The blessing of baby Jalura

Was a hit! Like, holy crap guys I didn’t think it would be such a huge turn out!

I would love to thank @thetomatofaerie for their lovely blessing! It was so moving and beautiful, thank you so much for your help! @hoganlegdrop for his lovely and beautiful shaman blessing! And @dylan-deathcrow for his dazzling blessing from the arcane! @tokenbroken for his wonderful closing speech too, it was quite moving!

I would also like to personally extend my thanks from the Sha’tor to those of Nor Kure, it was an honour for you all to attend. Thank you so much! 

To everyone else that attended to! A big and wonderful thank you! You all made this an amazing event and I could never thank you enough! 

日:ただ そんなカッコじゃ敵(てき)と戦(たたか)えないってことだけ わかってくれ(tada sonna kakko ja teki to tatakaenai tte koto dake wakatte kure)
P:É só que… com essas roupas vocês não têm como lutar contra o inimigo. Só quero que entendam isso.
E:It’s just that… you can’t fight the enemy with those clothes. I just want you guys to understand that.

日:悲(かな)しいけど世(よ)の中(なか)には(kanashii kedo yo no naka ni wa)
P:É triste mas, neste mundo…
E:It’s sad but, in this world…

日:人(ひと)を見(み)た目(め)で判断(はんだん)する奴(やつ)がいっぱいいるんだ(hito wo mitame de handan suru yatsu ga ippai iru n da)
P:Tem muita gente que julga os outros pela aparência.
E:There’re a lot of people that judge others based on their appearance.

日:もちろん敵(てき)もそういう奴(やつ)らだから…(mochiron teki mo sou iu yatsura dakara…)
P:E claro que o inimigo é uma dessas pessoas…
E:And it’s obvious that the enemy is one of those people…

日:鎧(よろい)を身(み)に纏(まと)え!!!(yoroi wo mi ni matoe)
P:Vamos vestir nossas armaduras!!!
E:Let’s put on our armor!!!

Zoku 11nin Iru Musical - 好きだから... (Because I love you...) Lyrics + English Translation

[Oda] どうして… (doushite..)                                           
いつもすれ違う (itsumo sure chigau)                                    
俺たちの恋 (oretachi no koi)
こんなに (konna ni)
お前を愛しているんだ (omae wo aishite irunda)
俺の気持ち (ore no kimochi)
一つの言葉 (hitotsu no kotoba)
欲しいだけなのに (hoshii dake nano ni)
いつもお前は (itsumo omae wa)
口をつぐむ (kuchi wo tsugumu)
[Kudo] どうして… (doushite)
いつもすれ違う(itsumo sure chigau)
僕たちの恋 (bokutachi no koi)
こんなに (konna ni)
君が大切なんだ (kimi ga taisetsu nanda)
僕の気持ち(boku no kimochi)
守りたい (mamoritai)
僕の願い (boku no negai)
届かずにいつも (todokazu ni itsumo)
君は悲しい顔 (kimi wa kanashii kao)
[Oda] 好きだから (suki dakara)
言ってくれ (itte kure)
[Kudo] 好きだから (suki dakara)
言えない (ie nai)
[Oda] 好きだから (suki dakara)
言葉が欲しい (kotoba ga hoshii)
[Kudo] 好きだから (suki dakara)
言葉失う (kotoba ushinau)
[Oda] 置いていくな (oiteikuna) [Kudo] 連れて行けない (tsureteikenai)
[Oda] 側にいたい (soba ni itai) [Kudo] 君を失いたくない (kimi wo ushitakunai)
[Oda] お前いなくては (omae inakute wa) [Kudo] 君がいなくては (kimi ga inakute wa)
[Oda] 空に星は輝がない (sora ni hoshi wa kagaya ga nai)  [Kudo] 空に星は輝がない (sora ni hoshi wa kagaya ga nai)
[Oda] 愛してる 愛してる 愛してる 愛してる!!(aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru!!)
[Oda] 俺はお前を愛しているんだ (ore wa omae wo aishite irunda)
お前のサヨナラ背を向けられても (omae no sayonara sei wo mukeraretemo)
どこまでも どこまでも (dokomademo dokomademo)
お前を追い言うよ (omae wo oi iu yo)
愛してる 愛してる 愛してる 愛してる!! (aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru!!)
宙を超え (sora wo koe)
お前を思う (omae wo omou)
これが俺の (kore ga ore no)
永遠なんだ (eien nanda)

Do we always pass by each other
In terms of our love
But because of this
I love you
My feelings
Just one word
I wished you would just tell me
Since you always have
Kept quiet

Do we always pass by each other
In terms of our love
But because of this
You are so important to me
My feelings

I want to protect you
It is my wish
Whenever I tried to reach out to you
I always see your sad face

[Oda] Because I love you, I want you to tell me
[Kudo] Because I love you, I don’t need you to tell me
[Oda] Because I love you, I want you to speak to me
[Kudo] Because I love you, I don’t need you to speak to me

[Oda] Please don’t leave me ; [Kudo] I can’t take you along with me
[Oda] I want to be by your side; [Kudo] I don’t want to lose you
[Oda] You have to exist; [Kudo] You have to exist
[Oda] Otherwise the stars in the sky won’t be shining [Kudo] Otherwise the stars in the sky won’t be shining
[Oda] I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!

Because I am in love with you, 
I will always turn towards you even if you have your back facing me and even if you say goodbye,
Wherever you are, wherever you may be.

I say I will chase you 
Because I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!! 

Even if it is beyond space, 
Me thinking of you Is something that 
Will be eternal

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any good Space Goat guilds? Thanks!

UHH i only know of two draenei guilds:

  • <the shator> on wyrmrest accord (which i am in)
  • <nor kure> on moon guard

if there are others out there, they either aren’t very big/are obscure, are inactive, or i’m just entirely oblivious (which is honestly the most likely possibility).

i’m sorry i can’t be of more help. :(