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  • 1: Picture of yourself

Take this shyety pic of me with Charmander!

  • 3: My favorite book

Hmm I can’t specifically pick out a book that is my #1 favorite but I would say the Lily Dale, Morganville, and Night World series are really good books to read. (Speaking of books I need new ones to read! Suggestions~<3)

  • 8: My relationship(s) with my sibling(s)

Ha—-… Well, With my lil’ sister it’s okay. Though we bitch at each other for almost everything, I suppose you can say it’s like a cat and dog relationship between us. And maybe the same for my baby brother. Though it’s a little worse since he’s extremely rude and obnoxious. But despite all that he can be a sweetie. … So basically I have a love-hate thing with both xD

  • 10: What I did yesterday
What I did yesterday, nothing big, but I did go out to buy presents for my friends~ Worked on the Allen drawing. Tumblr. Skyped with lovely people~<3 Err– cleaned and babysat. 
  • 11: What I’m doing today

What I did today; cleaned, dropped off presents, said goodbye to Ame q v q (anxiouslyawaitsherreturn), went to church, went to family party 1 (was boring-ish and cousin’s gave me drinks behind parents back 8D -It’s been two years since I dropped smocking and drinking-), went to party 2, (this was a bit more fun, not many people but me and cousins were being derpy and played and traded games -finallygettoplaysomeLinkgamesotherthanWindWaker-) and finally opened presents. Now … RPs. :U