Homestuck Halloween icons - Alpha-trolls set!

You better click on them to read what costume everyone has

Also Meenah as Dart Vader

and Cronus as Incubus

Aranea’s costume | Mituna’s costume | Horrus’ costume

also i made kids icons and other trolls


(Whoops these are kinda old)

Anonymous said:
could we ever see some genderbended kurcro? with both of them as ladies please Anonymous said:
Rule 63 Cromit please <3 ?

[CHURNS BUTTER YURIS VERY QUICKLY] (Also many thanks to all you cute peeps who came to the stream!)

Tentatively posts the Pre-Scratch Trolls.

Let’s hope there aren’t any mini-Kankris….

ALSO.  Ninja edit here, but Damara’s and three of Porrim’s go in succession.

Damara’s first two cards literally translate into: “I want to do unspeakable things to you.” :D

Beta Kids|Alpha Kids|Post-Scratch Trolls|Music based cards


and the final Organization Beforteen set is up. combined for Tumblr upload convenience.

older versions:

No. I | No. II | No. III | No. IV | No. V | No. VI

No. VII | No. VIII | No. IX | No. X | No. XI | No. XII

No. XIII | No. XIV

newer versions under cut:

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Done! hurray, just….4 months after I made the sketch?!

wow, that took some time.

anyway, looks ok, feels nice to finally update the ugly faces that I have started feeling a hatred agains’t because of that sketch going around like it has…

and as an added bonus, all the trolls seperated, just because I feel like it!

the signs as alternate selves
  • Aries: unfortunate slave to an evil overlord, occasionally forgets how to breathe
  • Taurus: gets wings somehow, everyone thinks it's pretty rad
  • Gemini: the world's most powerful and longlived psychic
  • Cancer: leads a rebellion against Betty Crocker, then dies
  • Leo: finds true love and confuses archaeologists everywhere with confusing cave art
  • Virgo: majors in how to raise children while on the run from imperial forces, dies tragically
  • Libra: underestimates their rival and gets hanged in the most anime shit ever, also has a dragon
  • Scorpio: hates dragons, hangs people, sails the high seas, inspires ruthless young pirates for decades to come
  • Sagittarius: cries because of this one time he almost killed his best friend, hides in a cave for the rest of his life
  • Capricorn: joins a cult, also they're really tall. like, just, really fucking tall, it's 90% of their personality
  • Aquarius: sad man cries because no one wants to kiss him. doesn't realise it's because he's a desperate and unpleasant person
  • Pisces: Betty Crocker runs an empire