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I've been reading your 2CT theories, and damn I'm super into it now lolol, In chap 99.5 (That Butler, Nursing), Vincent starts talking abt fags to Ciel, then all of a sudden Ciel says " I don't need fake brothers". Wogh reading over it now that sort of sends a chill down my spine. Do you think that was Real!ciel referring to our!ciel and somehow in someway they both actually despised each other?? Boi I am not good with all these theories lolol but ya pls explain that specific panel to me!! :3

Mmm! Assuming that 2CT is true and the Phantomhives had twins, I really do not think that the twins hated each other :/ It’s not just my wishful thinking, but the twins hating each other simply wouldn’t make sense to me, because

1) our!Ciel clearly suffers from survivor’s guilt.

He thinks he wasn’t worth protecting and it should have been real!Ciel who survived rather than him. There’s the possibility that our!Ciel had a kind of inferiority complex towards his brother, but he really doesn’t seem like he held a grudge against him. At least, imo there’s no scene so far that hints at it :/

I mean, if our!Ciel despised his brother, then he wouldn’t look this happy to go on a boat trip with him and his parents, don’t you think? D:

2) this scene from our!Ciel’s flashback (ch90)

In this scene, real!Ciel says that he will definitely protect our!Ciel. Unless i.) this memory of our!Ciel is altered for some reason or ii.) real!Ciel is one hell of an actor, I think we can safely say that real!Ciel was very protective of our!Ciel. I don’t see any negative emotions such as hatred in his eyes and also, judging from our!Ciel’s monologue “I still had you” it seems our!Ciel trusted him and was comforted by his existence :/ (Here’s a detailed analysis of this flashback with some linguistical explanations that might be helpful!).

So, if 2CT is true, imo it is more likely that the twins got along well, at least on our!Ciel’s part (we don’t know real!Ciel’s true personality yet since we never had a monologue from his POV).

Now coming back to your question what real!Ciel might have meant in this scene…

based on the assumption that our!Ciel didn’t hate his brother and the twins got along well more or less, I and a lot of other Japanese fans interepreted this line as following:

“I don’t need fake brothers (because I already have a real, one and only brother.)”

We rather saw it as a possible sign of real!Ciel having some kind of severe “brother complex” (just like Edward has a “sister complex”, but the difference being that real!Ciel kinda has those yandere (psychotic) vibes while Edward doesn’t). And now that there’s a high chance that real!Ciel came back to life and is the gunman who shot Soma, it’s becoming more and more likely that he wasn’t just a cheerful, innocent child, but also had a dark and maybe cruel side :/



Time gave him a countless amount of minutes and seconds to think, to grieve, to harbor bitter sentiments and swallow down his own pride. Three of the four were not accustomed to someone like himself. Tsukiyama was a man born into wealth and a society built on self-reliance; he did not ask for help when it was desperately needed nor did he take well to sleeping in beds that were not his own. His hands smoothed across the top of sheets, gripping and twisting into the material like a lifeline, an attachment to the present world intended to keep him grounded. His feet were never fully planted on the earth though. Floating somewhere between narcissism and unmeasurable grandiose, he soared above the rest until figurative wings were plucked, tearing him down from the skies.

He hated this, this life. More often than not, he hated himself, but as much as Kaneki Ken as stolen from him, indirectly or directly (Did it matter at this point?), Tsukiyama couldn’t bring himself to hate him. His self-loathing only weighed heavier on his chest when he paused to think about it.

Somewhere downstairs he could hear Kirishima and Yomo busying around the café, probably to prepare for the morning rush. It was a Monday, after all. People heading off to work sealed a part of their early day to indulge in a cup of coffee, not an adequate breakfast for humans he was told, but at this point in time, he couldn’t bring himself to care about a stranger’s well-being. Those outside of his small circle were not deserving of a passing glance. It wasn’t within his personality to be closed off from social settings, the last few years had revoked that quality of himself. He missed it.

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“My dog did what?” 

Nonna whirled around, just in time to see the corgi’s tail zip out of sight around the corner. She let out a groan, and went haring after him.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry let me… Udacha! Udacha! How many times have I told you not to steal people’s shoes, huh? Huh? I don’t mind if you chew up mine, but you don’t touch the guest’s shoes!”

There was a pause, before it was filled with the sound of scuffling and playful growling, and the odd muffled swear word. Soon enough however, Nonna reappeared, carrying the shoe triumphantly in her hand, and was soon followed by a very put-out looking Udacha.

“Sorry about that, I don’t know what it is with him and shoes. He didn’t do any damage to it, though, so I don’t have to go out and buy you a new pair!”

Best Friends Forever


It had been ages since he had been in the same presence as him. The setting wasn’t ideal, a black and white checkerboard flooring, a basic table set for two before an open window, a pristine table cloth rippling at the feet of another. The minimalistic tones had Hide wrinkling his nose at the sight, displeased at the effort made for his appearance. Monochrome was so him, so Kaneki. The lack of color in his life reflected greatly on their scene. How dull. How boring. Hide didn’t know how anyone could stand it.

It needed a little bit of red.  

Skipping over the white tiles, Hide purposely stepped on the dark pieces; a display that reminded him of a game of hopscotch. Although, if it were, the prize at the end was Kaneki. Not so much of a reward if he was being honest with himself. What kind of person leaves their best friend for dead? Stole part of their body for their own benefit, viciously ate away the physical without any regard for the consequences… Someone lacking morals and self-awareness. Someone that didn’t have a lot to lose.

“Kaneki, how come you never talk to me anymore?”

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h/c for Kuros, tsbakis and hydes s/o just subconciously carrying their animal form around and adoring them and cuddling them (carefully in hydes case) what would they do/how would they react? good luck with your new blog! :)

but of course i can, dear! i love writing headcanons, it’s the funniest thing ever ~ ♪()♪ also thank you for your kind words and i hope that’s what you wanted. here you are!


  • ☞ you should definitely be careful when carrying Kuro around because literally everyone will want to hug/pet/kiss him because of his cuteness. because, cats.
  • ☞ in his cat form, Kuro most likely likes to fall asleep on everything even remotely soft and cushy, so, if you don’t find him in the morning, you shouldn’t panic! most likely you’ll randomly find him (asleep) in your backpack, your hoodie or in some random pocket and you’ll laugh at his cuteness.
  • ☞ if you want to wake him that badly, you should definitely scratch his stomach and the spot behind his ears, as he really likes it, and he probably would start mewling and curling his tail.
  • ☞ i don’t think he would agree to a cat leash, and also water is definitely a big no-no! however, he’s totally okay with being carried around in a comfortable bag/backpack, but if you don’t want him to scratch your things, you should trim his nails!
  • ☞ even though Kuro is basically a neet (even his cat form) he enjoys chilling at the park, especially when you pull him into your lap and start running your fingers through his fur. he finds it really relaxing and intimate, because he loves feeling your warmth and your heartbeats! bonus if you are wearing a super cozy cable-knit woollen jumper – he totally loves playing with loose threads!
  • ☞ Kuro is really sensitive to cold, so if you are planning to have a walk with him somewhere during winter, you should invest in cat clothes, such as a cute hoodie or a warm sweater! you two could go shopping together and he won’t even have to move a finger. if you are tired of clothes, you can chill together in a cat-friendly café!


  • ☞ i personally think that Tsubaki would really appreciate spending an afternoon in a traditional Japanese tea house with you. of course, most likely you’ll have to smuggle him inside without getting noticed, but he loves green tea so much you can’t refuse to bring him with you!
  • ☞ unlike Kuro, he greatly enjoys long walks, so if you have a lot of free time, you could walk together in the woods in autumn and collect some fallen leaves. the redder they are, the better, as it is his favourite colour. bonus if it has rained and you can smell the petrichor(??) together.
  • ☞ he likes to wrap his soft, silky tail around your calves when you are sprawled on the sofa. of course, if you try to get up you’ll most likely trip, so you have to pay attention!
  • ☞ you should definitely have a trip to fushimi inari, not far from Kyoto. he would definitely marvel at the wonderful vermillion torii and the eerie kitsune statues guarding the shrine.
  • ☞ he likes it a lot when you caress his back, especially when you are sitting before the fireplace. you can also brush his soft fur! he would probably curl up into a tiny ball and enjoy the feeling of your fingers through his fur and the heat of the flames.
  • ☞ if you ever go eat sushi, you should bring him too! he loves sushi inari, so he’ll try to snatch it away whenever you are not looking. just pay attention!


  • ☞ this little hedgehog likes to play hide and seek in the woods with you! he will tease you till you accept, and then he’ll literally curl up into a ball while you are counting. of course, it’s autumn and you’ll soon regret your decision since there are a lot of chestnuts on the ground and you’ll spend the whole afternoon trying to find him. bonus if you also collect some chestnuts and roast them in the evening.
  • ☞ he enjoys sitting on your shoulder, even though you are always nervous because you are afraid he’ll fall off. it happened once and you spent the whole day looking for him at the shopping centre, and then found out he had found his way home and was impatiently waiting for you to come home.
  • ☞ you should bring him to a concert or spend some time at the theatre with him. as you know, he likes shakespeare, so you should book some tickets for a famous play, maybe a comedy! he would lie on your knees and watch the actors with great interest!
  • ☞ he likes to fall asleep in your pants/skirts, so be careful every time you dress up in the morning, otherwise it’ll be painful for both of you! he also likes to sneak in your bed, so beware of the spikes!
  • ☞ when you pet him, do it delicately: lightly scratch his head or give him small, tender kisses! i don’t know if hedgehogs can blush, but he’ll likely get flustered about it, and it’s really cute to watch.
  • ☞ you can also hide small threats and espresso-flavoured candies (do you have those abroad? because in Italy they are really common!) in your house, and watch him scuttle around to try to find them. it’s really cute, and if he manages to find them all, you can give him a kiss as a prize, lol.
The Hunger Artists

for ask-shiro-kuro-nekis

When he comes back to his senses, Shuu finds himself once again surrounded by memories.

He’s unsure of when this strange ritual began- the act of waiting until the mansion’s servants took repose in their living quarters, until he’s managed to convince the young Von Rosewald (who wears concern like a mourning veil across his once souriant features) that he’s finally surrendered to slumber, to steal away into the night and wander the streets alone, pulled by the invisible yet relentless force of bittersweet longing.

Tonight, the scenery that greets him is a familiar panorama of shipping containers stacked high (strong, unyielding), a dense maze of concrete and steel. The tired ghoul finds himself drifting towards one container, placing his palm flat against its cold, smooth exterior. Closing his eyes, he reminisces of adrenalin filled chases, making easy work of Madam A’s little pets, of carving his way through corrugated metal with a sweep of his kagune.

Of fighting alongside Kaneki Ken.

The corners of his lips curve into a brittle smile as the recollection flickers with the sparse lighting scattered around the terminal. As much as he’s tried, remembering the hybrid had been difficult; his mind’s sharpness felt as dulled as his once prided sword. 

He idly ponders if these containers with their steadfast steel could also keep safe memories from becoming weathered from time, only to shake his head at the foolish thought. He lets out a slow breath, holding the kerchief in his pocket a little tighter, its scent long gone, stain long faded. 

Thunderous discord echoes throughout the port and shakes the ex-Gourmet from the darker depths of his mind, and he doesn’t think (can’t think) when he steers himself towards the source of clanging metal and pained shouts that seem to pierce through the port’s frigid air. It’s only when he catches the scent of heavy bloodshed that he remembers to mask his face and conceal himself in the shadows.

The familiar scent is a redolence in the otherwise bitter air, (so strong it almost overwhelms) and Shuu wonders if his kakugan is the cause of the prickling behind his eyes or if it’s something more.

A lamented name spills from his lips.

He runs towards the fray.

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ღ (kinda cracky not gon' lie, buuuut hey meeeemeeees)

Haruka was trailing along, mindlessly looking at the black and white buildings - until his eyes set on a boy. Color came splashing out around him, painting his small frame and the environment around them. Color’s he never knew were possible splattered his body. His eyes widened in surprise - is this what they meant? It was, wasn’t it.


He called out to the young boy, hoping he was seeing the same thing.

≈ Tango ≈

Fluid movements strained all his muscles as his body graciously danced along the song. The body of his partner bend after him, forming elegant sways and undulating moves which all, falling in the same rythm as the music, formed a skilled tango performance. The music abruptly stopped, his feet frozing in place, with his partner draped along his powerful arm. He inhaled, smiling contently, while his eyes fixed on a manly figure which appeared in the frame of the door. 

“Thank you, Cassie. It was perfect,” the dance professor said, kissing charmingly and politely the woman’s hand who started to happily giggle. Uro winked at her detaching from her hand and smiled in the direction of other dancers, while heading to the door. On the way, he grabbed a bottle of watter and drunk a quarter of it, then, when he arrived next to the man from the door, he asked, a cold, still playful grin decking his wet lips, while his hair fell seductively on his shoulders as Uro untied it: 

“May I help you? You’re looking for someone?"