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"Reiner?" Kurjak says, rough and urgent when he sees the younger man bloodied and shaking. He yells for a medic, peering over Reiner's wounds. He yanks his canteen off his belt, offers the faintly metallic water to the young soldier, and digs around for something to staunch the blood flow. "What happened? We'll tell the colonel. Sort this shit out and fix you up." ((For the gif meme thing you posted, assuming Kurjak found him like that!))

Reiner was shaken out of his thoughts by Kurjak’s rough voice. He was covered in blood and wasn’t sure as to whether it was his, someone else’s or a mutants. The man could barely recall what had even happened to him but the blood that poured across his shirt and gear mixed together and began drying in a black crusty mess.

His arm raised in a slow shaky fashion as he reached for the canteen. His mind a blur. After taking a sip he screwed the lid of the canteen on tightly. It’s metallic taste mixing with the raw taste of iron already existing on his tongue.
‘I … i don’t know’ whispered Reiner, he was beginning to feel dizzy again and dropped the canteen as he faded out of consciousness.