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so i may not talk to all of you/you know my existence but if you’re on here i really enjoy your blog and i think you’re awesome AND IF I FORGOT YOU I’M SORRY I RAN OUT OF ROOM :( i love you all i wish i could put you all on here!!

also i cant tag all of you so yeah

Questions I've asked Suzy and Abby about Yu-Gi-Oh:

Why doesn’t anyone notice that Yugi changes?

Do these people even have jobs or do they just duel? Can they live like that?

Pegasus is twenty-fucking-four?!

What’s Teas real name?



Can I ship myself with the dark magician?


Why does Pegasus even care about Kaiba corp?

Can someone just get rid of Mokuba he’s so annoying

Weevil and Rex are in love, right?

Why is Pegasus even holding this tournament if he wants Yugis millenium item? Why not just steal his soul? Wouldn’t that be so much easier? Then take the item?

Suzy: “Because then the series would be over in about three episodes.”

kuribohpanties said: You’ll go into work next and he’ll walk up to you and be all “So… Digimon, eh?” and then you’ll bond and it will be beautiful.

It will be a beautiful moment indeed. Complete with a perfectly executed duet rendition of the Digi-Rap. B)