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could we ever see some genderbended kurcro? with both of them as ladies please Anonymous said:
Rule 63 Cromit please <3 ?

[CHURNS BUTTER YURIS VERY QUICKLY] (Also many thanks to all you cute peeps who came to the stream!)
Homestuck fanfics

Just gonna post & link some of the HS fanfics I like (Mainly Stridercest) :3

Stridercest/ Alpha Stridercest:

StriderClan: A collection of Stridercest fanfics (rating from fluff to smut) that includes: Dave Strider, Dirk Strider, Bro Strider, D Strider (Alpha Dave)

The Morning After (Not the pill, you dunce - the apocalypse): Dirk Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating mature) Zombie au, twin Strider’s.

Will You Hear Me: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating mature) Cant really describe this one…. you just have to read it.

Prodigy : Alpha Dave Strider/ Dirk Strider (Rating Teen and up) THE BEST ALPHA STRIDERCEST I HAVE SEEN YET!!! <3

Drunken Mishaps: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) I just love this one~ <3

Heat: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) Omegaverse~!

The Cat of the House: Bro Strider/ Dave Strider (Rating explicit) Bro Likes cats. Dave decides to tease him about it.

Other Pairings:

Somewhere I Belong: Dad/Dave Strider (Really cute, just fluffyness <3) Neko Dave.

Oh, I Miss the Kiss of Treachery: Dave Strider/ Karkat Vantas (Rating explicit) Beta kids are in a band, Karkat is a fanboy. Human au.   

Youtube is Not a Dating Website: Sollux Captor/ Aradia Megido (Rating mature) Adorakable.

Growing Up Without You: Cronus Ampora/ Kankri Vantas (Rating mature) childhood friends, human au.

Blackeyed: Mituna Captor/ Kurloz Makara, Sollux Captor/ Gamzee Makara, Helmsman/ GHB (Rating Teen and up) Love love love love love <3

Have pun reading these! X33
  • What do you call it when Karkat goes to a gallery?
  • Knight at the museum.
  • What kind of car do the Nitrams drive?
  • A Taurus.
  • Why wasn't Karkat upset when Aradia arrived to the meeting?
  • Because she maid it in time.
  • Why didn't Nepeta correct John when he explained quadrants incorrectly to the other kids?
  • She just did not have the heart to burst his bubble.
  • Which of the Ancestors does not have a signature?
  • The Signless.
  • Why did it unnerve Mituna when Kurloz stared into his eyes?
  • It felt like he was staring into his Sollux.
  • What did the astronaut say as he approached the black hole?
  • "Well this sucks."
  • What did John say as he waited for his author friend during a storm?
  • "Waiting for the Huss in the rain."
  • Why does Karkat get so cranky?
  • I guess you could say that being crabby is in his blood.
  • What type of motorcycle does Jade have?
  • A Harley.

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Pale mituna and kurloz aesthetic? We played video games a lot together

my abbreviation on aesthetics made for this blog is wah and every time without fail i mumble “waluigi” to myself anyway enjoy !

- mod john