DeSu 2 Episode 12: Give This A Mercy Killing

As I watch this show to the bitter end, it occurs to me that the writers of DeSu2 seem intent on creating something “new” - a series that only barely adheres to the narrative skeleton of the original game with only the broadest strokes of characterization intact.  The result is an anime that seems entirely divorced from its source material, a series that demands emotional investment not through nuanced characterization and a compelling plot, but from a Final Destination-esque death count. 

I sigh.  However, rather than harp on about the problematic choices that the anime makes with every episode as it careens towards a conclusion, I thought I’d do something different - and show the choices that the creators of the anime didn’t make.  Here, then, is some of what you’re not seeing in DeSu2: the missing bits that might have made this an entirely different show.

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Protect Clicky 2k15

Haha. Clicky. Oh, Joe…

This is a post I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, but have never had the chance to sit down and completely pull my thoughts together. MoonMoon made a post not to long ago that was nice and inspired me to finally get off me arse and put together everything I’d gathered since Record Breaker came out.

Now, before I begin, let two facts be made straight: First, I’m not going to talk about the bonus “Triangulum” arc because I’m trying not to spoil anything for people who have only played the DS version and/or have not reached that point in the game yet. Second, I do not hate Yamato Hotsuin at all. Like damn son, I love his character. This legitimately isn’t a character-hate post, and if I come off that way, then I am genuinely sorry because I really like Chief Takoyaki a lot. But. I just wanted it to be understood that this isn’t a “Yamato versus Ronaldo” issue in the sense that I think people should hate one over the other or anything similar.

This is, however, a post intending to defend Ronaldo’s character. So I will talk about him more, but I am not out to condemn Yamato either.

So~! That aside…

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