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Gom's S/o is a famous basketball player and she just cama back from six months training in the us. They don't know she's back, and she decides to surprise them (bonus points if someone from their team is a fanboy of hers)

Akashi: he’s very tempted to go over to America with you, because he’s not too sure how he’ll cope without seeing you for so long. In the end, you persuade him that it won’t be that bad (you lied - it was terrible for both of you). He wants to know all the details of your arrival, so it’s a bit annoying when you won’t tell him anything. When he goes in for practice the next day, it’s utter chaos; Hayama is jumping up and down, Nebuya is shouting about meat and even Reo is blabbering on about something Akashi can’t quite catch. He should’ve known you were behind it all, but he’s over the moon. All he sees is you, and he wants to make up for lost time.

Aomine: he fills the days you aren’t around with basketball, and you’re surprised to hear he’s actually been going to every practice and then some. You’re too busy to talk regularly, but he makes sure that he gets to hear your your voice at least once a week, and sends a lot of texts, too. One day he’s late for practice and can already hear Wakamatsu moaning in his ear, but turns out it’s Sakurai apologising for god knows what. Aomine turns the corner and sees you telling Sakurai, yes, you’ve missed him too, now please stop with the apologising? Aomine sweeps you up and you laugh - it’s not the surprise you’d planned but it’s good enough.

Kise: it was pretty common for you both to be away, with various schedules and such, but six months was a damn long time. Kise would tell anyone and everyone about how much he missed you, and would always make sure to call you at night. When you burst in on practice one day, he has to rub his eyes to make sure it’s actually you, and earns a basketball to the head due to his awe. He’ll immediately go and hug you, and may even shed a tear (or five).

Kuroko: no one would have known, but your absence had really affected him. He would think about you a lot, especially when he sees something that he thinks you’d particularly like. When he walks into the gym and sees you shouting at his teammates to train harder (they were super happy to see you so didn’t mind so much), he smiles so much - you’re home.

Midorima: he definitely does not miss you, not at all. He doesn’t text you your ranking on Oha Asa every day (because you won’t check otherwise) or buy your lucky item when he’s getting his own. The rest of the team have noticed how weird Midorima’s acting, even for him. So they decide to plan a little thing with you for him upon your arrival. Takao and Miyaji persuade Midorima into going to Maji Burger with them, and guess what? You’re sitting there, ever so casually, sipping on a milkshake. Ootsubo and Kimura are there too, and you manage to pull a party popper. Midorima’s shocked that a) you’re here, and b) his team would do such a thing, no matter how small it seemed. 

Murasakibara: he’s gotten so used to your presence that it just feels weird when you’re not around, but as long as you come back soon, it’s okay, right? Well, that’s what he tells himself at least. One time he catches Himuro speaking to you over Skype, and he gets a bit jealous because why weren’t you talking to him? It’s only when you come back with half a suitcase full of American sweets does he understand, and kisses you instantly, because “(name)-chin tastes much better than any sweet~”


Who says he’s alone? If it’s only the idiot, of course he can’t stop you.


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almost is never enough

In which the saddest word in the whole wide word is the word almost.

pairing: akashi x reader

genre: angst 

note: if you’re not comfortable with character death, please don’t read this; i used the second person point of view in writing this because it’s easier. if you don’t want to be the ‘you’ in this oneshot, it’s alright (though it’s an akashixreader one nvm that okay)

Hello there! I did this oneshot because I finally reached 100 followers! Thank you guys for supporting me though I’ve just started this blog days ago. I am indeed thankful. This is just a simple treat from me. I hope you’ll enjoy this! (this oneshot’s inspired by x)

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