Szia kicsim..(HÉV-en megtörtént beszélgetésből jött ötlet)
  • Szia kicsim, mondd itt alszol nálam?
  • Hozzak párnát, vagy jó lesz a vállam?
  • Fogunk inni? Sört? Bort? Talán vodkát?
  • Tudom, azt mindig szex elött szoktál.
  • Cigi? Ugyan rég leszoktam, tudom nem szereted,
  • De ha te ezt-azt, mondd én azt miért nem tehetem?
  • Úgy mondod a szeretleket, mintha örökre mesélne,
  • De áruld el nekem, előre miért nem tervezel?
  • Nem szeretsz csalódni? Ugyan, nekem mondod?
  • Nem szeretek beléd, de meg kellett kurn....od...
  • Tudom, csúnyán mondtam, de a rím a hibája,
  • Mondd, finom apukád lopott piája?
  • Tudod, félek... Mintha kihasználnál... Arra.
  • Este viszont néha, felnyomnál a falra.
  • Talán hiszékeny vagyok, ezért bízom benned...
  • Neked meg csak őszintének kellene lenned.
  • Csókodban érzem, te is érzed ugyan úgy,
  • Szavadban hiszek, csak úgy dúl a lúv.
  • De tudod, ha még is arra kellettem,
  • Majd elmondhatom: Igen, ezt a férget szerettem.

I Think I May Have Problem/I Calculated Quark’s Birthday

I was watching the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, Bar Association. In the episode Quark’s staff, under the leadership of Rom, start a union. The union decides to band together and confront Quark at his bar. When Quark sees them he remarks, “If this is a surprise birthday party, you’re a month late.”

This got me wondering, ‘When is Quark’s birthday?’ I checked to see if the episode had a Stardate, it didn’t. However, the previous episode, Son of Mogh, did. The Stardate was 49556.2. Using an online calculator I discovered that the Stardate was July 22nd. Jadzia tells Sisko in the episode that Kurn will “be up on his feet by tomorrow morning.” Therefore, I have estimated that the episode takes place over a span of two days and ends on July 23rd.

Jadzia tells Worf, at the beginning of the episode Bar Association, “I’d call that a successful mission. Five days in the Gamma Quadrant and no sign of the Jem'Hadar.”  Son of Mogh does not end with the crew going on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant, so let’s assume they leave the next day, on July 24th. That means Bar Association started on July 29th. When Quark tells his employees that they are a month late for his birthday, he is wearing a different outfit then he had on at the start of the episode. That means it was July 30th during the scene when Quark is confronted by Rom’s union; Assuming that Quark changed because it was the next day. If Quark’s birthday was exactly a month ago, that means he was born on June 30th. So sad I missed it. *drops microphone*

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what too much time on your hands looks like.

Fun fact:

Bar Association

may have taken place in June, but the episode aired on February 19th, 1996. My first birthday.

Why Tony Todd is awesome.

Lemme tell you a story about Tony Todd.

You know him. Yeah, you do.

This fly mofo has been in everything. Like, seriously. He’s been in some major Hollywood movies (Platoon, for example, The Rock and all the Final Destination movies) but is probably most famous for playing the Candyman, and starring in about a million B-horror movies. His list of TV credits reads like a comprehensive list of genre and procedurals. Your favorite show? He was probably in it. He’s just been cast in a recurring role in “The Flash.”

But among geeks, he is probably most famous for his recurring role in both TNG and DS9 as Kurn, Worf’s brother.

Kurn was a fantastic character with a developed arc over many seasons (which ended horribly but we won’t go there). Todd also guest starred in DS9 (sans Klingon makeup) as an older Jake Sisko

Also he has a voice like deepest smoothest melted chocolate. 

Tony was a guest at Shore Leave, a fan-run mostly-Trek convention I attended many years ago in Towson. He was a great panelist, funny and honest.

Now, Klingon cosplayers are always a big deal at Trek conventions. They do not fuck around. Their outfits could walk right onto a set and be filmed. Shore Leave always featured a whole contingent of Klingons. They’d run a Klingon Jail - you could pay to have your buddy kidnapped by Klingons and put in jail, and they’d have to raise money to make bail, and then all the proceeds went to charity.

Most Klingon cosplayers I knew weren’t that into Worf. He was just too…Starfleet. So when Kurn came along (and before Martok, the ultimate Klingon character of Trek), he was sort of the standard-bearer. He had been raised Klingon (unlike Worf, who was raised by humans) and was the very image of an honorable Klingon warrior. So you can imagine the excitement when Todd was a guest.

After the panel, we all left the hall, and there in the lobby was a big group of Klingons, standing in formation, in all their costumed glory, waiting to greet Tony. We all stood around to see.

He walked out and saw them. He didn’t greet them. He didn’t smile. He didn’t say hi.

No. Without missing a beat, he strutted up to them, and started…dressing them down.

Suddenly, he WAS Kurn. No makeup, but it was like Kurn was there. Walking up and down the ranks, calling them maggots, criticizing their attention, their bearing. Asking why none of them had bruises. Were they not fighting? Was their bat’leth practice falling behind? Where was the blood? And WHY WAS NOBODY DRUNK. He really tore into them, a little twinkle in his eyes.

The Klingons stood there, responding with SIR YES SIR when he addressed them, quivering with joy.

It was so awesome.

the signs as critical role npcs
  • aries: kynan leore
  • taurus: delilah briarwood
  • gemini: clarota
  • cancer: silas briarwood
  • leo: victor
  • virgo: sherry
  • libra: balgus
  • scorpio: kurn the hammer
  • saggitarius: dr ripley
  • capricorn: lady kima
  • aquarius: gilmore
  • pisces: allura vysoren

More not-Wildstar characters! Gun for hire and general old ass man with failing organs, Nakmor Kurn! Fun fact: He’s lived about as long as the Imperial Period of Rome. Alongside of the horrible little shit of a cross-species surrogate daughter figure, Kase’s Neralya. As drawn by @kuesospace-o . My roomie. She probably gon’ be mad that I reposted her old ass art but shit’s pretty great.

Go praise the bitch and take a look at her new art of Nera and company. Years have passed.

madcommuter  asked:

Top 5 guest characters in any Star Trek

I’ll avoid people like Jeffrey Coombs (Weyoun), John DeLancie (Q) and Andrew Robinson (Garak) because although it says ‘guest starring’ they’re not really ‘guests’ are they? They’re always there. So I’ll try to go for characters that didn’t recur like forever.

1. Commander Shelby (TNG) - Implies she’ll come back and then never does. What a letdown of an awesome character.

2. Ensign Vorik (VOY) - The sassiest Vulcan in Starfleet. Like who needs Harry Kim when you have him? He was great.

3. Crewman Lon Suder (VOY) - Brad Dourif is awesome anyway but as a pyscho Betazoid serial killer I think Voyager lost out losing him.

4. The Borg Queen (ST:FC) - Alice Krige was fantastic as the Queen. Sexy but in a pretty eww way with cold menace. The Voyager version was awful.

5. Kurn (TNG/DS9) - Worf’s Klingon brother by the awesome Tony Todd. Such a monstrous missed chance of an otherwise fantastic character.

I could literally go on for days about them, and other characters I think were huge missed chances to be honest. I wish just for a moment I could have written for them!


More old stuff by my roommate, @kuesospace-o. Let’s see how many times I can post her old art of my characters before she bitches at me about it. This is Minae, an older asari Mass Effect OC and illegitimate daughter of my old-as-sin krogan, Kurn. When she finally found out who her dad was, she was satisfied with just knowing and opted not to burden him with the knowledge he’s had a kid he didn’t know about for a little over a century.

Minae is a big ol’ asari vanguard who favors the human-made Mattock assault rifle and takes part in televised, competitive (Non-lethal.) urban war games and other forms of competitive combat under the sponsorship of Serrice Council. Her mom’s a bit of a cray-cray who sort of collected children from the different races, but most of the kids have long distanced themselves from her before reconnecting with each other.

I never actually got to use her. The Mass Effect RP group back then kinda fell apart around the time I came up with her.

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[I think Julian Bashir is the most unethical doctor in Starfleet. That comes from the fact that he’s an augment and so used to hiding his genetic modification. Lying is second nature to him. He has definitely done a lot of off-the-books procedures for people that have asked - begged - him to do so. No regular Starfleet medical officer would dream of taking out a Trill’s symbiont, curing the Jem'Hadar of their addiction to Ketracel-White, or erasing the identity of a Klingon warrior like Kurn. He’s nowhere near an example of Federation ethical standards and that’s what makes him the most interesting doctor to me.]

Basically this:

  • Ziyal/Garak made no sense and it was way creepy. If they wanted Ziyal to fall in love with one of her father’s “enemies”, age appropriate Jake Sisko was sitting right there the entire time.
  • Dukat should’ve killed Ziyal, not Damar. I get that they wanted for him to be sympathetic, but then it should’ve been accidental. Ex: Dukat stuns Ziyal in order to take her off the station when she chooses to stay behind, but the weapon was set to kill by accident.
  • Erase “Sons of Mogh” and instead have recovering Kurn living aboard the station along with Worf and Alexander. Maybe he becomes friends with Odo, and they bond over being outsiders in their respective cultures. Maybe he dates Kira instead of Shakaar because I never really liked Shakaar as a love interest for Kira.
  • Having Alexander move onto the station when Worf does. At first Jake and Nog and him don’t get along, but then they become fast friends.
  • Damar doesn’t die, because the series really needed a good guy Cardassian to balance out Garak’s moral ambiguity and Dukat’s evilness
  • Kira becomes First Minister of Bajor at the end of the series. Or Kai. Either one would work really.
Sins of the Father - 3.17

Get ready for a Klingon-heavy episode, kids, because we have them in DROVES.

We start out by learning that Riker has recently completed a stint on a Klingon warbird in some sort of “office exchange” program, which I imagine involved a lot of him hitting on lady Klingons and subsequently being punched in the face. It was probably great. Now, the Enterprise is hosting a Klingon officer in return. His name is Kurn.

Or as I like to spell it, K ur   n #deepcutkernjokes

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