Displaced ISIS victims in Kurdistan


A Kurdish girl from Rojhelat, living in Norway, started this project. She is currently in Hewler for this purpose. Please, share this and donate. Together with the Kurdish Red Crescent she will buy most needed essentials as seen, to help them and have better conditions.


July 20 2015 - Protesters angry about the IS bomb attack in Suruç, which killed 32 young activists who were going on a humanitarian mission to help rebuild Kobane, held rallies in several Turkish and Kurdish cities. They were also protesting the Turkish government’s lack of action against ISIS. Turkish riot police attacked rallies in multiple cities with water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. [video]/[video]


Young women form self-defense team in Cizre

As police attacks escalate in the Kurdish town of Cizre, Turkey, young women have founded an autonomous self-defense unit.

The town of Cizre, in Şırnak province of Northern Kurdistan (in Turkey), is no stranger to police violence. As the AKP continues pushing war on the region, police have launched raids and attacks in many province. The state’s attacks have especially targeted women’s bodies. Recently, police tortured the naked body of Kurdish guerrilla Kevser Eltürk (nom de guerre Ekin Wan). They then posed with her dead body and shared photographs on social media.

Now, the young women of Cizre have formed a self-defense team named for Ekin Wan. They have hung posters of Kurdish woman resistance fighters throughout the streets of Cizre. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) founder Sakine Cansız’s face now hangs over the streets. Fallen YPJ fighters who traveled to Rojava to fight in the revolution also appear on the posters.

The women announced that they have no ties with any organization. They said that they have autonomously founded the team “to stop the savagery waged on women’s bodies in the person of Ekin Wan.”

“The AKP government’s answer to the resolution process started by Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdish people, has been killings and imprisonment,” said a young woman named Zelal. “And we understood that the state never approaches the Kurdish people with sincerity.” She noted that the Turkish state has taken no steps in resolving the Kurdish issue. Instead, police have begun attacking civilians across the region.

“In Ekin Wan, we saw the state’s rage against women,” said Zelal. “So we founded a young women’s team.” The women have armed themselves and plan to defend themselves and their neighborhoods.


The mother who protects Kobanê with the weapons of her martyred sons: Zeyneb Alî 40 year old mother of 2 martyrs, picked up her sons weapons “I’m not only the mother of those 2 martyrs, I’m mother to Kobanê". Zeyneb a mother of 7, her oldest son Sebrî Alî known as Baz Botan was martyred 19th September 2014 in the village of Suskê fighting ISIS. His younger brother picked up his weapon and went on the same path, and was martyred on the 11th of March 2015 in a brave stand against ISIS in the village of Qara-Qozax. After that their mother decided to continue on the same path “I never let their weapon stay on the ground. We women have proven that we can protect our land. Kobanê has not fallen and will not fall.”