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D-4: after practice with light-shadow duo

D-3: best friend time!

D-2: with *cough*dear friend*cough*

D-1: special kiss from his gender bend (twins!kouki AU)

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Can I ask GoM+Takao+Kasamatsu being overly protective of their girl bestfriend? No romantic feelings, just pure platonic friendship. Thank you, I really like your writing style ^^

Hi dear! Sorry if it took me so long! I’m so happy you like it <3 Anyway, I hope you’ll like it because I was a bit at loss as what to write. I tried to write different settings and situations to not bore you and give a friendly and warm feeling to all of them. Let me know if you liked it!

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The GoM, Takao, Kasamatsu & Reader, Over-Protective Best- Friends Scenarios


Aomine Daiki

“Aomine?” you called as you recognized the silhouette leaning against the fence of the school. You had just finished the activities with your club and felt dead on your feet. The sky was already dark and nobody was around, except for you and him.

“Yo,” the boy replied, putting away his phone and waiting for you to reach him, “Let’s go.” He started moving without waiting, his basketball bag bouncing against his back.

You walked beside him, a furrow creasing your forehead. “Why are you here?”

“Nice to see you too.”

“I’m happy to see you Aomine. Is everything alright? Yes? Good. Now, why are you here?”

“Practice,” he replied rolling his eyes at your antics, stretching his arms with a yawn.

You lifted an eyebrow.

“You don’t finish this late.”

“I-” he tried to argue, but you interrupted him with a jab in the stomach.

“You never do, actually. Not today, not yesterday nor the day before,” you scolded him and he glared back, massaging the sour spot you’ve hit.

“So?” He grumbled, averting his eyes first.

“Are you waiting for me?” you asked bluntly.

A beat of silence.

“So?” he muttered under his breath, hiding his fists in the pockets.

You groaned.

“Aomine! You’ve been waiting for me two hours every day for an entire week! You should go home and rest!” You stopped abruptly, poking angrily at his chest.

He still refused to look at you, cheeks red, but now you could see he was wearing his annoyed-but-stubborn expression.

“And I’ll do it until your stupid club return having normal hours.” He stated firmly.

“It’s still two weeks until the festival!”

“I know,” Aomine finally met your gaze, “But I won’t let you go home at night alone, you dumbass,” he growled before flicking your forehead and resuming walking. “You wouldn’t be able to fend for yourself to save your life…” he muttered, incredulous at your carefree attitude.

“Geez!” you ran to his side again, fighting back a smile, “You’re such a softie, Aho.”

“Shut up, dumbass.” But his voice had no bite and you could hear the half-smile on his lips.

Kise Ryouta

“Kise, what’s that?” you asked, pointing at the bruise on his wrist.

The blond waved his hand nonchalantly, wearing his usual bright smile, and kept drinking his strawberry milkshake.

“No-thing!” he chirped as he noticed you were still waiting for a proper answer.

You frowned, lips pulled into a thin line, and crossed your arms.

“That’s not what the rumors say,” you sharply objected and for a second Kise’s eyes widened in surprise, but he then relaxed again showing a Cheshire-like grin.

“Do the rumors say my Perfect Copy works with judo too?” he asked innocently, batting his eyelashes.

You groaned, hiding your face in the crook of your arms.

“Kise! I can’t believe you resorted to violence! What if you got injured?” You perked up to shoot him a glare, but he was still smiling.

“Yeah, he didn’t believe it too, you should have seen his face!” The idiot was even proud of it.

You rubbed your eyes, feeling exasperated.

“Please, Ryouta. Don’t do dangerous shit like this, you are both a model and a player. Don’t.”

The blond shrugged again but turned more serious as he realized you were seriously worried.

“I can’t promise, he shouldn’t have said shit about you,” he commented sharply, but the coldness in his eyes didn’t affect his hand as he grabbed yours.

You sighed, smiling defeated. You already knew it was because of that, yet you still worried about him.
“So, you really, really won’t promise?” you begged, trying your best puppy-look, but Kise was already used to it and burst into a warm laughter.

“No one can speak bad of my best friend and go unpunished,” He hummed satisfied, “But don’t worry, I’m passing every day at the judo’s club to pick up useful techniques!”

Oh shit.

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Characters that didn’t get along at first (putting it mildly in some cases) but became best friends/partners

For example,


became this,

and this

turned into this

Don’t forget–


and this

Or this

  • Kuroko: Nijimura-senpai, I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you that I’m gay.
  • Nijimura: That’s fine, we still love you.
  • Kise: I’m gay too.
  • Midorima: Same.
  • Murasakibara: Ditto.
  • Akashi: Yup.
  • Aomine: Me too.
  • Nijimura: Jesus Christ, does no one on this team like girls?
  • Momoi: I do.

when you’re hopelessly in love, but you’re pretending that you’re too cool for this shit.