This took a bit longer than I thought, but here is the translation of the special manga from KuroFes !

Please excuse my poor and very rough English, I know some parts sound really really weird !

Hope you’ll still enjoy reading it~ As for me, I found Fujimaki-sensei really good at mixing complaints and jokes together. Even if he doesn’t try to be too philosophical, his view of how people should feel towards their goals in life sounds true.

Akashi was really summonned for nothing, in the end.

twist and shout fanart: "It just didn’t seem right to say goodbye."

*Important Notes: This fanart has nothing related to the original story. I just merely made my own ending to…entertain my self? ;;u;;
-Spoiler for you who haven’t read Twist and Shout
-Hngg because you have no idea how hard it is, drawing while sobbing grossly TT^TT

((;;u;; there goes, my happy ending for the story))

Takao Kazunari
(2nd most popular PG with 5828 votes)
“The King’s key stone that makes genius shines.”

176 cm/65 kg
November 21th (Scorpio)
Blood Type O
Motto: People who enjoy life is the winner
Favorite food: Kimchi
Hobby: Trading Card Game
Specialty: Backflip
Best subject: English Grammar
Committee: Health Committee/infirmary
Family: Father, mother, younger sister
Things he’s not good at: keeping quiet
Best play: No look pass
Type: Positive person
Way to spend free time: Shopping for trading card in Nakano Broadway
Reason starting basketball: started it by his own volition then he found it to be really interesting
Player he has his eyes on: Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin)

There you go anon who requested Takao’s profile! I thought his is already up so I didn’t translate it tho I have this pic already. Ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold, the HSK! ◟ʕ´∀`ʔ◞◟ʕ´∀`ʔ ◞

Being Nijimura is Suffering
  • Nijimura: Captain of the Generation of Miracles. Best Power Forward in the league. And only a second year!
  • Fujimaki-sensei: Your father is deathly ill, your juniors will surpass you immeasurably, you will become the strongest benchwarmer in the league.
  • Nijimura: I left Teikou in good hands. You yourself said I graduated with no regrets.
  • Fujimaki-sensei: Haizaki, whom you tried to reach out to and help, gets booted from the team and turns into one hell of a douche. Your other kouhai traumatized themselves over their own talents. Especially Akashi. Feel bad about it.
  • Nijimura: I could end up at Rakuzan or something, don't count me out just yet, I'm still stronger than the Uncrowned Kings.
  • Fujimaki-sensei: You're going to L.A. and you are probably going to hate it. Also your stuff will get stolen and you will become entrapped within basketball gang activity. So much for giving up your delinquent past.
  • Nijimura: What about my new friend, Himuro Tatsuya? Just guys being dudes in L.A.! Street ball buy day, karate badasses by night!
  • Fujimaki-sensei: you traded phone numbers with Himuro, but that's it. You don't have time for shit. Maybe you visit your father, but you rarely play basketball.
  • Nijimura:
  • Fujimaki-sensei: and I'm making you tell everyone how unlikely it is that you're coming back in your interview.
  • Nijimura: …at least I've got my two adorable siblings? The fans will love the head canon potential.
  • Fujimaki-sensei: lmao what siblings?
  • Nijimura: What about my handsome good looks? Surely I'm taller now.
  • Fujimaki-sensei: you haven't grown since Teikou. Also I'm going to fuck up your birthday because why not?

Kagami Taiga Wild Housework sense

The man that can do housework

Kagami: It’s this normal?

Contrary to his wildness, Kagami is surprisingly homely. Man with a certain gap is sure attractive.


Flawlessly welcoming guests!

Minimal decoration but beautiful! Can handle sudden visit of a group with no problem!

“What a lovely wife” (Note: I didn’t made this up, THEY REALLY USE THE WORD “WIFE” HERE)


Quick and easy with leftover

Getting used to the feeling after cooking for himself everyday. Even the skilled housewife would falter (Note: Again, I DID NOT CHOSE THE WORD HOUSEWIFE)


Challenge the locker’s sea of Fungus

Cleaning is one of the most important thing of housework. Even seeing the dangerous stain, he trust his hesitant bare hand in to show his spirit!!


Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake :)

I can’t help but notice how Fujimaki-sensei seems to make a point of drawing Akashi with totally unexpected expressions in the fanbooks.

Here, he already looked like a kitten

And now, there’s this accidentally-dropped-in-the-bathtub pussy face

Got the hint. So that was the reason behind the cat eyes…

When asked about Akashi and Kuroko
  • Aomine: That day, all of us were running around the school while they had lunch together -_-
  • Kise: One time, Akashicchi wore a dress and pretended to be Kurokocchi's lover! >w<
  • Murasakibara: Even when Kuro-chin was useless, Aka-chin never gave up on him~
  • Midorima: When Kuroko injured his head, Akashi didn't let any of us see him but he went to visit himself.
  • Momoi: They have matching hoodies!!
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Akashi: All listed actions were inevitable.

Ishin-denshin (以心伝心) is a Japanese idiom which denotes a form of interpersonal communication through unspoken mutual understanding. This four-character compound, known as a yojijukugo, literally translates as "what the mind thinks, the heart transmits."

11 more days until season 3 

Translated as requested :) Feel free to correct me because I think that I might got some it wrong

SOURCE: sh-04e

Kuroko Tetsuya: 1st Place Grand Pix Award

I am very happy to be in the first place. Thank you very much. As the shadow of the team, I will try my best.

Message from fans

  • Since seeing the Teiko arc, I think that he has come a long way. Many of Kurokocchi’s success and quotes leave me impressed.
  • Because there’s Kurokocchi, I really like KuroBasu
  • A shadow might not stands out but his hard work really stands out. 
  • Seirin believe in each other and supporting each other is the best.
  • Even when he was the position where he can feel the difference between his power to the GoM, he still did not give. It’s really amazing.
  • He worked harder than anyone else. So cool!
  • Kurokocchi is really No.1!
  • It made me feel so good every time. His effort shines more than anyone else. 
  • The strong will to not give up until the last minute, the feeling of wanting to play basketball with everyone, I really love it.

Comment from Fujimaki-Sensei! : I am glad that the main protagonist received the reward. I thought that it would be Kagami or Akashi. If it’s Haizaki then I might have make this one a black space when I am planning for the book.

Its weird how anime fandoms that don’t have an ongoing manga/anime at the moment just sorta go on a huge hiatus but as soon as a new bit of official art is released or a new season is announced they just sorta R I S E

So for my own needs, I went ahead and translated all of Shuutoku’s profiles from the fan book. Hopefully, other people will find it useful too! Note that I’m still learning Japanese, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

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“When Kuroko was interviewing everyone regarding the question ‘Which player do you not want to lose to the most?’, 3 replied that it was Kuroko.

Akashi: It’s you, Kuroko. (laughs)
Takao: It’s you, alright? (laughs)
Mayuzumi: It is the person who managed to deceive me completely during the final match and is standing in front of me right now.

When asked another question regarding 'Which player do you give attention to the most?’, the ones who replied with 'Kuroko’ are: Akashi, Kise, Takao, Mayuzumi, Ogiwara and Momoi.”

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