by: mldrgrl
Rated: R
Summary:  A sequel to Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down. Post-all things, Scully finally catches up to Mulder.  Spoilers for pretty much half of season 6 and 7, but if you haven’t caught up by now, why are you here?

Trust Mulder to tell Scully he was in love with her one minute and then turn around and run off with Diana Fowley in the next.  It stung.  Badly.  Not just that he’d trusted Fowley over her, but that he’d accused her of letting her personal feelings cloud her judgment.  It was a long time before she could forgive him of that.  

She never doubted the sincerity of his confession, but the desertion and the accusation that came so quickly later threatened to dismantle both their personal and professional relationship.  The trust that had been so hard won between them became all but lost overnight.

Whether he knew it or not, Mulder, it seemed to her, turned to outside sources to fill the space she once filled.  His random, late night phone calls stopped, and she assumed it was due to the tension between them, and it probably was, but when she found out about his friendship with Karin Berquist, it made sense to her.  She could see that Mulder and Karin were lonely, kindred spirits, even if he could not.  It pained her to think of him like that, and it became the catalyst of her desire to see them once again on better terms.

Progress was still slow.  He had that same look in his eyes when she’d nearly had her heart torn out of her chest on his living room floor as he did when she’d been shot in the gut.  And though he held her while she cried and she had to reassure him many times that she was fine, the usual overt gestures weren’t there.  He didn’t offer to stay with her, he didn’t ask if she was sleeping okay, he didn’t even crack a joke about it.

Then he had confused her by coaxing her out late one evening to play baseball.  It was the happiest she’d seen him in a long time.  He was relaxed and it made her relaxed as well.  He made her laugh and just for a few hours, everything felt right again.  Not long after that, the return of Diana Fowley changed everything again.

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I don’t remember how it all started but yesterday my friend wrote a fanfic about an AU when HE is not a game company but a food court.

sometimes i’ll caption things as “this is the worst thing i’ve ever drawn” but honestly never doubt my ability to sink even lower


Se te ligar avisando que senti uma dor no peito, não se desespere. Não é infarto, é saudade. E, teu número vai estar na minha discagem rápida, não o do médico. Porque você sabe mexer no meu interior sem precisar da anatomia, basta passar esses dedinhos esguios pela minha bochecha e encostar os lábios rosados nos meus. Você me cura com um sorriso e descobre minha enfermidade com um olhar simplório. Ninguém te paga para tomar conta de um coração que tem arritmia toda vez que chega num raio de dez metros de você, mas você o faz do mesmo jeito. E, quando eu passo mal de saudade e não te ligo, é por medo de você vir e eu morrer de amor. Assim, de uma hora pra outra, sem mais nem menos, só cair para trás com um sorriso no rosto e morrer feliz.