And there it goes (Again.)

That painfully joyous (or joyously painful) moment when the guy you’re trying really hard not to hate..

-the one who ditched you, made you feel worthless, and cheap, and empty-

Texts you and tells you he misses your company, out of the blue.

Him: “I’m in the neighborhood :/”

Me: “Can you say hi :o?”

Him: “I don’t think so..”

Me: “Oh :/ I guess.”

Him: “I haven’t see you in forever…I miss hanging with you.”

You wonder to yourself, “What IS this?”

Am I stupid?

For wanting..to believe I meant something, still?

After all that time, of feeling like I was being lead on without any hope of a follow through.

Should I persue this?

Or should I quit while I’m ahead, and save myself from another fit of heartache and confusion?