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Scenario where the boys forget their anniversary. And when they realize and go to apologize/make it up to them, their s/o pretends to be super upset (they don't really care, they know the boys are busy with other things) just to make them squirm for Keigo, Shiraishi, Seiichi, Byoudoin, Kazuya, Akaya, and Kaidoh.

Here you go, love! <3 I hope you like it. xxxx

Usually you would come running when he walked through the front door so as soon as you ignored his greeting when he came home he knew that he fucked up big time. He already felt bad about forgetting your anniversary, but seeing you so upset only made it worse. He knew that you had every right to be upset with him and he only could try to somehow make it up to you…


Atobe carefully loosened his tie before he walked up to you. He cleared his throat and finally you looked up at him with teary eyes. Atobe felt his heart clench and he immediately reached out to gently caress your cheek while simultaneously holding out a bouquet of your favorite flowers. “My deepest apologies, love. You can’t even imagine how disappointed I am with myself. No matter how busy I was it’s unforgivable that I forgot our anniversary. I hope you’ll give me the chance to make it up to you.” Atobe looked so sincere you couldn’t hold back a giggle. Atobe rose one eyebrow in confusion when you pulled him down at your height and pecked his lips, playfully tugging on his tie “It’s okay, Keigo. I was just teasing you. I’m not really upset, I know how busy you are.” Atobe smiled and softly kissed your forehead, wrapping one arm around your waist, I love you, you know that?” You grinned, “I know.“ Atobe chuckled, “In my defense I already bought you a gift a few months ago. Well, that still doesn’t stop me from making it up to you. I made a few calls to prepare something. Get dressed, love.”


Shiraishi awkwardly shifted his weight, not sure how to approach you. Slowly he took a few steps towards you, nervously placing a hand on your shoulder in hope to get you to at least look at him, but you simply shrugged his hand off and walked into the kitchen. Like a lost puppy Shiraishi trailed after you, pleading “I’m so sorry. I don’t even know how to apologize. God, how could I forget something so important? You know that I love you, right? Please, (Name)… I get that you are disappointed, but I promise it won’t happen again. I’ll make it up to you…please.” Shiraishi watched your back, your shoulders shaking lightly and he felt his heart drop into his stomach – he made you cry. Shiraishi clenched his fists, dropping his head in shame. You turned around when he didn’t say anything more. Seeing him so crestfallen made you feel bad and you silently walked up to him, wrapping your arms around his torso to place your head on his chest, “I was just kidding. I’m not upset. I love you, idiot.” Shiraishi let out a relieved sighed and wrapped his arms around you to pull you closer, “You really had me worried there, (Name) and I’m still sorry. I promise we are going to celebrate even if it’s a bit late.”


Yukimura ran a hand through his hair, letting out a quiet sigh. He couldn’t even explain it to himself how he forgot your anniversary so how the hell should he explain it to you. It wasn’t like him to let something so important slip his mind. You didn’t even spare him a glance and simply walked past him, but Yukimura gently caught your wrist, stopping you in your way. You refused to meet his eyes and Yukimura let out another sigh, feeling even angrier with himself than before. He gently cupped your cheeks, his long and slender fingers brushing over your skin when he tilted your head upwards so you were meeting his eyes. When he finally started to speak you could hear the sadness in his voice, “I know you are upset with me and you have every right to. I’m really sorry, darling. I know it doesn’t make it all better, but I prepared a picnic for us, let me try to make it up to you.” You let out a quiet laugh and gently combed your fingers through his hair “I’m not really upset, Seii-chan. I’m still surprised you forgot, but that shows me that even someone like you can forget things. You tease me so often, I couldn’t let the opportunity slip to see you squirm a bit.” Yukimura laughed and pulled you in a kiss “I’ll remember that, (Name). I assume you let me take you on that picnic?”


With an annoyed grunt Byoudoin sat down next to you on the couch. He knew that he had no right to be annoyed, but he still hated to admit that he had done something wrong. Byoudoin hoped that you would say something first, but after a few minutes without even a hello from you, he knew that he had to make the first step. He let out a groan before he grumbled “I know I fucked up, (Name). Just tell me what to do to make it up to you.” You had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes – he could at least apologize nicely. Thankful for your acting skills you tilted your head to look up at Byoudoin, sniffling while a single tear rolled down your cheek. Byoudoin cursed, his eyes widening in panic “Shit… O-Oi, don’t cry.” Byoudoin awkwardly patted your head, but you only continued sniffling. He helplessly looked at you before he lifted you on his lap. One of his muscular arms wrapped around your waist and he pushed your face in his chest, “H-Hey, stop crying. I’m sorry, okay? We can watch your favorite movie and shit, just stop crying. I’ll take you out to wherever you want… even to Disneyland or something like that.” You tilted your head back and looked up at him with a grin “Okay! I’ll take you up on that offer.” Byoudoin frowned, but nodded his head, knowing that he was no match against you.


Tokugawa’s eyes nervously shifted around the room. He often felt like he wasn’t a good enough boyfriend for someone like you and after forgetting your anniversary he felt even worse. You buried yourself in your blanket when Tokugawa walked up to you, looking up at him with sad puppy eyes. Tokugawa opened and closed his mouth a few times without saying a word and to be honest it was rather adorable seeing him so nervous. Finally Tokugawa managed to speak up, his voice rough with regret “U-Uhm… I’m sorry for forgetting our anniversary. I know you deserve better and I really didn’t mean to.” When you still didn’t say anything Tokugawa pulled out a small box and crouched down in front of the couch. He had trouble opening it, fumbling around for a bit before he finally managed to pop the lid open. Your eyes landed on the delicate silver chain with a beautifully decorated locket and you already felt bad for making Tokugawa think you really were mad at him. Slowly lifting the necklace up he directed his unsure eyes at you, “C-Can I put it on? I know it’s no excuse but it already bought it last month for our anniversary.” He was so adorable you rolled your eyes and leaned down to place a kiss on his lips. Tokugawa immediately blushed and you giggled, “I’m not really mad, Kazuya. And thank you for the necklace, it’s beautiful.”


Kirihara was the perfect picture of an abandoned puppy. Despite how much you ignored him he followed you wherever you went, whining apologies. He had a bag in his hands and slowly you got curious what he had in there so you stopped in the kitchen. Kirihara immediately jumped at the chance. He tightly wrapped one of his arms around your waist and hid his face in your neck, “I’m really, really, really sorry, (Name)! Please don’t be mad.” You only raised an eyebrow in response and Kirihara started to tear up “I know it’s my fault, but I really love you.” You let out a sigh and softly patted Kirihara’s locks “You are just too adorable. I’m not really upset. I was just teasing you.” Kirihara perked up at your words, a wide grin lighting up his face. You let out a groan when he squeezed you tightly, almost crushing you in his arms “You are the best, (Name)!” Trying to get him to loosen his grip you patted his back “I would love to continue being the best if you don’t crush me.” Kirihara pulled back with a sheepish grin and held up the bag he still was holding “I got ice cream… well it’s probably already melted, but it’s your favorite.”


Kaidoh’s shoulder’s dropped when you didn’t even look at him and only swiftly turned around to walk up the stairs. He often wondered why someone like you would go out with someone as awkward as him and now he even forgot your anniversary. He only wants the best for you and he really hated himself for not even being able to give you a perfect anniversary. Kaidoh let out a sigh and slowly walked up the stairs following you into the bedroom where you lay curled up on the bed. He didn’t even dare to meet your eyes, shyly looking at the floor when he spoke up “I don’t know how to apologize for forgetting out anniversary, but I’m sorry, (Name). I don’t deserve you, but I reserved a table at your favorite restaurant…” He sheepishly rubbed his neck, glancing up at you with a blush “m-maybe you want to go with me?” When you didn’t respond he immediately dropped his head again “I know that this doesn’t make up for forgetting, but I would at least like to try to apologize… I really love you.” You let out a squeal about how adorable he was and jumped out of bed to wrap your arms around his neck. Kaidoh was completely confused but returned your hug nonetheless.

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Hey Mia! Can I just say thank you for taking your time and effort to write all these scenarios! :) hoping you can write about Sanada, Tezuka, Shiraishi, Atobe, Yukimura and their S/O(f) first fight and makeup as a married couple?

Thank you so much, sweetheart! <3 I’m soo sorry, that it took me so long to post this. I really love your request, but I somehow couldn’t come up with good fights. I hope you like it nonetheless, love! <3


Humming you prepared dinner. You swayed your hips in tune with your own melody, setting down plates on the table. Glancing over the table you decided that it looked fine, only lacking a little romantic atmosphere. You quickly rushed into the living room, fetching a nice candle holder. After setting the candle holder down and lighting the candles you smiled to yourself – perfect. Sanada had been really busy after your honeymoon and you were excited to finally do something typical for newlyweds. You went all out when you cooked dinner and Sanada should be home in a few minutes since he promised you to finish work early today. 

An hour later you were sitting at the table alone, angrily wiping the tears from your eyes. You dumped all of your cooking into the trash can and exactly that moment you could hear the jingling of keys. Sanada walked into the kitchen, an exhausted look on his face. When he saw the expression on your face and the dinner in the trash can he froze. You could see the realization in his eyes and let out a humorless laugh “Oh, now you remember.” Sanada took a step towards you and opened his mouth, but you backed away and cut him off “You don’t have to say anything. Why did you even marry me when you don’t want to spend time with me?! I get that you are busy and that’s okay, but then you promise me to have a nice dinner together. Maybe it wasn’t important for you, but I looked forward to it! I tried to make everything perfect for you!” Your voice grew louder and you knew that you were starting to act unfair and childish, but you were so disappointed. Pushing Sanada out of the way you stormed out of the room, wanting to calm down a bit before you could say something you would really regret. 

You managed to storm towards the front door, but before you could open it a muscular arm wrapped around your waist, lifting you from the ground and effectively stopping you from getting any further. Sanada’s deep voice rumbled into your ear “Please stop, (Name)-chan.” You kicked your legs while squirming in his hold “Let me down!”. You felt more like a kid than like an adult. Sanada loosened his hold and gently set you back down. You wanted to storm off, but the broken sound of Sanada’s voice made you stop immediately “D-Don’t leave me, please…” He sounded so desperate, completely different than the man you knew. Slowly, you turned around. Sanada’s eyes pleadinglybored into yours and he held out a shaking hand to you. You were taken aback by his panicked and scared look. It wasn’t like you would really leave him. Sure, you were angry and disappointed, but he was your husband and you loved him more than anything else in the world. 

You lightly placed your hand into his and Sanada’s fingers immediately wrapped around yours. You always had loved the feeling of his callous, but warm hand and today wasn’t any different. Sanada pulled you towards him, engulfing you in a tight hug. You could feel the rapid beating of his heart when one of his shaking hands tangled into your hair, bringing you even closer to his chest “I messed up. Shit, I’m really sorry.” Sanada usually never cursed and it showed you just how upset he was. “I was working overtime, to make you happy, but I just managed to upset you. I wanted to work as much as possible to take a week off for your birthday. I wanted to take you on a little vacation. Shit, I really just wanted to make you happy…” With every word of him you felt more like an awful person for making such a scene. 

Raising to your tiptoes you pressed your lips against his, shutting him off. Sanada’s hands found your hips, pressing you against him. When you pulled back you let out a laugh “I feel like an ass for freaking out so much. You don’t have to worry so much. I married you because I love you, so I wouldn’t just leave you.” Sanada blushed and awkwardly cleared his throat before mumbling “I love you too.” God, he was so adorable. You giggled some more and took his hand in yours to pull him along with you “Well, I threw away dinner, but we still can order takeout and ice cream. Can we have ice cream?” Sanada quickly nodded his head, giving your hand a gentle squeeze.


Your period started yesterday and like always your feelings were all over the place. You married Tezuka 4 months ago and you loved every minute of your married life. Usually you tried to avoid Tezuka during your period, knowing exactly how you could be during this time. Today you decided to spend the day with your girls. You went to a beauty salon and felt great after relaxing and chatting with the girls. Your best friend just recently opened her own hair salon and you promised her to check it out after the beauty day. You were just admiring the salon, complementing her on the chic decorations when she offered you a free haircut. Obviously you said yes, the day couldn’t get any better. In an excellent mood you arrived at home, already looking forward to eat some chocolate and chill on the couch.  

Tezuka was sitting in the living room, reading a book. When you entered the room he looked up from the book “Welcome home, (Name). I hope you had fun with your friends.” You skipped towards your husband, placing a quick kiss on his cheeks before exclaiming excitedly “It was awesome!” Tezuka nodded in acknowledgment of your words. Expectantly you looked at Tezuka, but he already had diverted his attention back to his book. You cleared your throat to catch his attention again, “Kunimitsu!” Tezuka looked back up, closing his book “Yes?” God, how could he be so dense?! “Don’t you notice something?” You gestured towards yourself and Tezuka quickly let his eyes wander over your face and body. He tilted his head a bit, “No. Should I?” Obviously he should! Would you have asked if he shouldn’t?! 

You felt your mood change drastically and just like that you were already shouting at Tezuka “How can’t you notice it?! Do you even really look at me?!” Tezuka looked startled about your outburst, but his voice stayed calm “Are you okay, (Name)? Obviously, I look at you.” You pouted “And how do I look?”  Tezuka was completely confused, his answer sounding more like a question “You look like always?” That wasn’t what you wanted to hear at all. “Like always? Like always?! Do you mean as ugly as I always am or what?!” You didn’t even give Tezuka the chance to answer before you stormed off. You ran into your shared bedroom, wrapping yourself into the blanket before curling up on your bed. 

You immediately felt bad for yelling at Tezuka and to make things worse, you started to have really bad cramps. When Tezuka came into the room a minute later he found you crying on the bed. He still was more than a little confused, but sat down on the edge of the bed. You looked up at him with teary eyes, “I don’t want you to hate me.” A look of surprise flashed over Tezuka’s face and he gently placed a hand on the small of your back, rubbing soothing circles “I could never hate you, (Name).” Immediately you felt a bit better and crawled onto Tezuka’s lap, tightly wrapping your arms around his torso. You knew that your behavior must be confusing, but you couldn’t help it. Tezuka softly wrapped his arms around you while you were crying into his chest, “I don’t want you to think I’m ugly. I thought you would like my new haircut… why don’t you like it? I really, really love you and now I yelled at you and you won’t love me as much as you did before and I’m having cramps.” 

Slowly realization dawned on Tezuka and he let out a relieved sigh. He gently kissed your forehead before making you look him in the eyes, “I still love you as much as before, a bit yelling won’t change my feelings for you. I’m sorry I didn’t notice your new haircut, but that doesn’t mean that I think you are ugly. When I said you look like always I meant that you look as beautiful as always.” It was unusual for Tezuka to speak so much about his feelings, so his little speech made you feel so loved. More tears started to pour out of your eyes and Tezuka thought he had something wrong, again until you choked out between sobs “I’m so happy. You are the best husband ever. I love you so, so much!” Tezuka showed you a small, gentle smile – the smile that was reserved just for you “I can bring you a heating pad if you want.”


Shiraishi promised to take you out for dinner to the new restaurant you wanted to go. You were now married for a bit more than a year and things couldn’t be better. He was the perfect husband, constantly making you happy and feel loved. You slipped into a fancy dress. You spent hours styling your hair and doing your make-up, excited for the evening. Looking at your reflection in the mirror you called out for Shiraishi. He walked into the bedroom, already dressed in a tuxedo, looking even more handsome than usual. Smiling you looked over your shoulder “Can you help me with the zipper?” Shiraishi stepped behind you, his hand lightly brushing over the exposed skin of your back, sending shivers down your spine. He placed a small kiss on your neck before pulling up the zipper of your dress “You look beautiful, (Name)-chan.” Giggling you turned around to place your hands on his chest “You don’t look too bad yourself.” Shiraishi laughed, before helping you in your jacket “I try to somehow keep up with my beautiful wife.” 

Half an hour later you walked into the restaurant, Shiraishi’s arm securely wrapped around your waist. A young waitress led you to your table and you immediately realized that she was stealing glances at Shiraishi. You first shrugged it off, but your mood dropped when she started to openly flirt with your husband. She wordlessly placed down your order, but suggestively leaned down when she placed down Shiraishi’s order. During the whole evening she said no word to you, only talking and giggling with Shiraishi. You weren’t really the jealous type, but it was far too much when she wrote down her number on the check after Shiraishi paid. To make things worse Shiraishi only chuckled before taking the check. 

You silently walked out of the restaurant. Your evening was completely ruined. You jerked away when Shiraishi placed a hand on the small of your back. He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say a word until you reached your house. As soon as the door closed behind you he led you into the living room “Did I do something to upset you, (Name)-chan?” His calmness made you even angrier. Hello, did he really think it was fine to accept the number from some girl in front of his wife?! You huffed and crossed your arms in front of your chest “Really?! Why don’t you call the waitress and ask her?” Shiraishi broke out into loud laughter, making you feel completely ridiculous. You shot him a glare and hissed “Fuck you.”  before rushing out of the room. You threw yourself down on the bed after slamming the door behind you. You just wanted to spend a nice evening with Shiraishi how could the evening go so wrong? How could he laugh at you being upset about him accepting other woman’s phone numbers? Did he do things like that more often? You always trusted Shiraishi completely, but now you weren’t so sure anymore. 

You somehow managed to squirm out of your dress and pulled the shirt you usually slept into over your head. It loosely hung on your body. It was one of Shiraishi’s old shirts and as soon as you remembered that the water works started. You bitterly congratulated yourself for applying waterproof makeup, when Shiraishi suddenly walked into the bedroom. His eyes widened when he saw the tears on your cheeks and he quickly kneeled down in front of you, cupping your face “No, no, no… don’t cry, baby.” 

He gently wiped the tears away “Oh god, please stop crying. You got it all wrong, baby.” You sniffled “Then why did you accept the number and laughed about me?” Shiraishi sat down next to you on the bed, pulling you on his lap despite your rather weak protest “I just never thought you would get jealous. Did you even know how beautiful you are. Compared to her you look like a goddess. I thought it was funny that she even tried despite seeing what a wonderful wife I have. I only laughed because I thought it was ridiculous that you even thought I could be interested in someone else. I love you and only you. I didn’t think about accepting her number. I just took the check with me and not because of her number. Don’t ever think I would look at other women, okay?” You held out your pinky to him, feeling reassured by the honesty and love in his eyes “Promise?” Shiraishi chuckled and gently placed a kiss on your nose before linking his finger with yours “Promise.” You snuggled into his familiar arms and Shiraishi held you for a while before speaking up again “Sorry for ruining our evening (Name)-chan. Let me make it up to you. We still have a bottle of wine, so we are going to take a nice bubble bath together, okay?”


The first few months after your wedding had been perfect, but that made it even worse when you had your first fight as newlyweds. It all started innocently with you mentioning to spend Christmas at your parents house. Atobe nonchalantly told you that you were already invited by his parents, not even considering your opinion. You both always had to attend the Atobe’s business parties, so you saw his parents quite often. Couldn’t he see that you missed your own parents. Because Atobe would take over his father’s company one day you moved into a mansion near the company’s headquarter. Your house (or better mansion) was beautiful, but it still meant you were quite far away from your parents. Since the wedding you hadn’t seen them and now Atobe simply shot down your idea of spending Christmas with them. 

You tried to explain him why it was so important to you, but he barely looked up from the documents he was reading. Things heated up pretty quickly and you stormed out of the room after shouting “You don’t even care about what I’m feeling. I’m giving up a lot to live with you and when you treat me like that you make me regret it!” You knew that your words were a low blow, but you didn’t care that moment. You stormed out of the mansion and sat down near the small pond in your garden, staring at the water while silent tears streamed down your face.  It was damn cold outside, but there was no way you would go back into the mansion to fetch a jacket.  You remembered how you convinced Atobe to get a pond. He didn’t really like the idea, but after you animatedly told him that you really, really wanted one he just laughed and said, “If it makes you happy I guess I can’t say no.” 

Remembering that day was made you even more upset and you pulled your legs up to your chest, curling into yourself.“ You were deep in thoughts when suddenly a warm hand was placed on your cold cheeks. You looked up and Atobe silently sat down next to you. You both didn’t speak until Atobe carefully took your hand. He gently played with your wedding band, his voice sounding strained “I apologize, love. I shouldn’t have made plans without considering your opinion. I don’t know how I couldn’t see that you were missing your parents. You moved away for me and I can’t even make you happy.” He gently wiped the tears from your cheeks “I don’t want to be the kind of husband who makes his wife cry. It pains me to know that I am responsible for your distress.” Atobe’s voice was firm when he continued speaking, his hold on your hand tightening slightly “It won’t happen again. You are my top priority, always.” 

He wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer against his warm body. Automatically you snuggled closer to him and Atobe let out a tired sigh. It was such an unusual sound for Atobe, you immediately looked up at his face. Atobe Keigo was never scared, but you could clearly see fear in his eyes, “You are not really regretting marrying me, right?” Your face softened and you lightly pressed your lips against Atobe’s. He immediately responded to the kiss, your lips perfectly working against each other. When you pulled back you rested your head on his chest, feeling the steady beat of his heart “I would never regret it. I love you Keigo and nothing can change that.” 

Atobe pressed a kiss on the top of your head “I’m relieved. I don’t know what I would do if you regretted it. I love you, (Name)-chan.” You stayed like that for a while until Atobe gently released his hold on you. He pulled some papers out of his pocket, handing them to you “I booked us a flight. If you still want to take me with you we are going to visit your parents on Christmas.” With a delight laugh you threw your arms around his neck “Thank you so much! Oh god, I can’t wait for Christmas.” Atobe chuckled and offered you his hand when he stood up “Come on, love. I don’t want you to get sick and I had the maids prepare some popcorn and hot chocolate for you. How about we watch a movie?”


You were having a girls night with your friends while Yukimura had to work long. You knew that many people tended to neglect their friends shortly after their marriage, so Yukimura and you had agreed to take good care of your friendships despite being newlyweds. You had a great time. First your friends and you went to a restaurant and then to a little bar. You had a few drinks and it was almost 5am when you finally came back home. As soon as you pushed open the door, you could hear quick footsteps rushing towards you. Yukimura rounded the corner, his hair disheveled and his eyes frantically roaming over your body. 

Confused you tilted your head when Yukimura hissed at you “Where were you?” You kicked off your shoes, not exactly sure why Yukimura seemed so angry “I was out with my friends?” Yukimura rolled his eyes, something you had never seen him do before “I know that, but why the hell didn’t you answer your phone?” You pulled your phone out to see that ran out of battery “Oh, sorry. Seems like I forgot to charge my phone.” Yukimura almost growled at you “You forgot to charge it?” You nonchalantly shrugged your shoulders “Why are you getting so worked up? It’s a bit late, but everything is fine, I just forgot to charge my phone. No biggie.” Yukimura angrily ran a hand through his hair “Are you kidding me? Do you even know how it feels to wait for hours for your wife to come home and she doesn’t even answer her damn phone. Can you even imagine how worried I was?!” You opened your mouth to say something, but Yukimura completely cut you off  “You are so fucking irresponsible!” 

You flinched, Yukimura never yelled, especially not at you. You hated yelling. You clenched your jaw trying to stay calm, but Yukimura just continued to yell. Having enough, you pushed past Yukimura and walked into the guest room, slamming the door shut behind you. You locked the door before flopping down on the bed. It took you over an hour until you finally fell into a restless sleep. When you woke up you unconsciously reached out for Yukimura just to find the bed empty. The events of last night (or better said this morning) came rushing back to your mind. Shit. You tiptoed out of the room, trying to think of a way to apologize to Yukimura. Sure, you were angry that he yelled at you, but he probably was just worried about you. As soon as you walked into the kitchen you saw Yukimura leaning against the counter. 

He looked like he didn’t sleep at all, a tired and pained expression on his face. Nervously you fidget with your hands and Yukimura wordlessly pushed a cup of coffee to you. You took a sip before looking up “I’m…” - “(Name)” You both spoke up at the same time, so you gestured for Yukimura to talk first. He took a deep breath, hanging his head before looking up at you again “I’m sorry (Name)-chan… I don’t know what came over me yesterday. It’s just… I just was so damn worried. I knew you were out with friends and that’s completely fine, but when you didn’t come home for such a long time and didn’t answer your phone I… I just freaked out. There was something on the news about an accident near your favorite bar and I was so scared something happened to you… I know I shouldn’t have yelled at you, but…” Your chest felt tight and you quickly set your cup down. 

Before Yukimura could say more you wrapped your arms around his torso, burying your face in the soft fabric of his shirt. One of Yukimura’s arms tightly wrapped around your waist while he gently stoked over your hair with his other hand. You melted into his hold, trusting him to support most of your weight. Your hands balled into fists, holding firmly onto his shirt when you mumbled with a meek voice “I’m s-sorry… I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. I know you were only worried about me… sorry, Seii-chan.” Yukimura gently cupped your face, lightly tilting your head upwards. His eyes were incredible soft when he gazed at your face “Don’t apologize. I’m just glad you are okay.” Yukimura leaned down, meeting your lips in a tender kiss. When he pulled back you could feel your cheeks heat up, after all these years he still was able to make you feel butterflies. You blush made him chuckle and he lightly pecked your lips again “I think we both didn’t have a lot sleep. So, if you allow me, I would love to take you to bed with me and catch a few hours of sleep with you next to me.”