Six Captains, One Car...

For the Haikyuu!! Captains Week prompt: Roadtrip 

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Captains: Sawamura Daichi, Kuroo Tetsurou, Oikawa Tooru, Bokuto Kotaro, Ushijima Wakatoshi and Daishou Suguru

Word Count: 1,503


“Have a safe trip.”
Daichi almost laughed as he rolled up his window and started the car, a safe trip, I’d quite like that.

Alternative Overview: Kuroo vs Daishou for days, Bokuto is an actual child, Oikawa and Kuroo are trash and Daichi is suffering.I have no idea where they’re going. University AU. 

Implied daisuga, kuroi/bokuroi and kuroshou (?) as in Kuroo x Daishou because I am filthy trash too. Rarepairs and polyships are my guilty pleasure.  Mention of pee.

Sugawara dropped a heavy plastic bag on Daichi’s lap through the car window. He raised an eyebrow.

“Eight cans of Red bull. You’re gonna need it,” Sugawara whispered with a soft smile as he took a quick glance at Daichi’s passengers in the back seat.

Bokuto was already yelling, he had been looking forward to the trip for weeks and could barely contain his excitement anymore, so much so that he was actually rocking the car. Everyone else was begging/screaming for him to settle down, plus the unexpected arrival of the previously uninvited Daishou made it so that Oikawa had to be awkwardly perched on Kuroo and Bokuto’s knees if they all wanted to fit in Daichi’s car. Oikawa hadn’t stopped whining about it, protesting that Daishou should be the one being lapped like a bitch, but Kuroo refused to let Daishou on his knee, in fact, Kuroo and Daishou already looked like they were ready to lunge at each other at any given moment. There had been enough passive aggressive comments flying between them to make the atmosphere even more uncomfortable than it was. On the other hand, the by far most sensible passenger, Ushijima, sat silent and still in the front passenger seat.

“I see what you mean,” Daichi grumbled, rubbing his temple.

“I’ve also put some headache tablets in there for you.”

“Thanks, see you later.”

“Have a safe trip.”

Daichi almost laughed as he rolled up his window and started the car, a safe trip, I’d quite like that.

He wasn’t even sure how Kuroo had coaxed him into not only agreeing to go, but into using his own car and driving them all down to their destination. Fortunately, everyone was paying gas money, but somehow Daichi didn’t think that would cut it.

“Nice car, Daichi…”

“Don’t start, Oikawa.”

“What? I was just saying”

Daichi swerved into the main road, “Bokuto-san, please don’t lean out of the window like that.”

Bokuto put his head back inside the car, “what?”

“I thought you were supposed to be an owl not a dog,” muttered Daishou, “if anything just fly out the window, then this car journey might be less painful.”

“Shut up, Daishou!”

“Isn’t it funny that the one guy who wasn’t meant to be here is making jokes about people getting out of the car,” Kuroo sang, “you’re so funny Monty Python.”

“He says that as if he wasn’t the one to invite me,” said Daishou, rolling his eyes, “I’m not into all this bonding crap, but The Cat in the Hat over here insisted I come.”

“Oh, really?” Ushijima perked up.

“Apparently I did, I was drunk off my face so I don’t even remember mentioning it,” Kuroo said dismissively, “I’m surprised that he actually came though.”

“Not that,” Ushijima said in his usual, uninterested voice that made Oikawa cringe, “bonding, you said?”

“Oh yeah,” Daishou snickered “when this guy is drunk he’s shockingly honest; he said he still wanted to stay in touch with all his rival captains now that we’re in Uni. Isn’t that sweet?”

“It’s adorable actually,” Oikawa said mockingly, “though this begs the question of who invited Ushijima.”

“I did,” admitted Daichi, “I thought it might be nice.”

“And you didn’t think it might be awkward at all?”

“Oikawa…you’re sitting on Kuroo’s lap, I think you take the cake when it comes to how awkward this is.” Ushijima retorted ruthlessly, causing everyone to hide their faces and giggle.

Oikawa turned bright red, “you can just shut up. I’m on his knee, and for goodness sake Kuroo stop laughing; you’re shaking too much!”

“Speaking of which, is it really safe for you to be sitting like this the whole drive?” Bokuto asked with genuine concern.

“I’m sure there’s a law about this actually,” Daishou added.

“Relax!” Exclaimed the ever confident Kuroo, “If he falls I’ll cushion him with my arms to keep him safe.”

Oikawa flinched in annoyance, “Don’t you dare touch me while I’m on your lap.”

“Oh, like a lap dance at a strip club?” Bokuto pointed out.

“I’m gonna punch you.”

“Hey, we shouldn’t objectify the pretty boy,” Kuroo could barely mutter with a straight face, the two men laughed and high fived each other.

“Hey Sawamura, let’s put on some music,” Oikawa suggested trying to ignore them.

“No, it’ll just cause more arguments.”


“No worries,” Kuroo exclaimed, “we’ll be our own music.”

Oh no…

“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound”

“dah, dada, dah, dada, dah, dah, dah, dada, dah, dada, dah, dah,”

Even Ushijima’s singing?

“um…and now I won…der…”

“You missed out a giant chunk of the verse!”

“If I could fly, into the sky,”

“It’s fall into the sky you idiots,”

“What do you mean fall into the sky? How does one fall into the sky? Fly makes more sense!”


“Do you think time would pass us by?”

“Pass us by or pass me by?”

“Who cares!”

“Something, something – a thousand miles so I can just see you,”


“dah, dada, dah, da-”

“You don’t need to add the “dah”s every time!”

“Alright that’s enough of that one.”


“Some…body once told me-”

“I will break your pelvis with my knee if you even go there.”

Oikawa pouted, “Personally I really liked the Shrek soundtrack.”

“Get out.”

“This is why all of you are single,” Oikawa exclaimed.

Daichi raised an eyebrow, immediately thinking of Sugawara.

“I beg to differ,” Daishou mumbled bitterly.

Kuroo wasted no time lashing out, “yeah, Daishou is single because he is a disgusting snake.”

Daichi sighed, “that’s hardly fair.”

“You’re right, Daichi, I’d also feel sorry for a guy with Ereptile Dysfunction.”

Bokuto erupted into fits of laughter and high fived his friend.

“Is this the pathetic level you’ve stooped to for the sake of a snake related joke?”


“You really are a pussy.”

“What was that?”

“So! What other song should we sing?” Oikawa said in an attempt to change the subject.

“Well, to keep within the theme of snake jokes…”

Here we go.

“This dude named Michael used to ride motorcycles…”

“ALRIGHT!” Daichi gave in, “I’ll put on some music.”


“I don’t see why you’re throwing such a hissy fit, Daishou,” Kuroo continued smugly turning back to his rival, “maybe inviting yourself on this trip was a missss-take.”

“Did you literally just Google snake puns for my sake?” Daishou spat sarcastically, “you shouldn’t have, you sassy tigress, you.”

“I’d say I’m more of a snake charmer than a sassy whatever; clearly you can’t get enough of me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I barely mentioned the road trip once and here you are, begging for our friendship as per.”

Daishou couldn’t help but smirk, “If I told you exactly what you said while you were drunk you’d slap that silly smile off your own damn face.”

Kuroo glared down at Daishou, Daishou grinned back, “I suggest you give the snake puns a rest before I embarrass you in this car.”

Everyone was very quiet after that, wondering how bad Kuroo must have been drunk for Daishou to have the upper hand over the King of Provocation himself.

“Wait a minute,” Oikawa said, suddenly brought out of his thoughts, “is this Lana Del Rey?”

Daichi nodded slowly, “West Coast. Sugawara loves this song.”


For a few minutes the six men sat in silence, enjoying the music and the scenery outside the car. It was so peaceful that Daichi even made the mistake of thinking that perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Finally, Bokuto spoke up.

“Hey, can we stop somewhere? I need to pee.”

“We’ve barely been driving for fifteen minutes, Bokuto,” Kuroo replied on Daichi’s behalf.

“I also need the restroom,” Ushijima said flatly.

Daichi sighed and glanced at his GPS, “there should be a rest stop in about five minutes, can you guys hold it?”

“I don’t think so,” Bokuto said sounding worried, “can’t we just go to some bushy area and…”


“Fine, then can I piss in a bottle or something?”

“So you can let it slip and mess up my car? Not on my watch.”


“So do I actually,” Oikawa added quietly.

“Is that why you’ve been shaking about on my knee all this time?” Kuroo inquired with a raised eyebrow, “I thought you were still thinking about the Anaconda song and giving me the ol’ Nikki Minaj…”

Daichi sighed as he heard Oikawa land a solid slap on Kuroo who was high fiving Bokuto by the sounds of it. It would probably do everyone some good to get out of the car for a bit, even if they still had several hours of driving left to go. Daichi had to strongly resist the urge to tell them all off for not going to the toilet before they left. It wasn’t long before they pulled into the rest stop car park, not even one eighth of the way to their destination.

Note: I’m thinking of making a part 2…

Kuroi Kenshi? (Closed RP)

( @timidmaid )

Rain fell hard around this hovled city, only those grabbed in warm cloaks. One such personal wore a royal red one, covering his entire body however he had no hood to speak of. This man heads into a tavern where their was a bunch of disgraceful mercenary and brigen looking waste of life. They seemed to harass a maid that seems to not be working here.
A sigh escaped his nose and he continues to the bar, his good eye looking around the place, keeping other eye remaining shut. He didn’t care about that, his days of being a “Hero” is dead.