Karkat: Fall in Love

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by PandaCake

Humanstuck AU. Karkat is an eighteen year old trying to make it on his own. Gamzee is a rich kid looking for room mate in his apartment. Karkat takes up the offer and prays his new room mate won’t hate him for being gay. Male x Male. GamKar. Rated M for sexual themes and triggers.

Words: 16478, Chapters: 7/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1FMJ9lv

At night, the trolls’ pupils will dilate in to the shape of the pupils of the animal associated w/ their zodiac (i.e: Nepeta’s will be catlike, Gamzee’s will look like a goat, etc.)

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anonymous asked:

How would the alpha trolls deal with their s/o giving a cat more attention to them? Like, how uncaring to ridiculously jealous would each troll be?

(Sorry I haven’t been on lately, I’ve been very busy but I’m back. x)
Rufioh: Rufioh is jealous. Very jealous. What was so great about cats? They just slept all the time. He smirked as you entered the room asking for where the disappearing fur ball had went. Speaking the simple word, “closet.” You quirked an eyebrow as you went to the closet to find your cat in the middle of the air with a balloon tied to it’s waist. “1 just thought 1t would better 1f 1t flew.”
Mituna: Mituna would be completely unfazed, he himself focusing on the cat more than his s/o, cooing at it as his fingers ran along their soft fur. “4ww 7h31r 5uch 4 cut13! C4n w3 g3t 4n0th3r 0n3?!” He would love to take it everywhere, if anything his s/o would be the one finally getting jealous after awhile.
Kankri: He’s not necessarily jealous by the cat, juts bothered. The cat would love to cuddle with Kankri, more then Kankri would like. You smiled as the small cat that sat in your arms, reached over as it purred, rubbing it’s head against Kankri’s. “This is highly triggering, can y9u please get it away?”
Horuss: Seeing his s/o pay more attention to a kitten would make him feel a bit jealous on the inside but he wouldn’t show it, not wanting to upset you. Later after the cat has fallen asleep, he would pout, cuddling close to you with a small whine that he didn’t get enough attention now. You both would spend the rest of the night, cuddling and dancing to enjoy yourselves.
Kurloz: Kurloz doesn’t mind that the cat was getting your attention. he enjoyed having the little one around. It kept you company when he couldn’t, he also loved to sit it on his stomach as smile as the little fluff would paw at the stitches in his lips.
Cronus: He’s very jealous and shows it. As the cat sits in your lap he sits on the opposite seat, pouting with arms crossed like a child. “Cronus it’s just a cat.” “a cat that gets more kisses than I do.” But once you suggested sitting in his lip as you held the cat it perked him up a bit. As you sat on the Ampora’s lap you kissed his cheek then the cats again and continued to repeat the process.