Murasakibara was quick to realize his feelings for you, it took him quite a while to tell you how he felt. He wasn’t too interested in being in a relationship, and was quite content with the close friendship he had made with you. The people around you seemed to already think you were in a relationship with the male, as he often shared his food with you and seemed to grow possessive when others tried to advance towards you with any intentions other than friendship. Once he thought he was finally ready to get into a relationship, he approached you and told you he wanted you to be his. His admission was childish, but endearing nonetheless.

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Headcanons of GoM + Kagami meeting their girlfriend's family of three overprotective older brothers, a strict military papa, and a doting mum? Thanks! :)

AKASHI - If he can survive his father, he can survive yours. No amount of glaring down your father and brothers can make to make him scared, his head is held up high. Akashi Seijūrō can do anything and he will not let the threat of your family’s intimidation to make him back down.
- That said, he’s polite and well-mannered thorough the meeting and your mom absolutely adores him while your brothers begin to lose nerves because this boy is actually too good, it’s unbelievable. Your father probably has a new son by the end of the day.

AOMINE - sweats harder than basketball with Kagami. Even if he towers over your brothers and father, he does want to make a good impression and your father reloading his old gun doesn’t help his nerve one bit. Aomine keeps fidgeting in his seat and this has been the most he behaved himself since you first met him.  
- Your mother is a saving grace to him, he’s considerably more at ease with both you and her around. Though, it doesn’t take long until he can’t keep his mouth shut and slap himself mentally when he says something stupid. Prepare his funeral for him, he’s not going to make it out.

KAGAMI - almost as scared as waking up to see Alex sleeping naked next to him. He probably should keep that comparison for himself if he wants to survive by the end of the day. Acknowledge that he doesn’t look like the most proper guy but he swears he’s a really nice person if you use Nash Gold Jr. as standard.
- Your mom adores him because he’s cute and awkward, he also helps her out with the kitchen so that’s definitely a plus point. Though, he’d appreciate your dad and brothers getting off his back, it’s not like he’s trying to bribe your mom, he’s simply a good boy okay.

KISE - this can go either way, Kise is either too oblivious to realize he’s being intimidated or he keeps it up until there are only the two of you to start shaking like a chihuahua. If it’s the latter, he tries his best go remain cool but he’s overexerting himself harder than the match against Jabberwock.
- The cutest when it comes to your mother however, he has to change tactics if he wants to survive. In case he can’t get your brothers and father to like him, at least your mother will have his back. And of course, you, so it won’t be absolutely futile.

KUROKO - if there’s fear in his eyes, he doesn’t show it. Like Akashi, he remains an angel and trying to intimidate him prove futile. This boy dares to go against Akashi Seijūrō at his worst, he can take on your family. Take no prisoner, this boy fears no death  nor no suffering.
- So pleasant that your mom immediately takes a liking to him. He’s really considerate and helpful, thus immediately received her vote. Actually your family would feel bad if they aren’t nice back to him and lowkey terrified of him, because he’s not a bit moved in front of your father’s shotgun.

MIDORIMA - why, why is your family doing this to him. He already breaks half of his nerves trying to court you and now he has to deal with your family. Godspeed, he should’ve prepared a bigger lucky item because there’s no way this arm size tanuki statue can protect him from these death glares. Reassure him and give him that TLC he deserves before he has a breakdown.
- Your mother constantly asks him to ease up because he’s so nervous, he’s about to flood your house with the amount of sweats he’s making even when the AC is on. He says he’s fine but the way his cup of ice tea is shaking violently in his hand proves otherwise.

MURASAKIBARA - does not give a shit. Act as if he doesn’t realise but in reality, doesn’t care. He’s here for a good time and good food, ain’t nobody can stop him from getting both. Especially your dad and brothers. There’ll be only two things to focus on when he meets your family, you and the dinner.
- probably cares about your mother much more after  he tastes the food, then suddenly your mother becomes his mother, then suddenly your family becomes his family. But really, he doesn’t care much about your family’s approval, especially when yours is the only one that matter.

the unwritten requirement (KuroBas Week 2017: Day 2)

title: the unwritten requirement

pairing: implied Generation of Miracles/Kuroko Tetsuya

ratings/warnings: general audiences

summary: Is having a really weird quirk or obsession like an unwritten requirement to be a member of the Generation of Miracles?

notes: for Kurobas Week 2017 day 2: omake/”time-out” i actually had so much fun writing this?? some of the parts i could have written better, but im happy w/ this for the most part aha,, im so tired save me

read on AO3 or below!

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Character Appreciation Post (15/15)

Midorima Shintarou is unlike any other character from KnB. From transitioning from the Generation of Miracles’ shooting guard to half the freshman duo at Shutoku, he remains quirky, reserved, and loyal. 

In all honesty, he’s one of KnB’s biggest mysteries. Why is he a tsundere? Why does he have such a hard time expressing his feelings with people he is close to?

When we first meet Midorima-known as Midorimacchi to Kise and Midorin to Momoi-we see him in the rickshaw behind Takao, going to Kaijo so he can talk to Kise.

What we don’t know is his expansive backstory. He’s almost obsessed with “lucky items,” or items that bring a daily amount of luck to specific zodiac-signs. He is a great believer in horoscopes and is also extremely preparitive fom each match; he will tape his fingers, file his nails, carry lucky items, and listen to his horoscope. 

Now, almost every athlete has a ritual before a big match or game, but his habits go past being a ritual. Why is he so preoccupied with the concept of luck when he says “Man proposes, God disposes?” 

He’s confident in himself and his abilities, but he’s most confident when these external factors such as his horoscope and lucky items are at their best (because he will always tape his fingers and file his nails). Why does he need these to feel at his best? In reality, he puts up a facade that many can’t see through. He seems to actually lack confidence in himself, because he doesn’t feel the same way about himself when he isn’t preparative. Perhaps he has anxiety, perhaps he feels strongly about basketball, and perhaps he has self-doubts. 

But Midorima Shintarou always practices hard, studies (and uses objects like rolling pencils for luck), and does everything that he can to ensure he’s at his best. His facade is almost successful, until we understand his appreciation and respect for others such as Kuroko and Kagami. Midorima isn’t without depth. 

At Teiko, Midorima was the vice-captain. He competed directly with Akashi while playing shogi (he never won) and even in exams. Midorima is naturally competitive and wanted to strive for the best, the same way he does in his basketball. Perhaps he was brought up on the philosophy of success, but then why is he so different from Akashi? 

Midorima accepts Kuroko’s skills. He’s the only one that continues to practice on the first string team. He’s the only one that understands the weight of the Generation of Miracles in the basketball world. Matter of fact, he refuses to participate in the bets among the Generation of Miracles. He was the first to realize Akashi’s drastic change. 

There’s something behind Midorima’s actions and personality that I find striking. He strives for success in everything he does, but he’s not like Akashi. He seems to be quite humble, regardless of his mighty attitude. He’ll do anything he possibly can for himself to ensure success. He uses his horoscopes and lucky items as a support system to give himself confidence.

But why does he lack the confidence despite his strong showing as a student and as a player? He may have been bullied as a kid, he may have been brought up on the philosophy that success dictates the world (but not in the same way Akashi was brought up), or he may have lacked success before, making him truly value it now. 

And that’s why Midorima is so inspiring. We don’t know his full background, but we know that he’ll keep getting up again, no matter how many times he’s fallen. He’s motivated, analytical, and different.

At Shutoku, he meets Takao. He finds this uneventful, but Takao pledges to eventually gain Midorima’s respect. Nevertheless, Midorima seems to treat Takao as anything but a friend, even going as far as to calling him his “servant.” 

It takes him a while to open up to Takao. The great thing about Takao is that he’s understanding and that he has a natural teammate chemistry with Midorima that is unlike almost any other duo in KnB–rivaling Kuroko and Kagami’s relationship. 

We get a taste of the beginning of their connection during the Seirin-Shutoku game at Interhigh. What’s startling is that he asks to play in the preliminaries, despite his bad horoscope. This is simply my speculation, but perhaps he had built up enough confidence in himself to play.

He later tells Kagami that Seirin will lose again. The disparity between his approach to the previous game and the Seirin game was his horoscope. Again, he seems to use it as a support system for his confidence. 

He even goes as far to tell Kuroko that Kuroko’s decision to join Seirin was wrong and foolish, even though Midorima was the only other player at Teiko that did not like the changes in the Generation of Miracles.

Midorima goes further by asking the coach if he could have the ball for the whole second quarter. Even though Takao calls him self-centered, it’s clear that Shutoku respects his request. 

At this point, Midorima has a lot of development before he realizes how much he values and loves the Shutoku team, but he’s getting there.

During this game, he’s playing for himself, his self-confidence, and his satisfaction. He works with Takao, but they haven’t truly made their duo yet.

During the third quarter, he finds out that Kagami is a Leo and it’s revealed that he won’t get along with a Leo that day. That seems to slightly affect Midorima, but that never stops him from trying during the game. 

When Midorima notices that Kagami isn’t playing with his team anymore, that’s when Midorima thinks that Kagami has lost. Not when Midorima blocks Kagami’s shots, but when Kagami stops playing with Seirin. He subconsciously knows that the team play is important, and I also believe that he subconsciously knows that is what he was missing as a Generation of Miracles member.

Damn those eyes

He makes observations that no other Teiko member does, except for maybe Nijimura. He notices the team fighting and drifting apart. He and Kuroko carry the burden of the mental harm that the members wreaked on other players in the league.

So when Midorima Shintarou and Shutoku lose against Seirin, he’s obviously devestated. He made himself prepare with his filed nails and his lucky item, and he still lost. I think this was a wake-up call for Midorima. We don’t see it, but he comes to terms that he’s missing something else in his basketball.

During the Summer Training Camp arc, he even helps Kagami by pointing out what Kagami needed to beat Aomine. He’s actually quite caring for others, despite his attitude. 

We see the bond between Takao and Midorima developing, as they seem to hang around each other the most. Takao inherently understands Midorima, from his denials to his arguments. Takao really is the key to Midorima’s development. He has the self-confidence to call himself a monster in front of Takao, and Takao interprets this as Midorima being fired up for Winter Cup. 

Midorima has transformed. Not only is he willing to rely on his teammates, shown when he passes to Takao, but he also seems more determined to win. He finally has the faith in the team. He is willingly to not be in the sole control of Shutoku’s fate for victories, and that really is the turning point for Midorima. He takes a long time to trust people, and he may put up a nice facade, but he’s willingly to do everything he can to win for the team. 

Even though Seirin and Shutoku tie, enabling for both the teams to move past the Winter Cup preliminaries, Midorima found the missing puzzle piece in his playing. 

But this doesn’t mean that Midorima’s is any easier to get along with. In the Character Bibles, several of the Generation of Miracles players named him as the most difficult to be friends with. He still is, but he shows a preference for his friends. 

He’ll disguise himself to go watch them play. He’ll give one a rolling pencil to help his grades. He seems to have even switched the colors he draws during the ending story of the third season, allowing Kise to play on the same team as Kuroko. He even considers Akashi a friend, which makes him even more determined to show Akashi what he was doing wrong. 

The vice-captain and the captain of Teiko have a showdown during the semi-finals of the Winter Cup. We finally understand Akashi’s and Midorima’ relationship.

Midorima knows what he’s getting into when he plays against Akashi. Matter of fact, he might know better than anyone else. He knows what it takes. And he’s prepared to put himself on the line for it. He finally realizes how much he loves Shutoku. He finally becomes the light of the light-shadow duo at Shutoku. Takao subconsciously made him understand why teamwork is important. 

And this makes Midorima more determined than ever. He watches Takao as Akashi ankle-breaks him. He notices Akashi’s dominance over the Rakuzan team. He knows that Akashi has changed, and that’s why he wants to win against Rakuzan. He loves Shutoku and he values his friendship with Akashi, and that’s why he puts everything on the line for this game.

He pushes himself farther because he truly found his place with Takao and Shutoku. He pushes himself farther because he knows who Akashi used to be, and the person playing him is no longer the caring person he was friends with. 

And so when we see Midorima fall, that’s what makes it devestating. We finally see the depth of this green-haired guy who seems to resemble a carrot in his jersey. He’s not just a quirky guy obsessed with horoscopes. He’s so much more. Regardless, he’s gets up again, because “There’s no shame in falling down, the shame is not to stand up again.”

He was blessed with an amazing basketball ability, and he’s willing to use it to change the people around him. In a way, his ability matches his personality. His threes score more points in a single basket in comparison to any ordinary shot. The time in the air gives him more self-confidence to rearrange himself before the next play. And his chemistry with Takao allows him to develop his ability to shoot without the ball and for Takao to pass right into his hands. 

So when we see Shutoku lose and Midorima cries, it’s like we got stabbed in the heart. He put everything on the line. He learned to have faith in his team and the people on it. He didn’t consider his self-confidence during the game against Rakuzan because he wanted that victory so badly. He wanted to win with the team. He wanted to prove Akashi wrong. We wanted to make sure he made the right decision.

We see him being emotional. We see him putting those feelings into words when he says, “It’s really frustrating…losing…”

But Midorima has come a long way. He learned to play with a team again. He healed from the breaking up of the Generation of Miracles. He still puts up his facade, but we can see his depth behind it.

Midorima is so much more than what appears to the eye. And Akashi and Takao are the ones who truly reveal that. Midorima is willing to fight Akashi to save him. He’s willing to change his playing style and put faith in Takao to pull a victory for Shutoku.

He still says “nanodayo,” which gives off the air that he’s better than the person he’s talking to and that he doesn’t need to explain himself, keeping up his facade. He still carries around his lucky items and listens to horoscopes as a confidence support system. He still doesn’t convey his feelings well.

But we see him turn speechless when Miyaji is destroyed during the Jabberwock-Strky game. We see him observing Akashi closely during the finals of the Winter Cup. We see him calling out to Kuroko and Seirin to show his support. 

Midorima Shintarou is brave, caring, intelligent, and unique. He’s willing to fight for his friends. He’s willing to risk his own self-confidence. He’s willing to risk almost everything he values. Just so he can win. So he can change and save a friend. So he can feel a little more confident in himself. And that’s why he’s so relateable. He’s not amazing because of his tsundere qualities. Or because of the glasses fanservice. He’s amazing because of his passion. He’s amazing because of the length he’s willing to go for his friends. He’s amazing because he’s human and will show weakness, only to get up again and to keep fighting. He’s amazing because of his mental strength and his reliance on Takao when he isn’t strong.

He’s not afraid to take risks. He’s not afraid to help himself find the confidence he lacks. He’s not afraid to learn and to fall down. He’s relateable and he’s understanding and he’s human. And that’s why we love Midorima Shintarou.

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gom's reaction to wanting to take the next step in their relationship (aka gettin' down and dirty if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) with their s/o since they've been together awhile, only for their advances to keep getting rejected. As it turns out, s/o is incredibly self conscious of her body bc of very normal things (stretch marks, cellulite maybe her chest is too small, etc.) & is very insecure about her naked body bc of those things, and she thinks the boys will find her ugly.

And we’re back! Enjoy <3

Kise - You volunteered to spend the afternoon with your boyfriend to tutor him in all the subjects he was struggling with, which seemed to be all of them. You sat together in the school’s library, which was virtually empty after hours. As the hours went by, Kise’s focus and efficiency dropped significantly, and even you were beginning to feel boredom. It didn’t help that it was a particularly humid day either, the weak ceiling fans not enough to take the stickiness out of the air. You weakly attempt to fan yourself as you sit back waiting for Kise to finish the math problem you gave him. You pulled off your over shirt, revealing a thin camisole underneath. Kise turned his gaze towards you, suddenly perking up as if all his energy suddenly came back to him. You set the shirt aside and look at him questioningly.

“Don’t stop there, _____-cchi, take it all off!” You smile and shake your head at him to get his focus back on work. He goes on anyway. “How about for every piece of clothing you take off, I’ll do the same,” he says with a mischievous smile. You gulp hard. Kise’s overall appearance was a complete masterpiece, and there’s nothing more you wanted than to see it all for yourself. Your sexual attraction towards him dated back to before you two were even together. You hated yourself for it, but you weren’t going to accept his advance.

He sees you still doubt him, but he’s not willing to give up. “Come on, it would be so much more fun than this". He brought himself closer to you, lowering his voice and looking you directly in the eye. “Honestly, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do,”

Your heart beats wildly with excitement, but you turn him down, quickly muttering the words I can’t.

Kise’s smile disappears. He looks disheartened, but mostly concerned. You feel he deserves an answer, so you begin your explanation, mentioning everything you hate about your body, stretch marks, freckles, scars, everything. Kise listens intently.

“I see,” he says, pausing for a second before his playful smile spreads across his face again. “New game. I find every single unique, beautiful thing on your body and I give it a kiss,“

Akashi - Akashi had everything. Outstanding intelligence, athletic proficiency, a handsome face and an unbelievably fit body. Akashi radiated confidence, and for all the right reasons. You really wish you had some of that confidence, especially at times like this. Akashi had you against the wall, arms wrapped tightly around your waist, kissing you with all the passion in the world. He pulled back, looking at you through half lidded eyelids that begged the question Can we take this further?

This has happened before, and you’ve been able to generate excuses to deny him, but you knew it couldn’t keep going like this.

“This isn’t something you want, _____?” he asks. It wasn’t that. It was the feeling that Akashi deserved someone else. Someone who didn’t have all the flaws you did.

You’re broken and embarrassed, only able to get a few words out.

“I’m just not good enough for you, Seijuro,” Your words startle him, his brow arches in confusion, he couldn’t really believe what he just heard. He feels a sort of guilt, how could he have made his partner feel so inadequate? He was going to fix this.

“Why do you think I’m dating you?” You genuinely don’t know the answer, so he responds for you. “Because you are perfect”.

“Why do you think I want to spend all my time with you?” he asks, giving the response soon after. “Because you are perfect”.

He places his fingers on the first button of your shirt. “Now, _____. Why do you think I want to see you completely undone for me? Why do I want to have sex with you?” His hands remain still, his face inches away from yours. His eyes stare deep into yours.

“Because I’m perfect?” you say with uncertainty.  

He shines a devilish smile and closes the gap between yours and his lips. His fingers quickly work away at the buttons. “Exactly,” he mumbles against your lips.

Midorima - Midorima was only going to make an advance once he was sure you were going to say yes. He figured this was the best way to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Truthfully, he would prefer not having to make the move at all, but knowing you, you weren’t the type to do it. After dating for several months, he accepted the fact that if he wanted sex, which he really, really did, he would have to initiate it. Midorima was soon able to find the perfect day. You were in a great mood after a wonderful date, he had the house to himself for the night, and both of your signs were ranked first and second. His original plan was to sit down and talk about it with you, but got a little carried away while making out with you on his bed.

Just as things were getting heated, and Midorima was about to slide your top up, you pull away. “C-could we maybe do this with the lights turned off?” you ask sheepishly. He looks at you with confusion. “I’m just really shy about showing you my body,” you add hesitantly. He blushes, he’s not particularly great at comforting people, but he can empathize with this. “____, I’m nervous too,” He sighs and shifts nervously for a moment. “B-but I think it’ll add to our pleasure if we’re able to see each other,” He looks at you sincerely. “I’d really love to see you, _____,” His words and tone are completely genuine, and it makes you feel better knowing that it’s not just you who’s shy. You and him were in the same position, and you were going to take the step together.

Murasakibara - “Hnnn? You never let me take your clothes off, ____-chin,” Murasakibara says, gently rolling you off of him. You’re taken aback by how direct he is, though you should be used to it by now. “S-sorry…,” was all you could manage to say. He raises an eyebrow at you. “Hm? It’s not really something to be sorry for…”

An awkward silence lingers for a moment before your boyfriend demands the inevitable question. “Why not? We’ve been together for so long,” he says, for once looking as though he’s completely ready to listen to you. “I guess I’m just shy,” you say, unable to look at him. His lack of response tells you he’s unsatisfied with the answer you’ve given. Sighing, you continue. “I just don’t like how I look naked. My stomach isn’t toned, and I have cellulite on my thighs. You’ll just think I’m ugly,” Murasakibara knows what he wants to say right away. He’s a little embarrassed to say it, he’s not one to out-rightly say these kinds of things, but it was something you really needed to hear.

“But I think ____-chin is the prettiest girl ever,” he mumbles. You look up at him, giggling at the sight of him blushing. “You think so?” He nods. “Come on, show me how pretty you are without this,” he says, tugging at your shirt. You roll your eyes at his childishness, but you’ve been convinced. Murasakibara is too lazy to judge you anyway.

Aomine - Aomine didn’t get too discouraged the first couple of times you subtly turned down his sexual advances. For him personally, He doesn’t see the point in withholding sex for the first few months in a relationship, what’s the point in denying himself something so fun? But, if that’s the way his girlfriend thought, he could stand waiting longer. You were always willing to make out, which was good enough for him.

The two of you had just returned from your one year anniversary date, and like most other dates, it ended with Aomine pinning you on the bed, attacking your face and neck with kisses. When he’s feeling lucky, he’ll sneak a hand up your shirt, which you always end up pushing away. You didn’t want him to see what was underneath. This time was no different. You catch his hand before he can pull your shirt up. In the past he would brush this off, but after going through the same thing so many times, he felt he needed to ask.

“Why don’t you ever want to go further?” You knew this was coming. Actually, you’re surprised he’s been so patient up to this point. For this, he deserved an honest answer, no matter how embarrassing it was to tell.  "I just don’t think you’ll find me attractive when you see everything… wrong with my body,” He looks at you completely bewildered. He lets out a long sigh. “In case you haven’t noticed, _____-chan, I wanted to do this with you since day 1. You’re not going to disappoint me, I swear,” You purse your lips, blushing at his words before breaking into a small smile. You nod at him, and that’s all the confirmation he needs. “Well, now that that’s out of the way,” he says, pinning you back down to the bed.

“Let me show you just how hot you get me,” he growls, hurriedly taking off his shirt. You giggle, feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. “O-okay, try to be gentle”. He looks at you with wild, eager eyes. “I’m going to show you what one year of sexual frustration feels like, so sorry, it won’t be gentle”.

Kuroko - You and Kuroko had spent the entire day together at a local summer festival. It was the most fun either of you had ever had on a date. Kuroko was glowing with happiness at the end of the day, smiling to himself as he laid down to sleep. Ready for sleep, you take your place beside him, going in for a quick goodnight kiss. You plant your lips on his, to which he responds much more enthusiastically than usual. You pull back and giggle. “That’s not like you, Tetsuya”. He blushes a little, but doesn’t advert his eyes. “I know, but you’ve made me so happy today I feel like I want more of you”. You look back at him, unsure of what he means. His eyes stare back with even more intensity. “All of you,” he clarifies.

You weren’t going to lie to yourself, this is something you wanted too, but only if you looked… better for him. Your lack of vocal response is enough for Kuroko to know something is wrong. “Do you feel differently, ____?”

“I want you too, Tetsuya, but,” you pause, unsure of how to proceed. “I wish my body was better looking, so you’d like it more,”

He blinks at you once, then twice, and finally a third time.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, _____,” You can’t help but laugh a little. “What bothers you the most?” The answer comes to you quickly. “The size of my chest”.

His eyes soften, he still has no idea how you could find that to be a problem. “Bigger doesn’t always mean better,” he smiles at you reassuringly. “I’m surprised though, ____. I thought you would know that, I mean you are dating me after all…”

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A scenario where Akashi realizes he's in love with his enemy who shares personality traits from both Kagami & Aomine but she has a princess mindset?

This is pretty interesting! I hope you like it!

Akashi Seijuro was the elite of the elite, the wealthiest of all his friends and the most feared by those underneath him.

You, on the other hand, was from a middle-class family and a nobody to those at the top of the social hierarchy, but perhaps the most confident and self-centred person anyone was ever met. But that didn’t mean you were a bad person, if asked, your friends would definitely have more good than bad to share about you.

To Akashi, though, you were the most horrid person he’s ever met. You were selfish, proud and also very skilled in volleyball, you were influential. A threat to his position. When he first met you, you immediately reminded him of two people, two very specific people: Kagami and Aomine.

He was strolling around the school one day when he encountered Rakuzan’s volleyball team. His eyes scanned the area and landed on you, at that exact moment you landed a powerful spike, it shook the court’s ground for a split second. The smirk that had unknowingly appeared on his face fell when he saw your reaction toward your own attack.

“Yes!” You fist pumped and ran your fingers through your hair, a certain familiar light shining in your eyes.

“(Y/N) you’re the best!” A teammate squealed, giving you a high five.

“Heck yeah I am,” you replied, a grin stretched across your face. You couldn’t help but to gloat about your volleyball skills ever since you were twelve when you discovered why your concentration always spiked when you played the sport. You learned from your coach that you were in what athletes called the “Zone”.

Akashi knew it as well the moment he saw your eyes, you weren’t even in a proper match and you’d already entered it. He was envious. He hated you ever since.

A year passed and he seemed to always encounter you wherever he went no matter what. He ended up in the same class as you, had the same lessons as you, had to share the court with your volleyball team during practices. You tried to strike up a conversation with him every time you saw him but he’d leave before you could reach him. Eventually, you stopped trying and that annoyed him. Akashi Seijuro didn’t know exactly what was the reason but when you left him alone, he became more frustrated than before.

“(Y/N),” your teammate said, “I think he wants to talk to you,” you looked over to where she pointed at and smiled mockingly at who was stood there. Akashi.

You thanked her curtly and walked towards him, the smile on your face only grew. “So, Akashi-san,” you greeted sarcastically, “do you want to speak to me about something?”

He seemed to have an inner conflict before replying, “what’s your background? What position were you in terms of grades last year? Are you the captain of the volleyball team? Do you play any instruments? What’s your ambition?” Akashi asked without stopping, his face tinted the colour of his hair.

“I’m not rich but I’m not poor. I was second. I’m the captain. I play the cello. I want to be the greatest volleyball player the world has ever seen,” you paused to take a breath, “and I will be.”

“Would you be interested in a date?”

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What whould GoM + Kamagi do, if their parents disliked their girlfriend? (and parents told them, when they were at home together, that they should break up)

Aomine Daiki: He’s in the middle of eating dinner, and Aomine stabs his chopsticks into the chicken with a little more force than usual when his parents continue on insisting that he break up with you. His mother startles a little at this action, but he’s beyond the point of caring. 

“Oi, if you guys keep talking, I’m gonna lose my appetite.” He deliberately avoids addressing the topic directly, because at the end of the day, even Aomine doesn’t really want to get in a fight with his parents. “And quit trying to tell me what to do - it’s annoying.” 

Kise Ryouta: Kise doesn’t like the thought of going against his parent’s wishes, but frowns when they suggest that he break the relationship off, immediately becoming defensive. He’s a little offended that his family would meddle in his affairs like this, and tries to reason with them.

“What’s wrong with ____-cchi?” He asks in a hurt voice. “You’ve never cared about my relationships in the past, so why are you suggesting that now, all of a sudden? ____-cchi makes me happier than anyone else - I don’t want to break up with her.”

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima tries to ignore his parent’s words for the most part - but he actually scowls when they suggest that Midorima would be better off single instead of being in a relationship with you. He doesn’t bother trying to convince them otherwise, because it didn’t matter - you would be his girlfriend whether they liked it or not.

“Excuse me. I’m going to my room.” He says finally, adjusting his glasses with an irritated look, before pushing his chair back to stand up. “I don’t need to be having this conversation with my parents.”

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara is already annoyed enough by the fact that his parents came into his room and interrupted his video game playing - he was in the middle of a boss fight, too - but his irritation is stepped up a notch when his parents decide to reveal their opinion of you. He grits his teeth when they go as far as suggesting that he break up with you. 

“Nee, can you guys leave?” Murasakibara pauses his game and stares at his parents with a deadpanned expression. “I don’t wanna hear you badmouth ____-chin in front of me. I’ll get angry.”

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko remains quiet at first - quiet saddened by the fact that his parent’s aren’t fond of you since he values their opinion. However, he could never agree to follow through with their suggestion of breaking up with you, and tries to make them realise this.

“____-san is very kind-hearted and helpful.” He’s ready to list out everything he likes about you, if that was what it would take for his parents to approve of the relationship. “She’s the first person who makes me feel as if I’m not invisible.”

Akashi Seijurou: His father reveals his negative opinion of you during dinner, and Akashi’s grip on his fork tightens in anger when he hears the suggestion of breaking up.

“This is surprising. Are you worried for me, father?” Raising his eyes to meet his father’s gaze across the dinner table, Akashi’s lips curl up in an emotionless smile. “Or are you simply worried that I’ll spoil the Akashi name?” 

Kagami Taiga: Kagami chokes on his drink when his dad casually comments that he thinks Kagami should break off the relationship. He’s silent for a moment, blinking, registering what his dad had just said, before finally replying with a dismissive tone.  

“Hah? Why do you care?” He mutters darkly. “I’m the one dating her - not you. You’re not even around enough to see me often - I don’t get why you should get a say in this.” 

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Hi, I love your blog! Is it okay if I request the Akashi, Kise, Aomine, Kiyoshi, Hanamiya, Reo, and Hamaya reacting to finding out their slightly chubby s/o has been starving themselves because she's insecure? Thank you, and have a nice day ^-^

Kise would end up so worried over her health, he would immediately get you some snack or chocolate because “no, you will not starve yourself over stupid comments and if you want to lose weight tell me and I will come up with some nice workout that we both will enjoy”. He will keep his eyes on her during every meal, to make sure she eats enough and properly. No way will he let her starve, not under his watch.

Aomine at first wouldn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it is nothing. But if she faints or ends up in Infirmary then he would take matters in his hand. He would be really against it and damn worried. It would be the first and last time anyone would see him panicking because his girlfriend just ended in Infirmary, I mean “who wouldn’t be worried”? Of course when hearing the reason, he would flick her forehead and tell her she should tell him next time and they could work out together after all “working out together is much more fun than alone”. Lots of playfulness from his side because he just wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself.

Akashi would know the moment she declines her favourite food. He would stay silent for a while more, thinking and hoping she would approach and tell him, but if she wouldn’t he would approach her first. He would give her some “serious” talk about how “starving has twisted effect and before you know it you could end either in hospital or gain even more weight”. After he would make her see that starving is not the way to lose weight, he would be happy if she asked him for help and sure as hell will he ask his chefs for some diet that is healthy and where you still gain enough proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Kiyoshi would be very disapproving of this. As much as he loves his girlfriend, he doesn’t want to see her harm herself in any way. That would make him completely serious, because “health is something you can never play with and before you know it it can backfire at you and you will never be healthy again”. He will be very stubborn so he will start to look after how much she eats. It would end up really annoying, but eventually he would also start getting her into workout. They would either workout at home, go on a walk every day (it would start as short walk which would only grew longer) before they would start running slowly, even because of his knee they need to be a bit careful.

Hanamiya is a difficult and hard to understand person. I believe that it would be right his words that would make her want to starve because he just comments on everything. Of course he would be oblivious as hell at the beginning, but when she would faint, cause yes I do believe it would go that far, he would actually had to think what he did and said cause she wouldn’t say anything out of shame. Once he figures it out, he would be annoyed at himself the most because he knows how much girls don’t like when guys talk about their weight and he would just scoop her in his lap and start “lecturing” her how there are so many healthier ways to lose weight and that she was an idiot to actually take him seriously. Either way, he would help get back to eat every day and normally like she used to and of course workout that turns into making out almost every time.

Reo would be shocked. He knew she started declining food whenever he wanted to give her some and she gave most of it to Nebuya, who gladly took and ate it and of course it made him suspicious. It wasn’t until he heard her talking with her friend that he confronted her and went completely “mom mode”. He would scold her and instantly gave her some snacks so she wouldn’t faint or feel dizzy. He would end up worrying over her more and just looking after her and giving her some serious talk as well.

Hayama—No, no, nope, big no. No one will be starving themselves when he is around. Hell no. Not his parents, not his friends and especially not his cute girlfriend he loves so much. Be ready for a lot of pouts and whining because he just doesn’t want to see her ending in Infirmary or hospital. He loves every. Single. Part. Of her and to see her starving because she feels insecure well my girl you managed to bring serious Hayama out. He will be so serious that even Reo would need to check twice if that is Hayama he knows. He would rather see her working out with him, or under him he really doesn’t mind which way, less alone where, than pass all that delicious food because being with him means lots of food.

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Heyya! Can I have a scenario where the s/o accidentally hits the GOM/Kagami/Kasamatsu with a volleyball by spiking it then panics and turns into a second Sakurai hehehe :)

Hii! I wrote this about 4 am due to my insomnia but my friend let me say, I really enjoyed writing it. Thanks Admin Ru for helping me :) Guys we’re so sorry to be inactive for awhile, you know the school started and such but don’t worry we will reply your requests, only it might take some time. I will try to upload as much as I can so feel free to send in requests ;) I hope you guys like this one :) Admin Liz.

Kuroko: He loves the fact that you’re attached to the sport you’re doing. He himself loves a sport of  his own so he totally understands and adores your passion. One day this precious child wanted to give you a surprise by coming to watch you practice, but since he has little presence, you didn’t notice him until the ball you spiked hit him in the face. You were so afraid that he might be hurt. You apologised for thousands of times.
“It’s ok (Name)-san. Since it’s hard for people to notice me, it’s my fault. I should look carefully where the ball was going. You don’t need to apologise.”
Still you couldn’t stop yourself and kept apologising.
Kagami: You were so angry with him. You know how much he likes basketball but you were the same towards the volleyball which he seems to have some hard times to understand it surprisingly. You suggested him to come watch you practice but he always has his own practice to attend. You understand that of course but also spending his free time to practice basketball again rather than to visit you even just for once was a bit too much for you. You gave him the silent treatment and if not for Kuroko, Kagami wouldn’t understand what the matter was. So he decided to come watch you practicing but he couldn’t choose a better time. Just at the moment he walked into the court, he was hit by the ball you spiked. He saw the stars for a moment.
“Hey babe! I know you’re angry with me but hitting me with a ball is a bit too much.”
No matter how angry you were, you would never hit him with a ball especially when he came to watch you after all. You felt terribly sorry and started apologising. Kagami had to calm you down despite the pain he had.
Kise: Kise always wanted to see you play volleyball but he never had time for that. You didn’t expect him to give all his attention to his fangirls at the court when he finally found the time to watch you practice. You were really jealous and angry at the moment, you lost your control and spiked the ball a bit harder than usual which met with Kise’s pretty face. Kise almost started crying due to the pain. You felt incredibly guilty. That wasn’t what you intended to do. You were at his side in a second apologising repeatedly.
“It really hurts (Name)-cchi!”
“I’m so sorry Ryouta! I just lost the control of the ball for a second. How can I help you?”
“You can kiss me where it hurts.”
He was still flirting with you, even when he was in pain.
Kasamatsu: Your boyfriend should have come to watch you practicing that day, he promised but as the times passed, you slowly started to lose your hope. On the other hand, Kasamatsu was so nervous because he was already really late but he is the captain of his team and he can’t just leave them. When his own practice ended, he ran to where you practice hoping not to be too late to miss you. The moment he walked in, he got hit with the ball in the face. You lost your hopes that he was gonna come so you weren’t really paying attention to the practice. You were just randomly hitting the ball and Kasamatsu received one of those hits with his face. Although you were so happy to see him finally, you were feeling incredibly sorry making him suffer with pain. You rushed towards him and started to check him if he’s seriously injured, apologising over and over again. He had to shout at you to calm down in the end.
Aomine: You wanted him to practice his sport as well but of course he was either being lazy or coming to watch you practice. Of course you knew his reason. The clothes you were wearing to practice volleyball were rather short and tight which provides him a great view. Sometimes he was just teasing you about it to make you flustered. It was one of those moments again and you were too flustered to control your spike. You hit the ball harder and faster than usual which resulted the ball hitting Aomine in the face.  He cursed under his breath with pain. You ran towards him to see if he was alright. You kept apologising. Aomine smirked at you.
“If you’re really that desperate to be forgiven, I have an idea.”
You knew his intentions  before he even started to speak again. He was definitely gonna use this situation in his favour.
Midorima: Midorima and Takao came to watch you practicing because their practice was cancelled. Midorima was a bit nervous though because he was ranked last that day. He didn’t speak a word while he was walking towards the court you were practicing. You had no idea your boyfriend were coming to visit you that day so when you saw him walking inside through the door, it was already too late. You were trying to practice a new style of spiking, and you weren’t quite used to it yet. It hit Midorima directly in the face and with the shock of the moment he dropped his lucky item which was something breakable. With the pain he felt, his lucky item broke, Takao’s laughter and your endless apologies, Midorima couldn’t think of a worse day. Oha Asa was indeed real.
Murasakibara: It was really bothersome for Murasakibara to come watch you practice but you were pouting and refusing to cuddle with him for some time because of this. He finally decided to watch you practice to make you happy and get to cuddle with you in the end. He bought his favourite snacks to entertain himself while he watched you. Of course, you didn’t know about this so you were obviously shocked when the ball hit Murasakibara. All of his snacks were on the floor. Knowing that rather than getting hit with the ball, his snacks being wasted bothered him the most, you were afraid that he might never come to watch you again. You kept apologising until he lazily told you to stop ‘cause he already forgave you. You had to buy him new snacks before you started to practice though.
Akashi: Akashi was really proud of his s/o. He wanted to show how successful you were to his friends, so he decided to come watch you practicing with his teammates. All of them were incredibly shocked and were clueless of what to do when Akashi got hit in the face with the volleyball the moment they entered the court. Much to their surprise, the spiker was Akashi’s s/o. While they were waiting to see what the Akashi would do (the motherf*cker didn’t even break his pose when he got hit, still standing straight), you ran to him apologising all the way through. Akashi had a kind but a deadly smile plastered on his face.
“I accept your apologies but the next time try to be more careful and try to control your spiking better. Like this, let me show you.”
He of course being the Akashi Seijuurou, good at everything, showed you an incredibly perfect spiking. Though if one of his teammates would have talk about this situation ever would be erased from the face of the earth.