kurloz sprites

Fairy dress troll sprites.


So I showed my Kurloz sprite to Xamag (who has done a number of art contributions to Homestuck, including some for Vriskagram and many of the talksprites, namely Kurloz for example), and I must say her response was really inspiring, in a horrible way for me considering I am known to sprite utter abominations.  Consider this my gift to her and another step into the Omegapause.


These are my canon and non-canon sprites for the Dancestor trolls i put together for this special day, plus a few bonus customs of Lord English ^u^ ((credit for Caliborns: http://ashdenej.tumblr.com/post/25438669921/the-lord-english-sprite-was-already-here


anonymous asked:

Where did we get Damara and Kurloz's sprites? We got all the other dancestor's sprites from the fight with LE, but I went through twice and paused the video every half a second both times and never saw a single Damara or Kurloz sprite If there was a place Andrew released their sprite designs could you send the link if possible? Or if they're fanmade then the link to the page?

tumblr user ipgd made them for Collide and posted them on their blog

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Hey, w0ah, this is a weeeeird request but bare w/ me here. May I request AraL0z handh0lding? As in, Aradia and Kurl0z? Aradia has "straight acr0ss" bangs and the ends 0f her hair are dyed red; she was a pastel g0th and w0re a l0ng black skirt and black l0ng sleeved butt0n up with the Aries symb0l on the fr0nt p0cket w/ a white c0llar. Kurl0z w0re a sweater and tights rather than a b0dysuit but it l00ks essentially the same tbh haha S0rry this is s0 lengthy! Thank you!! 0u0

w ew that one took a while!! really fun though!!