The thing about MCA Kuroha being defeated was not caused by power of “friendship”, as many have interpreted. He was defeated because of these reasons (aka, fatal mistakes):

  1. He was so sure Marry would reset timeline, so he wanted to gamble and see if he doesn’t have to kill them immediately, like he did all the times before, because Marry always resets timeline
  2. The second reason was that he decided not to kill them immediately because it was fun to him
  3. Third reason was because when he found out that Marry won’t reset time, he started to panic instead of just killing anyone who was near him (because Marry would certainly reset timeline, if anyone died)
  4. Fourth reason and main reason he was defeated was because he was forced to fulfill not just one wish, but two. First wish being Kenjirou’s. He wanted to see Ayaka again and he saw her. Second wish being Konoha’s, because he went to his body so he was forced to fulfill Konoha’s wish of saving Hiyori (correct subs would have been very useful, cause Crunchy’s aren’t really correct, as you can see, so thanks kidotsunbomi for retranslating this part)

If i am not mistaken, he said he would disappear if he had fulfilled any wish, but, he also needed a wish in order to continue existing, so he forced Marry to reset timeline so he would still be “alive.” But that was also his downlfall, because Konoha didn’t disappear inside of him, and his final wish was that he wanted to save Hiyori. So, Kuroha was forced to grant Konoha’s wish immediately, which caused him to disappear.

“Damn it, damn it, i don’t want to disappear*. Wish, make a wish!”

* i think he said: “i don’t want to disappear!"and that part was excluded from crunchy’s subs.

And then Haruka said:

"If you need a wish, i have one. The other me's  final wish (Konoha)”

He didn’t count that the wish he would get would be the wish which caused his downfall, since he was forced to fulfill it immediately. Basically, that’s why Kuroha in anime was defeated so easily, and to me, it was the most logical way for him to disappear.

But, now people are confused about how both Haruka and Hiyori are alive. Well, that’s because the one who became substitute for Hiyori’s life was Kenjirou’s snake (aka Kuroha, aka Wide Eyed Snake, aka whatever his name was… Clearing snake???). Kenjirou stayed in Daze with Ayaka, so he didn’t return to this world. Instead of him, Hiyori was returned. Haruka’s snake is still in his body, and after everything was over, Haruka had his  (actually Konoha’s) body back, but Konoha’s personality is destroyed. Basically, Konoha is dead, but now Haruka is taking his place instead (As seen from Summertime record PV).

I’m gonna try to explain about Ayano and Shintaro too. They always had a snake so they were always able to live and leave the Daze (Ayano was afraid to leave, so she didn’t EDIT: actually, she was afraid to leave because she wanted to trap at least one snake inside of her and not leave the daze because that would put her siblings in danger). Shintaro was able to enter daze because he died on august 15. But he could also leave. He got his eye powers because Marry gave her own snake to him the first time tragedy happened. As far as i’ve gathered, if someone died on august 15th in the specific time in the evening (sunset nightfall time), they would enter Azami’s world daze. If they were alone, they can leave. But, if they enter in pair with someone else, only one is able to leave. That is why, Shintaro and Ayano, were always able to leave.

I don’t know, but for me, this ending had the most logical end, so i am satisfied with it. The only thing i wished was that they had put instead of empty locations - images of them playing around and something after the events of the anime. Everything else was completely fine for me. Personally, i would have been bored if the timeline resetted, because that wouldn’t mean anything, and it would just still tell that they could never save anyone they loved, that they couldn’t do anything for them. This story is about moving on, but it is also about rewarding the people who suffered so much, by giving them what they all wished for (which is also a form of moving on, because now they can be together, finally). A proper happy ending where everyone was alive (Kido, Kano, Seto, Momo, Marry, Takane, Haruka, Shintaro, Hibiya, Hiyori, Ayano, well, the only person who died was Konoha). Marry’s quote at the end,though, makes me think that after they die of old age, she will reset time again, so she could be with them, again. She is existence which is abnormal, and she found people who accepted her for who she is. So yeah, i enjoyed it, and i thank Jin for making it in the first place. Shaft could have done better job on animation, but still, i didn’t care much, because Kagerou project got anime, and i was satisfied with it.

And please, watch mekamekasubs version :D