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Last Game Novel Translation? Yes or Meh?

So the novel version of Last Game came out yesterday. I took a quick skim at it and it’s literally the entire movie in book form, aka every single dialogue word for word and scene are in it. So basically it’s my spoilers post  with details x10. 

My question is, would you guys be interested in the English translation of it or not? Last Game follows roughly….eh….about 85% of the original manga and the scenes/dialogue are more or less the same as the manga as well. I’m not sure how many would be interested in it which is why I’d like to ask you guys first before I translate it because it would be a bit of work since it’s a novel. (School is in spring vacation right now so at work I’m mostly free). 

If you would like me to translate it please reply or leave an answer on this post or reblog with your answer. I’ll only translate it if there’s a decent amount of interest. I go back to work on Monday so I’ll see how the response is by then. Thank you!

And for those that missed it here’s a scan of the picture Fujimaki-sensei drew for the novel here!

aceanime123  asked:

Hi!! Ask finally open :DD How about GoM reacting to their s/o being executed in front of them bc they are in different sides of a war (if it's too much let me know and sorry xD) I love this blog!!

Kuroko: Neither of you had wanted this war from the beginning, so to hear that you were a casualty of it made him no longer believe in the happy endings the two of you had been fantasizing about. He becomes more active in the war, lending advice where he can, leading from the shadows, and making sure it would come to a stop once and for all.

Kise: This situation almost makes him want to give up entirely. Kise doesn’t believe he can continue on in this war without you and, even if he could, what would he do once it was over? He goes on a rampage of revenge, destroying all enemies in his path and not really caring if he got injured in return. If he become another casualty, then so be it.

Aomine: There were more tears than he had expected when he heard you’d been killed. He had expected to feel unbridled rage, but the first thing that settled in was a numbing depression at the thought of never being able to see you again. It actually grounds Aomine quite a bit and he uses this time to make a good plan before his anger could overcome him.

Midorima: His own men had been the ones to do it, brutally murdering you in front of his very eyes. He felt numb, unsure if he should cry out and be labeled as a traitor or plot his own revenge in silence. Though his mind had been confused over which decision to make, his body immediately chose the former. Lashing out, it wasn’t long before Midorima was captured himself.

Murasakibara: The rage that was in him after watching you die was more than he’d ever felt through this damned war. Murasakibara had lost someone he’d never expected to lose and it was doing horrible things to his decision making. Suddenly anyone and everyone was an enemy, somebody against him who’d ripped you from his arms.

Akashi: Looking at him, nobody would have expected that beneath his calm outside demeanor there was a raging fire battling its way out of him. Akashi needed vengeance more than anything else. He needed to make sure your death was not in vain and that this war would end the way you’d wanted it to. The first step would be destroying those who had destroyed you.


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sukicurse  asked:

Hi Hi! I have a request for your designation: miracles stories! I am hoping this message reaches you as my tumblr hates when i sends asks lol. This is my second attempt so please ignore if you received my first. I always send a second just to be safe. ANYWHO I love how you write Akashi and Furihata, so may I request something with those two? feel free to add the other miracles as well hehe. Maybe along the lines of what Akashi's reaction would be to Furi being around children hehe. Thank you! :)

“Akashi…are you scared of the four year old?”

Akashi pulls himself up with all the injured dignity of a cat. “No. Don’t be ridiculous, Furi. I just do not see the point of interacting with creatures whose cognitive capabilities have not fully developed yet. Please take it away now.”

I don’t know his parents! That would be weird. I’m pretty sure there are rules about interacting with other people’s kids.” Furihata looks down at the sticky four-year-old boy, who is staring up at both of them wide-eyed, gnawing on a popsicle.

“Furihata,” Akashi says, his voice slightly odd. “Do you not know how to take care of children?”

“Well, not particularly,” Furihata says, sounding doubtful. “I mean, I’ve never really been around kids all that much. All my cousins are around my age, and it’s not like I have any nieces or nephews, so I just never had much opportunity to interact with them.” The kid is getting closer to them so Furihata smiles encouragingly. “Hi!” He wants to pat the kid on the head, but again, he’s pretty sure you’re not supposed to just touch strangers’ kids, even if the woman had left the boy under Akashi’s watchful eye.

“I see,” Akashi says, moving slightly back in a way that was almost unnoticeable. “I was somewhat counting on the fact that you would know how to handle children.”

“Why?” Furihata asks quizzically. Akashi doesn’t respond right away, but the child takes another step forward and Akashi takes another step back almost automatically, and then it clicks. “You are scared of kids!”

“I am not afraid of anything,” Akashi seethes.

“You are!” Then the rest of it falls in place. “Wait, were you expecting me to do all the parenting? Of any hypothetical future children?”

“Not all of it,” Akashi replies stiffly. “Just until they’re about thirteen. Then I am sure I would be able to do my fair share of the responsibilities.”


“Or we could adopt after they are already in their teens, as my father did. That seems like the most reasonable solution.”

“I can’t believe you!” Furihata is equal parts thrilled by the fact that Akashi has been thinking about their relationship in long enough terms that he’s imagining children, but also super irritated that he had been slotted as the sole caregiver for all children under twelve. He bends down to the small child and says, “How are you?”

The small child stares at Akashi. “He’s very red.”

“He is!” Furihata says gleefully. “You should go give the red onii-chan a very big hug.”

The boy giggles and flings his sticky self (complete with popsicle) at Akashi, who is visibly flustered as he tries to escape, “Stop! Don’t touch me– ack.”

Furihata laughs at the expression on Akashi’s face– he’s never seen Akashi so off-balance before. Since Akashi didn’t actually Order the child away, Furihata figures their future children will be OK.

A/N: Thanks, friend! Sorry for the lateness! And thank you, anon-friend, that is so kind of you to say! I don’t see Akashi getting embarrassed too easily, but I thought him being flustered would work quite well with this other prompt I had, so I hope you enjoyed!

coolbeanschinchilla  asked:

Yandere akashi tracking down ex (who dumped him bc she scares her) across the country.. Hehe thank you!!

You thought it will be alright if you move away; far away from Kyoto where your home once was. How wrong you were. Now you weren’t sure if there was any place in the whole wide world safe enough.

“I told you not to leave me, [Name]-san.” His voice was cold and it stung against your skin as you tried to free yourself from the ropes that were tied tightly around your wrists and ankles. “Do not bother, you won’t escape me.” His red eyes looked straight into your soul.

Tears stung your eyes, streaming down your cheeks as you tried to speak, to talk, but scarf over your mouth enabled it. You were terrified.

“Don’t you see how much I love you?” He raised his voice, his own eyes tearing like he was the one that was hurt the most. “I took care of all those men for you! Every time they looked at you in wrong way! When someone made you feel uncomfortable I disposed them! And you… What did you do?” He scoffed, going with hand through his red hair, lighter than the crimson blood on his fingers. “You dumped me, saying I was scaring you…” He lowered his gaze to the ground but it sent shivers down your spine as he added: “But you have no idea from what I saved you.” and looked back at you with his beautiful heterochromatic eyes you once loved.

You started shaking your head as he approached you, his lips turning in a soft smile.

“I was searching for you,” He started, his bloodied finger trailing down your cheek, his eyes following his ministration. “I had to force people to speak up if they wanted to keep their homes and family. To think they wanted to go against me.” He chuckled and you tried to move further from his touch. “I sent you all those roses, those gifts to you, but you always declined them. You looked so afraid whenever you were outside like a pure white rabbit between all those wolves that were waiting to devour you. But don’t worry, I took care of them for you.”

You closed your eyes, but then you felt the scarf loosen around your mouth and you felt relieved.

“[Name]-san,” He called your name and held your chin, the scent of blood hitting your senses and you couldn’t help but grimace. “Oh, of course. I apologize…” He murmured and pulled away.

You opened your eyes and saw him cleaning his hands in the scarf that was around your mouth before you raised your gaze and looked into his eyes that watched your every move. You parted your lips, but unable to say a word, less alone to squeak.

“You have been very bad.” His voice was cold once more and you wanted to avoid his gaze, but it was hard. “Running away from me, from my protection. You could have been safe—”

“Akashi…” You called out his name in a whisper. “Please…” You trembled as he remained silent, his eyes watching you like a hunter its prey.

“What do you expect me to do?” He asked and approached you, leaning down. “I gave you everything and more and you left me!” He raised his voice, anger slipping through his lips on the words that stung you more than his touch. “You were safe in my reach, you were happy and I took care of everything that you didn’t find right! I love you!”

“I am scared of you!” You didn’t know where you found your voice, but all it was heard in the dark bedroom were your sobs. “Y-you aren’t A-Akashi I know…”

Whatever he was thinking, he hid it well behind his calm and expressionless facade. “Of course I am not Akashi you once knew.” His voice was silent and emotionless, every hair on your neck standing as he placed a gentle kiss right below your ear. “I am Akashi you brought out yourself.”

PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE #0415: Take a picture of the most beautiful person you know.

The deadline is nearing and Kuroko Tetsuya still doesn’t have any photo to submit for the assignment. The problem does not lie with who the subject is but what picture should he submit. He’s debating to himself whether he should actually pass any of his pictures or not. Everything about Akashi Seijuro is perfect.

Akashi Seijuro has a secret.

No, it’s not the fact that he works as a part time model.
It’s also not the fact that he has been disowned for continuing his chosen path of career.

Akashi Seijuro’s secret is that he likes to watch a certain bluenette spy on him and take pictures during the times he’s a bit unobservant of his surroundings.

He would like to applaud Kuroko Tetsuya for managing to conceal his presence for an amount of time. It took him days before he noticed this quiet boy stealthily taking snaps.

He first thought of confronting him about it because it’s a breach of privacy. Even if he’s a model, it doesn’t mean he can tolerate this kind of treatment – most especially in school. Maybe he’s a paparazzi or something. But after some time of searching through net, he found no photos of him unrelated to his work being uploaded. He also asked around the campus if pictures of him are being sold, the students looked at him as if he just transformed himself as Kise Ryota.

Akashi thought maybe it’s just his hobby or maybe he’s got a crush on him. So, every time the bluenette thinks he could sneak a shot, Akashi smiles to himself because who’s watching who?

So… this is my super late White Day gift for @miruo-cchi ;;-;; sorry it took long and I made you wait. you could kill me i guess

I’m so noob at coloring so I only color the hair and eyes and it’s hard to draw using only the touch pad of my laptop! ;;u;;) I’mnomatchforyourdrawing

I did my best here so I really hope you like this, even just a bit!

anonymous asked:

How about, Aomine loves his s/o(they are not dating),and she loves him too however she doesnt want to go out with him because she feels he only likes her for her breasts, and aomine says that he loves her,etc... Hope its not too complicated!

Oh don’t worry dear, it’s not! I hope you enjoy this! 🌸

And I hope this isn’t too short!

Thank you for requesting! 💋

“The only one who can beat me is me.” 

“You’re so cocky.” she rolled her eyes at her friend as he made his way over to her, drenched in sweat. She always hated the fact that whenever she was with him, she couldn’t get ahold of her feelings. Like, she didn’t even want to like him, yet, here she is, watching him play ball. Being a total show-off. 

“Why? It’s true anyways.” he shrugged as he grabbed the towel in her hands and dabbed it on his face and sat beside her. 

“Oh please, you know Kuroko’s been growing stronger these days.” she shot back. “And besides, geez, you don’t have to tell that to me every single day.” 

“You don’t have to watch me practice.” 

“It’s surprising to see someone as cocky and lazy as you playing basketball when you’re clearly not too interested in it anymore.” she bit her lip. There it is again. He was smirking. She hoped her face wasn’t as red as she thought. 

Aomine looked away, so she couldn’t really see his expression. He was probably smiling to himself and staring at her breasts the whole time. She hated the fact that Aomine was a perverted man who would like a girl just for their figure. 

“Whatever.” she huffed, grabbing her bag beside her, standing up, and slinging it across her shoulder. “I’m going home.” 

“Hey!” Aomine grabbed her wrist just in time and turned her around. “Geez, what’s wrong with you? Is it that time of the month or something?” 

“Ugh, you’re so annoying!” she yanked her hand away from his grip and glared up at the tall male. 

“Yeah, yeah, I get that from you a lot.” he rolled his eyes. “But what’s your problem, anyways?” 

“It’s..” she looked away, trying to form her set of words. 

“You still don’t like me?” 

His question surprised her so much, her eyes were probably inhumanly large right now. A dark tint of pink powdered her cheeks as she tried her best to lock eyes with him. This was her time to confess. It’s gotta be time. 

And besides, it was so hard to hide his feelings for him when she had such huge doubts about him liking her back for.. her. 

“W-What?” she managed to reply, mentally cursing herself for her dumb response. 

“God, you’re so dense.” he complained, cocking his head to the side for a moment, before turning his head to her. “I like you, baka.” 

“H-How..” she trailed off, her heart pounding. “How could you say that so casually?” 

He shrugged. “Figures I should confess right now.” 

She pointed at him with a grimace. “You only like me for my breasts, and don’t even think I’ll fall for those flirtations of yours!” 

“Well, I think you’re way more appealing than that.. you know?” he awkwardly scratched the back of his head. “In some other ways.. at least.” 

He seemed so disappointed, it made her heart ache. She could tell he was speaking to his heart’s content, after all, he spoke with such emotion and his facial expressions said just as much. 

“Fine.” she gave in, exhaling all her nervousness and inhaled her confidence. “I guess the feeling’s mutual, aho.” she bit her lip and turned her head to the side, blushing madly. 

For a moment, Aomine forgot that he was drenched in sweat, as he ran over to give her a hug. She pulled away. 

“Ew!” she complained, smiling as she did so. 

“Get used to that by now, baka.” 



“Below average.” 

“I love you-” 

“S-Shut up!”