Kurdish Warrior Women Fearlessly fighting the evils of ISIS at every turn. Made especially fierce by the knowledge of what ISIS will do to them if they are captured. And made an especially effective due to the fact that ISIS fighters believe that if killed by a woman they will be chastised in the afterlife.


Reuters: 260 kurdish and islamic state fighters killed in Offensive

Afrin: a region completely controlled by Kurds ever since the YPG and SDF there took over when the Syrian Arab Army retracted at the onset of civil war with absolutely no Islamic State presence

Reuters publishing a blatant lie to soften the blow of the outrageously named “Operation Olive Branch” Turkish assault on Kurdish land in Syria: priceless

I keep forgetting to post Syrian civil war stuff.. i need to make a huge master post since last i really posted was in regards to the expulsion of ISIS in eastern syria.. alot has changed since..

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