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Paint Me! :33c

“What are you doing?”

Kankri looked up from his book to see Kurloz deeply focused on his sketchbook. It wasn’t unusual for Kankri to see his palemate working on something in there but it was a little odd that he kept glancing up at Kankri every couple of strokes. 

Seeing Kankri had looked up, Kurloz’s stitched lips pulled up into a frown. He raised his non-dominant hand to sign even as he continued to draw. 

Stop moving. 

Kankri blinked and his cheeks went bright red, the color spreading straight to his ears as he realised what Kurloz was doing. With a flustered huff he went back to reading, glancing up to see the little satisfied smile on Kurloz’s lips as the original pose was back.

It was almost half an hour later that Kurloz got up. Kankri’s ears twitched and he looked up, almost excited to see how his diamond had portrayed him. There, on the page, sat a much more graceful, elegant Kankri than the Vantas had ever seen himself to be. All long lines and sleek curves, even his nubby little horns look beautiful, his lower lip bitten full and soft by his constant worrying. 

Kankri admired it, then his ears drooped. “I don’t look like that,” He said. “The real me–”

The real you looks exactly like that to me.

Kurloz smiled as he signed out the words and Kankri blushed straight to the tips of his ears. He gave a flustered grumble and butted his horn against Kurloz’s jaw in a stubborn show of affection. Kurloz chuckled, patting his hair gently.


((in reference to this))

Desperately needing the money in order to support his younger hatch mate and having no other options, Kankri works as a host/hostess, chatting to wealthy high bloods and serving them drinks, acting like he cares about their privileged lives, while also giving them the luxury of enjoying him NOT going off about their horribly triggering attitudes. Cronus and Kurloz have become his near permanent customers, using him as an opportunity to one up each other in their perspective businesses/have a petty wriggling rivalry of along the lines of “HE LIKES ME BETTER!!!1 *stomps foot*.” Shenanigans ensue.

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i have heard that kurloz and mituna are moirails, how do you feel about this kankri?

Scratch that, apparently he can’t keep such private matters, well, private.

H3'5 5OF7, 4ND KURLO2 5H4R35 3V3RY7H1NG, 7H15 15 NO D1FF3R3N7…


♥+♦=the greatest cuddle sessi9ns, math, wh9 knew… |:B

I will take fic requests!

I only will write homestuck fics and I will not accept every single one, I am only one high school student. But yeah, send requests and ill see what I can do.

What would your OTP do...
  • If they were locked in a room with no windows, no doors, just a pile of (insert random object) and a flashlight?
  • If they were put in charge of baking of cake for a mutual friend’s birthday?
  • If one of them got pregnant?
  • If they discovered the lost city of Atlantis?
  • If they opened a con of worms?
  • If they both got sick?
  • If one of them was kidnapped?
  • If one of them turned out to be an alien?

Just some Au ideas for anyone to use.