twist and shout fanart: "It just didn’t seem right to say goodbye."

*Important Notes: This fanart has nothing related to the original story. I just merely made my own ending to…entertain my self? ;;u;;
-Spoiler for you who haven’t read Twist and Shout
-Hngg because you have no idea how hard it is, drawing while sobbing grossly TT^TT

((;;u;; there goes, my happy ending for the story))

till we have faces

word count: 1408
pairing: dongwoo/hoya
warnings: lapslock, unbeta’d, second pov; the usual. heavy re-interpretation of greek mythology + the seven vices + extremely faulty characterizations.
summary: hoya seeks catharsis.
a/n: based on this and this.
written for sei; for whom, without, i would not be living in the yadong dumpster. if only my writing was half as beautiful as yours would i dare call this a gift. perhaps in the next life i’ll write something worthy enough to bestow upon you.

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