kuroisaurus  asked:

hi hello how did you put those pink guts up there??? ;w;

tbh it was just a bunch of tweaking around, haha!
I opened up the code of a redux-edit with built-in lace banners in a different tab and started picking out what i needed and stuck them in my own theme.

Right under the <head>, there are probably Default Variables.
Around the Background or Sidebar meta name content thingies, stick <meta name=”image:Lace Banner” content=”” /> in.

Go a lil bit farther down to the text/css part, scroll past the blocks with the webkits and such, until you reach the body one. Right under that, put this in:

                    #banner {
    background: url(‘{image:Lace Banner}’) top fixed repeat-x;
    opacity: 1;

Pull up ctrl+f and punch in </head>. Right under that one is <body>, go just under that and put in <div id=”banner”></div>.

I thiiiink this should do it! If you need any more help or it didn’t work, please tell me! ‘v’