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junmoneys-wallet’s questions:

1.) Favorite song (except K-pop songs)?

I have a few. Happy by Pharrell Williams, Halo by Beyonce, Made in the USA by Demi Lovato, etc. (I like Demi Lovato the most)

2.) What do you think of BaeBamaChan (Baekhyun+Obama+Jackie Chan)? (yea i’m srs and not sry ok leave me alone hurhurhur)

What. I don’t even know what that is.

3.) Your name? (that’s such a stupid question bc i know most of the people’s names i’ll tag but whatevr)

My name is Jathryn.

4.) An embarrassing story?

I have a lot. Let’s not get into this, I’m already a really awkward person.

5.) How’d you describe yourself?

Awkward, sleep-deprived, under 5-feet, half a band-nerd, -insert all the names of the fandoms that I’m in-

6.) What do you think of Germany?

I don’t really have a personal opinion, since I don’t know much.

7.) OTP? (Mine’s PeeNiss btw Peeta ‘n Katniss y’know)

I’m not into shipping/OTPs (sorry)

8.) Fav fanfic?

I don’t read fanfics. :/ 

9.) Why is Linh (dat’s me btw) a loser? (eff u Mia) :~)

Whaaat. I bet Linh is not a loser. 

10.) UHm. Favorite smiley?

c: It’s just cute.

11.) Just answer with a random picture, I’m sorry for being an uncreative piece of bread

I’m sorry, this is just the best thing. Ever.


My Questions

1. What is your favorite TV/Variety show?

2. Do you have any talents or things you enjoy doing

3. Do you have any nicknames?

4. What kind of phone do you have and what is your wallpaper?

5. Where have you traveled to?

6. Favorite animal?

7. Top 5 songs?

8. Morning or night?

9. Do you need one alarm or multiple alarms to get up? (I’m the multiple alarms)

10. How tall are you?

11. Is there a meaning behind your username?