“You are not allowed to look down on me.”

this is one of those drawings that I prefer the lineart to the colored version /mutters/

another Kurobasu fanart. I’ve been wanting to draw healingwind’s RPG!Akashi. His claw thingy is awesome (though it is hard to draw… ; u ;”).

And it seems from the latest chapters that Akashi might have a height complex. XD

Doodles of healingwind’s Kurobasu AU RPG akashi from a half month ago OTL I fail. I definitely want to finish this when I have the time DX

Senpai texted me about Kurobasu ch today… But college was blocking my Akashi feel time… So, when I finally got back to the apartment, my feelz came pouring out XDD ogihsihfisehguvisfh AKASHI AKASHI AKASHI AKASHI :3 *-* *licklicklick* I wanna draw Akashi now DX…. But, I just finished my ART hw… So now I have to finish my ANI hw HURRRR - whoops… break time is gone….orz

Ghoul's Night

[[OOC: Was working on one-shots and then this demanded to be posted by itself.  Forever sticking by dead/undead-scaredy cat!Kise headcanon and I’m not sorry.]]

Rating: G
Pairing(s): None
Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke and all related copyrights belong to Fujimaki Tadatoshi.  Kuroba RPG AU concept and designs belong to Sei.  None of this is by any means a reflection of each character’s respective roleplayer. 

Candle lights were ablaze and lining doorways as multicoloured orbs brightened the night sky. The children chased one another through the dirt streets, various rags decorated their clothing with shades ranging from pitch black to shining bloody crimson. Their masks mimicked the horrors of the vast continent never faced in safe areas like the town. Stalls were scattered around selling strange but edible concoctions of beast body parts and supposed black magic items - most were well-natured frauds to celebrate the season while a few rare items may have held just a little actual power for the night. All in all, it was another normal haunted festival in any average village.

“Aka-chin~ Why are we here again?” Small children gaped in awe at the towering scythe held by the night robed necromancer. Though Murasakibara himself was quite the tall sight already.

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and alas, i forgot to update on CF HAWHAWHAW! *smacked*

Day 2 Comic fiesta!
Cosplaying ; Healingwind’s Kuroba RPG AU designs 

Kuroko ; CN IZU
Kise ; CN MasaakiMiho
Akashi ; CN 夜旋 Nightxx (Me)

didnt really get to take pics much with kuroko as my phone when ji-ba-boom on my half way thru  T3T

now onto day 2!

Doujin area was a BLAST! all those….. DOUJINS, yes i fagged with my dear kuroko and kise so much. (I used of the most money thou OTL, seem like i rly have no control over my spending)

Thru out i have been carrying Izu’s cape to prevent anymore people from stepping onto it again (LOL) and den there is kise’s boot cover that keep slipping off and my gloves slipping off too

Thanks for the presents from malaysia friends! It’s really nice to meet u all! 
and I got to know alot of new friends too!
and food at KL IS THE BEST!
I'm definitely going back for CF this year~

Shoot is a definite must have, and i really wanna wear out for another event! after all i still have to complete the gauntlet and finish drawing the patterns on the collar area.

-夜旋 Nightxx-

Halloween Event ( *`ω´)

[[OOC: So I’m actually getting into the spirit of a holiday for the first time in quite a few years (Tumblr thank’ for being such a spirited place) and I feel bad letting this account just sit here;; SO.  Inbox me a topic/situation, any characters or guilds, any pairings, and a genre and I’ll write a one shot for it!  MUST BE RPG AU AND HALLOWEEN/HORROR/MONSTER RELATED.

Between this and that I’ll be able to finish the script for that RPG doujin too probably aha;;  Requests will be open all the way till Halloween!!  And I have no shame due to guilt so I will write any rating but content should be relatively average aha //sensitive;;]]