Bokuto: “You’re getting 19 kisses each!! How many is that???”

Akaashi: “57”

Bokuto: “WW OA H 57!!!”

Kenma: *is planning on stealing all the kisses for himself*

Happy Birthday Kuroo!!  I hope everyone showers you with kisses today!  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♥  おめでとう~ ♪!!

Imagine The Pretty Setter Squad like:

-So it all starts when Oikawa casually brings up Iwaizumi’s glorious arms and biceps and fawns over them and passes pictures of them around during one of their Setter Squad meet ups.
-Then Suga retaliates by pointing out how thick and gorgeous Daichi’s thighs are. And “Who can resist that face? He’s an amazing leader and would be a great dad.”
-“Ohoho this is war!!”
-So they all start arguing over whos boyfriends are the best as husband material.
-Akaashi and Kenma argue that “Okay but Bokuto-san’s muscles and-” “Kuro’s abs-” “Plus Kuroo-san thighs are also really hot and-” “Bokuto’s ass…” “They’re both really kind and caring and funny (and idiotic) as well…” “Perfect Husband material…”
-Shirabu gets all salty and literally brings out a magazine pointing out how Ushijima has an amazing body and how his face is hot enough to be a model and “Wow look at him shirtless…” and “He’s 3rd best and beat Bokuto-san.” (Akaashi and Kenma let that one slide cuz okay that one is true.) “He’s really innocent that’s cute.”
-“Why do you keep magazines with Ushibaka in them…”-Oikawa
-Semi just kinda… “Tendou is… hot in his own way… and is… sweet?” *nervously sweats*
-“Iwa-chan is great with kids and knows how to cheer people up and helps anyone who needs it.”
-Kageyama who has been quiet all this time just calmly pulls out a picture of a smiling Hinata with a volleyball and the cuteness radiating from it is enough to get everybody blushing.
-“Hinata doesn’t have what you call the hottest body and to be honest I’m the seme but he is the cutest and everyone loves him. He can make you smile no matter what. Perfect waifu. I win.” He says with a smug face.
-“$5 from all of you please senpais. Thanks.”
-Oikawa flips the table.
-They get kicked out.

I have this friend at school who’s bros with someone, who’ll we’ll call Person A. Like they joke around together a lot, and they usually sit together most of the time, do group projects together, copy homework together etc. One day, I asked my friend if he would want to be old or younger forever, and he chose young, and so I asked him why. He said so he could meet Person A earlier in life. He’s a pansexual and Person A is, well, I don’t know, but I once asked my friend if Person A was gay and he said he didn’t know, but if he was gay, that would be sad, because then he wouldn’t be able to make those gay jokes anymore without offending him.

This, is a true brotp.

  • [After Rakuzan's defeat at the Winter Cup: ]
  • Akashi: Am I in hell?
  • Kuroko: No, Akashi-kun. If you were in hell, you'd be on a throne and the devil would be packing