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How long did Grog's fights with Kurn last?

2 minutes and 18 seconds altogether, or 23 rounds. The first fight lasted a minute and the second a minute and eighteen seconds.

In real time, it was more like an hour and fifteen minutes; 28:56 for the first fight and 46:03 for the second, but Vox Machnica was attempting to help more from the sidelines during the second fight, lengthening the time it took to describe the encounter.

For information on this fight and more see the Running Times table.


Dan aku terbangun pada dunia yang gulita
Sementara lamunan terserak di jalan raya
Di antara payung-payung rindang di pinggirnya
Tapi telah ranggas

Dan aku tersadar bahwa tak ada lagi kehijauan di ibukota
Jirak-jirak sudah jauh termakan jarak
Dan dunia gulita

Percuma bila hanya berkata
Nyalakan saja cahaya!
Dan jadikannya lestari!

Depok, 30 Januari 2016 | Faiz Kurn

Sunset over The Wall, Kurn-Stor, The last western border of Koreno before forbidden lands. Kingdom of Koreno.

“West from Robetsberg are healthy plains and hill-land, eventually giving way to the mighty jungles that grow out of Mannstern’s Sea at the western coasts. Here one encounters the only absolute border that Koreno can be said to have- a structure remarkable in its existence and its effect upon our land. The Endless Wall, Kurn-Stor in Old Dwarvish, has set a grim boundary to the west which stands even now.” –Excerpt from The Geography of Koreno, Al-Canqard library

On The Receiving End
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Chertsey Artists are a very talented bunch of artists who run a variety of workshops and art sessions from their studios in Chertsey. However their premises are under threat of redevelopment and they contacted me to help underline what they do for the community and the arts, to see if the development could be avoided or a new home could be found. As well as creating portraits of some of the…

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I’m currently reading a book. I don’t have any specific reason why I bought this book, though. It is just purely the title: Nice Is Just A Place In France – How To Win at Basically Anything. It captivates me.

The book tells you how to be a confident and strong woman, how to talk shit properly, how to stop being boring like a girl who spent her twenties waiting for a perfect guy to kneel down and propose to her.  I don’t have to be on the last page to know that this book is basically tells me about someone. She’s all over the page.

She captivates me; Annisa Kurnely.

[1602.02141] Complex Squeezing and Force Measurement Beyond the Standard Quantum Limit

[ Authors ]
L. F. Buchmann, S. Schreppler, J. Kohler, N. Spethmann, D. M. Stamper-Kurn
[ Abstract ]
A continuous quantum field, such as a propagating beam of light, may be characterized by a squeezing spectrum that is inhomogeneous in frequency. We point out that homodyne detectors, which are commonly employed to detect quantum squeezing, are blind to squeezing spectra in which the correlation between amplitude and phase fluctuations is complex. We find theoretically that such complex squeezing is a component of ponderomotive squeezing of light through cavity optomechanics. We propose a detection scheme, called synodyne detection, which reveals complex squeezing and allows its use to improve force detection beyond the standard quantum limit.

Portraits of Runnymede
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I have started a new project in collaboration with Chertsey museum to photograph many different people in Runnymede for an exhibition being held in the museum from October 2016. The idea is just to create some great images whilst capturing the people in Runnymede. Everybody who gets photographed will be included in the exhibition. I have set up a separate blog where a lot of the images will be…

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