kuro hana

  • Me:uh no that was my fav character you cant kill him
  • Animators:ok were gonna bring him back in a bunch of painfull flashbacks showing how he did nothing wrong
Say NO to mangafox, mangahere etc.!

Please DO NOT read our releases on sites like:

• mangafox
• mangahere
• mangareader
• mangarush

BATOTO IS AN EXCEPTION because they actually RESPECT scanlators.

Sites like mangafox and mangahere are very easy to find, and they’re very convenient. You just have to visit them everyday to see which of your favorite manga got updated. Some people even think that mangafox/mangahere MAKE chapters. THEY DO NOT. Those websites STEAL translated manga chapters from scanlators like us without giving us any credit.They accumulate manga from hundreds of scanlation groups.They make thousands of dollars not from their hard work but from a scanlation group’s hard work like us. But guess what? They don’t respect a scanlation group’s wishes and don’t credit them properly, if at all.

So PLEASE, stop reading from those websites and go to the scanlator’s website to read the manga. Go to their official reader or go to BATOTO.


• acknowledges scanlators
• no watermarking
• respect the scanlation team
• Don’t upload our releases on their website without our permission

This is really all that I ask of our readers to do. Please, please don’t read our releases on these greedy, money hungry websites.

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