kurisu x okabe

The kiss scene in the Steins;Gate vn is so much better than the anime one for a variety of reasons. 

 1. Kurisu’s scientific jargon rambling after Okabe tells her she’s the girl most important to him 

 2. Okabe genuinely wondering if she hates him when she grabs his collar 

3. Apparently Kurisu smells like citrus 

4. Okabe takes a couple seconds to process the fact that she just kissed him and later says “It was like a lightening bolt to the brain." 

5. "My heart fills with love for Kurisu as she makes her frantic excuses.”

6. Kurisu says “Just a kiss…be gentle, okay?” and Okabe wonders what she thinks he’s going to do 


8. Kurisu makes little moaning noises 

9. They totally had sex bye