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What, karma for messing with people’s minds himself? At least the illusionist’s hypnosis didn’t cause physical-

Stay out my head!

Even if subtle, he can feel anything that tries to get into his own mind, especially if it’s not welcome. Of course he’d fight back, try and push the intrusion out, magic flaring as he did, being lost in ignored illusions. This thing didn’t care, it wasn’t human, and it wouldn’t let up


Words can be ignored, attempts to look through memories, personal things, blocked… But his magic, psychological as it was, can’t stop the attempts to break the stubborn wall around his mind with the more direct method.

Needles, poison, weak points… human weaknesses, what he’s used to exploiting… Don’t work. He can’t actively fight. Can only block the inhuman thing trying to reach in, retreat into his head.

But he knows he’s only human, whatever others might say.

A machine doesn’t tire. Wouldn’t have need of mercy or guilt in it’s goals…

…And it sickened him that he envied it, even as it jeered at how pathetic he was right now, for someone most would fear. Falling so easily.

He should be able to do more. He’s only a threat to people. But he’s not like them. A person who can lose to something non-human, but not in line with the others. Only able to truly rely on himself. Alone.

Weak. Fading.

Well…Not like there’s anyone to miss me anyway…

And everything went black.