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I am not very open about my bpd symptoms sometimes because I'm afraid that people will hate me or abandon me and that I'm making things about myself. I only react to extreme emotion in a self destructive way and I can usually use logic to get a hold on things, but I still feel it regardless and I rarely take my feelings out on people. I only split because of rejection am I a quiet borderline?

yeah probably

-mod Kieren

hello it’s Rae, I just wanted to let you guys know some stuff that’s happening in my life.
I recently ( a few days ago) came out to my mother as transgender. I thought that maybe my mom would accept me and love me because this past year she had been saying extremely accepting things and had been very very accepting of my other transgender friends. But when I came out to her she broke down in tears and told me that God doesn’t make mistakes and that I need to repent to Jesus if I don’t want to go to hell and kept asking me why I ‘chose’ this path and made it very clear that if I don’t start avidly practicing Catholicism then I won’t be accepted in her household. this was extremely heart shattering to me because all my life my mother supported me especially through out some extremely rough patches in my life and generally was the only person I could turn to for safety. she always told me that I am allowed to express myself and she’d love me for whoever I am and I am so broken because of this now. it’s becoming evident to me that things might become unsafe for me in this household so I need to start saving up money to move out, so I’m re-opening my emergency commissions, so that way I can collect money. I’ll be making a follow up post with art examples and price listings, it will be tagged as Rae’s emergency commissions etc, so please please at least reblog.
sincerely Rae (kurloz-maracas)