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The Adventures of Kuro

Oh my God… this turned out to be one of my longest posts so far. XD But well… I worked on this series over the last week and I just couldn’t resist to upload them all at once.

So, this is like an AU where Shiro ended up with Haggar after s2. She experimented on him and…well… kind of cloned him. But that clone’s a real pain in the ass and she’s kinda glad that when the Paladins came to save Shiro, they took him too. Now the Paladins have to put up with Kuro’s shit. :)

Guess I’ll upload some more Kuro stuff in the future. I just love drawing him so much. The world needs more Kuro! :D


One Piece vs googly eyes: part 1/??

It’s a small project to celebrate 20th anniversary. Thank you Oda for your hard work! I know that it’s a little late 😅


One Piece 17th Anniversary: 2 - Villains/Antagonists 

Path of a Pirate King is hard. There are many who will stand in your way; many enemies that you will have to surpass; many hardships you will have to go through. But stay strong and follow your path! Believe in yourself and in the people around you and you will overcome any enemy that comes your way.

Our Ciel’s name

There are lots of speculations about our Ciel’s name and a lot of people think it could be a French word that is somehow related to “Ciel” (’sky’, ‘heaven’ in French) like “Astre” (’star’)

but what if OC’s name was “ciel/sky”, too, but just in another language??

So here’s a quick overview of what “ciel/sky” sounds like in other languages.

German (also Danish, Norwegian & Swedish):


Japanese (*Note: “Sora” is an actual unisex name in Japan!):





Irish: (it seems it’s pronounced similarly to the English word “spare” I’m crying)

And now we can all understand how French people feel about the fictional name “Ciel”.

Bonus: Here’s a template, so feel free to use it and add “ciel/sky” in your language! xD (And let me know if ‘sky’ is an actual name in your country!)

starlight-ciel  asked:

Chap. 130 thoughts, go.

Yes! Of course :D

Well, I’ve got three things to highlight: 

1. I love how Tanaka is evidently not pleased with real!Ciel’s return. He always had such a relaxed attitude and now his face says it all:

 And he indeed calls real!Ciel ‘’Lord Ciel’’ and not young master, which makes this post by the lovely @lovemyciel​ even more relevant and accurate!

2. THIS LITTLE SHIT IS SO CONDESCENDING WTH ??? someone fling him into the sun

3. I AM…

I N   P A I N  

(with this, a little theory I had is kinda becoming true… sadly)

Bonus: Ciel is still cold and wet from the rain and no one is doing anything and I’m becoming desperate :’’))))


This world is no chess game, where one cannot win if not playing by the rules. Without fail, players will break the rules … and chessmen will betray the players. And if I’m to play games with their like on equal footing, I’d have no chance at victory if I didn’t break the rules myself, right? …Checkmate.” - Ciel Phantomhive -
Dedicated to Fay 

i think it’s fuckin hilarious that Rin sleeps with his eyes open :’D

Bon doesn’t find it as hilarious

also!! i love to think that Rin somtimes sleeps in weird positions uwu


Fake Dating AU? Fake Dating AU.

Papa Schnee has arranged political marriage plan for Winter if she’s still single by the end of the year, and Winter will do anything to avoid that–even if she has to pretend to be couple with her archenemy.

Qrow is in huge debt, being an alcoholic he is. He’s also never fond of certain Ice Queen. But with his neck on the line, and despite he doesn’t want to admit it (not to mention he has pride and popularity to keep), her proposal wasn’t exactly bad idea back then.

However, they’re not exactly convincing with the constant 8-year-old squabbles.


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K project season 01 summary
  • Munakata: MikoNO
  • Mikoto: MikoYES.
  • Fushimi: mi~sa~ki
  • Yata: you traitor!
  • Homra: ....
  • Scepter 4: why don't we get enough screen time?
  • Shiro: oh na na what's my name.
  • Kuro: shiro it's time to die! But before that, let us eat pie!
  • Neko: *for plot/fan service*
  • Colorless king: I ship this.
  • Me: uh no that was my fav character you cant kill him
  • Animators: ok were gonna bring him back in a bunch of painfull flashbacks showing how he did nothing wrong

 [Oo°_~( CONNICHI 2017 ! )~_°oO]
         >> Part 1 <<

CONVENTION TIME ( *3*)9 !!~  
I’ve been posting a bunch of photos/videos on Instagram these past days about it, now tumblr can see some photos too :D !

It is to say that this years Connichi Servamp meeting was amazing!!*^* many people attended, a greater variety of characters were there…
and of course funny things happened (*o*) !!
but I’ll just sum up how the day went ( from my perspective ) :

at first I was walking around with my family first, looking for merchandise and other stuff that might interest us ~
but ey, guess what, there was no Servamp Merch at all ;w;)b

After that I ran into the garden were the some friends found me >w>)9 ! At their regular place ServampCosplayer could leave their bags right there, and that’s also the place when we all gathered the other Cosplay later :D!
btw! dearest @kumaikoro sewed this one super cute Tsubaki foxy plush for me !! *3*) THANK YOU A HUNDRED TIMES AGAIN <3 ;///;;; !!

and after gaining a bunch of Servamp Cosplayer we started to play a game :D !
“ Who am I ? ” Servamp edition !
Simply, everyone was given a card of one Servamp character. For example me, I had the ‘inner Lawless’ ( now known as Pudding-Lawless  ).
Everyone knew I was him except me. The goal is just to find out who you are. 
So I was asking things like “ Am I a boy ? a vampire ? Do I belong to the good ones ? am I a THING ? ” etc, and so did everybody ~
It was very hilarious seeing all those desperate faces >:D

Right after that game we decided to do a photo shooting somewhere else in a park >w>)9!
but at first we went to a playground were we, as serious and responsible adults, played there like tiny children xD no seriously, sometimes there were 5 people on the seesaw or Mikuni and Tsurugi sitting on one swing seat.
serious Cosplayer of a series with deep deeeep dark stories or other events such as betrayal and murder, affecting
innocent people’s life…. now playing on a children’s playground =v=)b

Cosplayer :
Freya - @anubisbride
Tsurugi -
C3 Mikuni -
Snow Lilly - @melancholydisaster
Abel @Kasu_Cookie ( Instagram )
Guildenstern - @darocosplay
Lawless -
@rhomilch / @servampfanarts
Licht : Rhomi’s sister
Kuro - @sleepy_Kuro_Servamp_Ash / tired_Shiro ( Instagram )
Sakuya’s sister : MEEEEEE

idk the rest ( - some of them in part 2 : the other Kuro, Rayscent Crazyrabbit, Tsubaki, the other Lawless, Licht, Mahiru.. ) ;w;
 if one does know their social media names then don’t hesitate to let me know =v=)/ !


“I’m not afraid of you!”
“Heh… I like that expression on your face.”

I’m sorry Anon I got too carried away (also yess villain AU aka excuse to make evil Qrow!! We’re lucky he’s in good side because welp imagine what he can do if he’s in another side)

also whyyyy Winter didn’t appear in last episode why RoosterTeeth whyy

(image from chapter 40 pg. 12)

so i just wanted to point out that Luffy is such a chaotic neutral that he would’ve let an entire village of innocent people get attacked by pirates if Usopp hadn’t done something about it

Luffy is not a chaotic good, he’s a chaotic neutral, and if he didn’t befriend everyone along his journey, the whole world of One Piece would be burning. the only reason he stops the arc villains is b/c someone he made friends with is suffering by their hands, and Luffy abslutely hates it when his friends are hurt or sad

“You Atlas specialist think you’re so special, don’t you?”
“It’s in the title.”

Collab with @nivelfloss​ who did the amazing coloring! Their battle was epic and I really hope we can see more of them (especially Winter) in future episodes!

Oh yeah, that’s soo true, Kurogane doesn’t take orders from anyone. We all know it, there’s nothing you can do about this… He doesn’t listen to anyone


If Fay says you have to go to the doctor, you go.

“AH? WHY ME?”, he complains…and then he does it anyway :3

He just can’t say no, can he?


Ahh Kuro-rin, what happened to you? You’ve become such a docile puppy who can’t say “no” to his wife. Fay tamed you very well XD If only Tomoyo knew….