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I was tagged by @fullmetal–dullahan thanks! 

Nicknames: none

Gender: female

If you had a cat, what would you name it?: Kuro 

Height: 5′ 1″

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw i think

Favorite Color: blue especially darker shades

Time Right Now: 3:05pm

Average Amount of Sleep I Get: like 9 hrs rn

Lucky Number: 2

Last Thing I Googled: Hiro Shimono (i was looking up the voice actors on Servamp) 

Fictional Character You Would Want as a Younger Sibling: ooh idk maybe Yamaguchi ?

Blankets I Sleep with: 1

Favorite Bands/Artists: i dont really have one

What I’m Wearing Right Now: Blue t-shirt and darker blue shorts

When Did I Make This Blog: little over a year ago

How Many Blogs Do I Follow: 199

What Do I Post About: mostly anime

Pick A Word That Starts With The Fist Letter of Your Real Name and Ends With the First Letter of Your Tumblr Name: kiwi? that was the only thing i could think of

Do You Get Asks On a Daily Basis?: nope

Why Did I Choose the Name: idk i thought it was cute

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