kurdish traditional clothes


pictures: 1) and 2) traditional clothing of kurds of khorasan, 3) and 4) traditional dance performed by kurds of khorasan. photo © ahmed nadalian

the kurds of khorasan 

the kurds of khorasan or khorasani kurds (kurdên xorasanê in kurdish) are kurds inhabiting the provinces of razavi khorasan and north khorasan in iran. the kurds of khorasan number anywhere from 500,000 - 1,000,000, most of them living in the province of razavi khorasan.

kurds of khorasan have been highly influenced by uzbeks, azeris, and others within the region, however, they have still maintained many aspects of traditional kurdish culture.

how did they get to khorasan?

in the early 17th century during the safavid empire, a large number of kurds were deported to the region of khorasan. one of the main reasons for the deportation of thousands of kurds to khorasan was to isolate and divide the kurds, who were strong in their culture.

khorasani kurds’ culture:

Civil Protection Units-Women:

YPS-Jin is a Kurdish military organization that was set up in 2016 as the female brigade of the Civil Protection Units.

The YPS-Jin was formed by Kurdish women in North Kurdistan as part of the general YPS, (Civil Protection Units) Kurdish women need to be able to protect themselves and their spaces using arms when necessary.

The Kurdish people have been fighting for their existence until today, with Kurdish women playing a great part in this struggle. Is it not our mothers who have protected the Kurdish language from assimilation for the past hundred years by being teachers to their children and the carriers of this language? The system and enemy knows this and attacks the people’s culture, even women’s traditional Kurdish clothing. Kurdish women are part of an epic struggle today and as the YPS-Jin we will either create a free life or die resisting against the slavery that is being imposed on us. We want our people to be hopeful; Kurdistan is going to be a reality soon. If a sacrifice needs to be made, we will make the sacrifice but our people will have their freedom.