DMMd Comics Anthology - Delicious Doughnuts

Title:  DRAMAtical Murder Comics Anthology - Delicious Doughnuts
Artist:  Keijiu
Fandom:  DRAMAtical Murder
Pairing:  Clear/Aoba
Rating:  PG-13
Language:  Japanese → English
Scanlation by: JakeHercy

Synopsis:  Clear’s interested in creating certain doughy delights.

Notes!: Obviously an independent thing, me being bored and wanting to try my hand at translating/typesetting for the first time. I am in no way a professional translator, but I like to try my best. Original scans by anneemay.

Please like/reblog if you enjoyed my translation, and please do not repost or claim as your own!

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  • *sees otp looking at each other*
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re: recipe for clear

Step one:
Carry him home
Reassure yourself that he’ll be fine
Drag him to your room
Step two:
Fix him yourself
Don’t come out of your room for months
When she knocks and calls don’t answer
Keep trying
Keep trying
Keep trying
Step three:
Stop trying by yourself
You can’t do it alone
Answer all her questions
Ask for her help
Give him to her
Step four:
Keep hoping he’ll be okay
Keep hoping he’ll be okay
He’ll be okay
Believe in her
Step five:
Ask about him everyday
Eventually stop
Pestering her won’t make the progress speed up
Step six:
Go home
Unlock the door
Go up to your room
Drop off your bag
Talk about how much you miss him
Hear the song he always sang
Look around the room for him
Go out onto the patio
Step seven:
Go and hold him close
Welcome him home
Cry and make sure he’s real
Cry alot
Cry because he’s here
Step eight:
Visit his home
Visit his room
Visit his grandfather
Say hello
Step nine:
Look at the covered mirror
Show him how normal he is
Let him reminisce
Hold him
Step ten:
Realize that you won’t live forever
Realize that every second counts
Spend every moment together
Step ten B:
Notice the patches of skin that don’t match
Kiss the patches
Moan his name
Lovingly embrace him
Step eleven:
Listen to his humming
Love him forever and always
Until the day you die