Shiro to Kuro no Alice Characters

White World(left):
-  Airi 愛日梨(あいリ)(CV:none)
-  Rain レイン (CV: ???)
-  Minette  ミネット (CV: ???)
-  Nello ネロ (CV: ???)

Black World(right):
- Luna ルナ (CV:none)
- Snow スノウ (CV: ???)
- Jack ジャック (CV: ???)
- Kanon カノン (CV: ???)

*there are two main heroines for the story(kinda like norn9 but no voice actresses for this one)

Servamp Chapter 20

Original translations: tenyaiida

Scans from: mangas-fuki

Cleaning, typesetting, editing etc etc by yours truly

Download: Servamp Chapter 19

Yoo~~ Chapter 20 is up!

This is some intense arc man, how did you guys survive reading and switching tabs like that haha… With this, I will move on with Chapter 21! Bless that I’m having my school break now hahaha I’ll have less time when school starts..

Tumblr text doesn’t want to load the pictures for this post so please download from the link above for the chapter! I’ll try to edit this post to include the chapter another time~

What will happen to Snow Lily????!?!??!?!


Ciel is getting his waifu BACK HELL YES.

My last doodles before starting classes again, fuck,  i hate school.

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So what if MC physically cracks and bleeds if she gets hurt too much

I was a beta tester for @pocketmirror-ask / @pocketmirror-project but never actually drew anything for it hAHA So here’s something

If you haven’t checked it out yet but are interested please go play the game!! http://pocketmirror-project.tumblr.com/



Shiro to Kuro Alice game trailer