DMMd Comics Anthology - Delicious Doughnuts

Title:  DRAMAtical Murder Comics Anthology - Delicious Doughnuts
Artist:  Keijiu
Fandom:  DRAMAtical Murder
Pairing:  Clear/Aoba
Rating:  PG-13
Language:  Japanese → English
Scanlation by: JakeHercy

Synopsis:  Clear’s interested in creating certain doughy delights.

Notes!: Obviously an independent thing, me being bored and wanting to try my hand at translating/typesetting for the first time. I am in no way a professional translator, but I like to try my best. Original scans by anneemay.

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Clear's Summer Side Story

For some reason, what (in my opinion) is the cutest and funniest of all the Summer Side Stories was one of the ones that never got translated into English, so I thought I might as well do it myself.

Somehow I actually finished translating this. I know, miracle, right?

Anyway, Enjoy. Please let me know if I stuffed up with it somewhere.