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Instructions: Recommend any 10 songs, write something about them if you want to, and pass this on!

  • Fjara by Sólstafir, a song that I will recommend to everyone to any given time, especially along with the video, it’s audiovisual perfection, really.

  • Autre Temps by Alcest, simply beautiful, as it takes you away dreaming. But I would recommend most songs/albums by Alcest, really. Beautifully melancholic, nostalgic. 

  • In A Robe Of Fire by :Of The Wand & The Moon:, because I simply love his soothing voice, especially in this very song. I’ve been listening way too much to it lately.

  • The River Splits The Stone by :novemthree:, it’s just such a wonderful neofolk song. Their lyrics are extraordinarily beautiful and this is a great example for that.

  • Korn by Forseti, again only one song that stands for the entire album/artist. Probably the most important artist of (not only) the German neofolk scene.

  • Not Unlike The Waves by Agalloch, from the Ashes Against The Grain album which comes closest to what I would call perfection. This one might even stand out a little bit.

  • Syrinx by Fauna, my favourite song by one my favourite atmospheric black metal bands. The highly atmospheric build up and the addition of female vocals near the end - wonderful.

  • Tearing Of The Weave by Alda, who are, in my opinion, ridiculously underrated. They definitely know how to create the kind of atmosphere I love in black metal.

  • Wanderer by Nebelung, based on a wonderful poem by the German poet Stefan George (1868-1933). Nebelung are also one of my favourite neofolk bands.

  • Empire Falls by Primordial, from my favourite album of theirs, To The Nameless Dead, which is simply outstanding in every regard. Probably one of my all-time favourites.

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Mun mielestä ihmiset ei oo tarpeeks luovia loukkauksissaan ni tässä lista hyvistä vaihtoehdoista

- Volvon vaihtorengas
- Kivi kengässä
- Lätkäjonnen käytetty nuuskapussi
- Likaiset kalsarit
- “Mee syömään kurkku ja paista kolme sipulia”
- Kupillinen muroja, joka on menny mössöks, koska se unohettii pöydälle
- Puhelimen akun viimenen prosentti
- Piper Chapman
- Liian pitkään grillillä ollut makkara
- Timo Soinin vasen kenkä

kurkku  asked:

Hi. I don't know you but I still wanna tell you how much I appreciate the awesome guy you seem to be. You're a great photographer and you seem to have a deep and sincere love for nature. I mean it's not only about taking good looking pictures from the Wild. There's something that reminds me of pantheism in your art. Also, you have a great taste in music.

This is such a lovely message, thank you very, very much! It means a lot to me, really. You are amazing and I can only tell you the same about your taste in music. I wish you all the best and a good night. :)


OMGMUN PUPU ON RUSKETTUNU TÄRISEN ENKESTÄ MITÄTÄÄON ihanin ikninä akfksnfkan ajaojalfhaihg meejnkuolemaa jonnekki heieipapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m a bit sick at moment so I got very inspired to make a vocabulary list all about feeling ill physically

Sick - sairas
Healthy - terve
Painkiller - särkylääke
Medicine - lääke
Doctor - lääkäri
Rest - lepo (verb. Levätä)
Pharmacy - apteekki
Sneeze - aivastaa (niistää; blow your nose)
Sleep - nukkua
Tissue - nenäliina
Achoo! - Ätsiuh!
Sniff - Niisk

Symptoms - oireet
Fever - kuume
Runny nose - nuha
Sore throat - kurkkukipu
Headache - päänsärky
Stomachache - vatsakipu
Throwing up - oksennus (verb. Oksentaa, to throw up. Oksettaa, to feel like throwing up)
Dry eyes - kuivat silmät
Loss of appetite - ruokahaluttomuus
Insomnia - unettomuus
Pain - särky, kipu
Cough - yskä (verb; yskiä)
To feel dizzy - huimata
Thermometer - lämpömittari
diarrhea - ripuli
fatique - väsymys
chills - kylmät väreet

Useful phrases
“Mulla on kuumetta”
I have fever

“..38 astetta”
..38 degrees

“Juo paljon vettä”
Drink a lot of water

“Mulla on nuha ja kurkku kipeä”
I have a runny nose and a headache.

“Parane pian!”
Get well soon!