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  • inuyasha
  • soul eater
  • Ouran high school host club
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  • thor, the avengers, loki, etc..
  • anything anime related

I will check out your blog and will follow most of the blogs (and if you know any anime that you’d recommend then you’re more than welcome to leave a message in my inbox!)

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I watched a new anime and looked at my list so I need more blogs to follow. Reblog or like if you post any of the following:

  • Haikyuu
  • Tokyo Mew Mew
  • KnB
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  • Haikyuu
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  • Diseny
  • Haikyuu
  • Sports anime? any really..
  • cute things
  • references are welcome too
  • Haikyuu

Like or Reblog or anything and I will follow you. I will follow everyone but if I see you reblog not sourced art then I will immediately unfollow you (Sorry.) 

New Granrodeo single announced (Kurobasuke OP #3)

It’ll be announced next week that  Granrodeo and Oldcodex will return to do the songs for the final Kurobasuke arc while Ono Kensho and Screen Mode will perform the next OP/ED for the series.

This new Granrodeo single will drop on 6/3/2015, just before ROUND GR 2015.

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