“I was the guy that always waited… waited for someone to come take me away…”

So I’ve been asked on multiple occasions what my favorite part of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles was. Many expect me to say Nihon or Tokyo Revelations… but as odd as it may sound. This is my favorite part of the entireseries.

It shows the one part Fai really is openly vulnerable… it shows him not either majorly depressed nor does it show him to be this smiley-goof off. You can also tell Kurogane is taken a back by it and Fai catches on what he’d done; he’s slipped and instantly wears a mask again.

He had been waiting for someone to come take him away, all his life; in Valeria he had been waiting after Fai’s death… he’d thought Ashura was that person and in fact it wasn’t and he still longs to be taken away, away from the past and the ‘oaths’ he has to uphold.

KuroFai shipper or not, you can tell CLAMP is hinting Kurogane is that escape he’ll finally find his relief in, whether it by friendship or relationship. It just shows when these two start to soften up ever so slightly with each other.

But then again, perhaps I just relate to this song and Fai’s point myself as a person. I’ve been waiting and forever will wait.