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[Hotarubi no Mori e] x [Servamp]

Six-year old Mahiru Shirota meets a man named Kuro in the mountains behind his uncle’s vacation house in the province. Mahiru befriends Kuro and finds out that he is a spirit, who when touched by a human, will disappear forever. Mahiru promises to keep that in mind, and they share many of his summer breaks together. Mahiru grows into adolescence, just as he struggles with the need to touch Kuro, who is in fact, also facing the same feelings.


What have I been doing with the past few days? Well, you’ve seen the bunch I’ve been posting- and NOW THIS. Redraws!! xDDD If you haven’t watched the movie, I suggest you do. It’s very heartwarming and heart-wrenching and you’re gonna wanna see how it goes (especially with these two in mind? //kicked). Ahhh…  the 6th picture always gets to me!! 

Anyways… Hopefully we get internet soon. It’s annoying having to go to a computer shop to check Tumblr. Unfortunately I cant check Discord or Line there too… so… //sigh. IAMCLOSETORAGING— 

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MOD KAI!!! MOD MORI!!!! I love you guys so much!!!!!!! Thank you for working so hard!!!! Could I please have a situation where s/o wakes up at 2:00 AM feeling horny and they shyly caress (Shiro and Kuro) Kaneki, Haise, Tsukiyama for some sexual salvation? >//>


Shiro Kaneki is up before his s/o could lightly touch his inner thigh; an unfortunate side effect of his time with Yamori. He turns towards his significant other, no hint that he had been sleeping not five seconds ago, his snow hair mussed.

“What? What is it?” he asks, and his significant other blushes as they murmur something incomprehensible. Kaneki leans in, and his significant other decides to give him a chaste kiss on the lips. It’s Kaneki’s turn to blush now, as the pieces of the puzzle are slowly starting to come together, and he returns the kiss, the blush now indicative of passion instead of embarrassment. He pins their hands above their head, removes their shirt, and revels in their  moan as his lips makes its way down their neck. His hand moves to unbutton their pants.

Kuro Kaneki rolls away from his s/o in his sleep as they slowly run their hand down his back, admiring the curve of his spine and the pale expanse of flesh.

“Ken…” they whisper, testing the waters, and he says something in his sleep, though they can’t quite catch it. They repeat his name and he wakes with a start, his significant other expression incomprehensible through the thick curtains of night.

“Are you okay?” he asks shyly, and they shake their head “no”. “What’s wrong, then?”

Kaneki panics, beginning to grope for the light switch on the lamp next to him, before his significant other grabs his hand and starts sucking on his fingers.

“H-hey!” he starts, calling their name, but the call gives out into a soft moan and Kaneki grabs their face to give them a passionate kiss, slipping his hands into their pants as he does so.

Haise is a giggling mess when his partner attempts to caress his chest, and his partner sighs in defeat until he reaches out in his sleep, still giggling, and accidentally grabs their chest. A frown forms on his face and he removes his hand, turns on a lamp, and looks his partner up and down, blushing as he realized what he had done.

“I’m so sorry….” he whispered loudly, voice still heavy with sleep, and his partner laughed.

“It’s okay,” they say with a sly smirk on their lips, “I liked it.”


Haise immediately realizes why his partner had touched his chest, why they wanted him to grab their chest, and he’s torn between taking them right then and there or waiting till the morning when the Quinx squad was out for breakfast.

He decides on the former, and his hands creep up underneath their shirt.

Tsukiyama grabs his lover’s hand after they stroke his cheek and lays soft kisses on their fingers. The touch had awoken them, and he quirks an eyebrow as he realizes it’s two in the morning.

“Mi amore, what are you doing up so late?”

“Can’t sleep,” they murmur, starting to undo the buttons on his pyjama shirt.

“My love?”

Tsukiyama questions his lover’s odd intentions, and they give him a shy look as they kiss his chest, lips moving dangerously low.

“I told you I can’t sleep,” they blush.

“Well,” Tsukiyama says, now fully awake, “we should fix that, shouldn’t we?”

~Mod Mori (who is now back in action c;) 

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What's the difference between dark mori / strega / warlock kei?

I’m assuming this is about differences in fashion styles, and not so much about terminology, but I’ll include a little of both. These are also my personal opinions. Fashion is mercurial and personal. There are no rules.

Dark Mori: Definition: “Dark Forest”. Just like regular Mori, but dark instead of lighter natural hues. Mountains of natural textures and layering.  Minimal to no make up.  Very little showing of skin. Practical, cozy. Just mountains of layers, you have no idea what’s under there. Could be cake. Form-fitting clothing generally does not apply. Lots of pockets. Good boots. Fall and Winter color palettes as opposed to the classic Spring color palette. Sex appeal is not apparent, or a goal. Folky, fluffy, anachronistic. Natural. Woodsy. Grandmama. Feminine.
Here is a good example by dailyfuckery.

Strega: Definition: Italian word for “witch”; Stregheria, or the Strega tradition of modern Italian Wiccan-styled witchcraft, adopted by the tumblr fashion world. A lot of people have issues with this name being used to describe a fashion trend. Screams “HEY EVERYBODY I’M A WITCH.” Usually just everything black or dark. Extremely similar to nu-goth, void, and any dark fashion, but even more “witchy”. Not very heavy layering at all. Moderate to extremely heavy make-up; nail-polish, jewelry, etc. Mixtures of synthetic and natural fabrics. Blatantly obvious “witchy” theme or silver accessories. Tight, form fitting clothing. Shoes range from practical to ankle-breaking-night-club-who-can-even-walk-in-those. Much more exposed skin and sex appeal. Usually accompanied by some sort of wide-brimmed hat. Intentionally intimidating. Tight. Black. Witch fashion.
Here is a good example by shortcuttothestars.

Warlock Kei: Definition: Warlock is the male equivalent of a Witch.
“Warlock” is an older word than “wizard,” coming from the Old English waerloga, which means “oath breaker,” while wizard comes from the Middle English word for “wise.” The etymologies of the words illustrate the different ways in which people sometimes view them. Wizards are generally viewed as good people with strong moral codes. A warlock, on the other hand, is sometimes portrayed as a much darker individual. . The assortment of styles here is much more broad. Witch boy. Wizard style. All kinds of textures. I think Warlock Kei is very similar to Dark Mori Boy, but with a little more ornamentation and wizardy-ness. It can be dark or richly colored. Ranger fashion. Wandering prince. Magical tinker. Ethereal Shepherd. Like a mashup-of Mori Boy, Dark Mori Boy, and Witch Boy. Harder to define. Nature-Centric. But at the center of it all, generally masculine.
Here is what I view as a perfect example:

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I'm not the anon who asked about the different mori styles but it was so interesting!! Are there any other variants of mori that you know about/could give a little excerpt on? Lovely blog by the way!!

Thanks very much! :D

Since Mori centers around living in and around nature, the variation in style is inextricably linked to the traits of the surrounding terrain. So, a “forest girl” can have many, many variations.

There are a few other variations that are gaining momentum that I am aware of, for example:

Yama Mori Kei or Yama Kei = mountain forest style, or mountain style.

Hama Mori Kei or Hama Kei = ocean forest, or ocean style

Black Forest Mori or Kuro Mori Kei = black forest style

Mahou Kei or Witch Mori = witchy mori, magic mori, magical girl

Mori Boy = the best one, though in my opinion the hardest to find good examples of.

Dark Mori = you already know about this one

I’m sure if there isn’t already “desert mori” and a “tundra mori” or a “rainforest mori”, well there  probably will be soon. ( so exciting )

My personal variation is “Appalachian Yama Mori.”
A friend of mine has a “Cascadian Yama Mori” blog.

Your appearance echoes your forest, your land, your terrain. You begin to look like your surroundings.