kurisu x okabe

Makise Kurisu Cherishes Memories

I was discussing some points about Kurisu and I felt like a lightbulb has shined in my head. . I noticed how much Kurisu cherishes memories! It’s a big part of her character! . Starting from her career as NEUROSCIENTIST . Her search is about RETAINING MEMORIES (which she later succeeds in doing, leading to the upgrade of the PhoneWave (Subject Name to Change 😂) and the creation of the time leap machine. . She says the feelings are MEMORIES that transcend time. . In episode 22, all she asked from Okabe is for him to REMEMBER her and NOT FORGET her because not forgetting her means that she’s there. It was enough for her, to know that she lives on inside the person she loves by remembering her! It was enough for her even if it means that she is dead in the Beta worldline! . “ALL I ask is that you REMEMBER ME … because I’ll be there. I’ll always be there”. . ((Selflessness, Love, Faith & Trust)).

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