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You should definitely read Kimi ni Todoke, or even watch the anime (has 2 seasons). It's about a girl who is an outcast (everyone is afraid of her) and how she becomes friends with this popular boy. It's really cute, I'm sure you'd like it! Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is so funny haha! You should make a page with all your manga recommendations *v* <3

I definitely will watch it!

You find all my manga recommendations behind niu’s manga tag. Go all the way till the last page. The manga is always mentioned either in the tags or in the text. Some of the posts have also direct links to the manga you can read. 

To put them all here simply, my recommendation are

WOLF GUY - Ookami no Monshou

Story of a werewolf boy Akira. Lots of heavy themes and violence. K-18 manga. Despite the heavy themes it’s a story of finding your place in this world and accepting yourself, as well as opening your heart for people to take care you. How do you survive in a human society when you’re a monster? And who are the real monsters in the end; werewolves or humans themselves?
(No English license yet)


Oyasumi Punpun is a slice of life manga telling a story of a bird looking boy Punpun. This is also heavy heavy manga with lots of dark themes, so it’s definitely K-18. Just how difficult it is to grow up?
(no English license yet)


Story of two gangsters Worric and Nicholas (who’s btw deaf and uses sign language). Worric works as a whore where Nicholas is rare killing machine needing medication to stay in check so to speak. I’m still reading this though so I can’t say much more about it.
(English license is out, so manga is available in net to CH25)

KURAGEHIME (Princess Jellyfish)

Kuragehime tells a story of nerd, unemployed illustrator Tsukimi, who befriends with a crossdressing son of a politician, Kuranosuge. Where Tsukimi couldn’t care less anything else than jellyfish, Kuranosuge comes in to put some fire in her life, believing all girls want to be princesses - just like he. Comedy and romance!
(No English license yet. Anime adaptation exists!)


Ex-bully Shoya later meets up with a deaf girl Shoko he used to bully in the elementary school to apologize her, asking if they could be friends. This is a great story of what problems deaf people face in the society (I’ve spoken with people who have deaf loved ones about this manga and they have praised how authentic Koe no Katachi is).  Manga uses official Japanese sign language and has a great story of how people can change. 
(No English license yet)


Equus has short stories revolving around centaurs, living among the humans in the modern society. They have different social settings starting from deep friendship to slavery with humans. Overall all mangas made by Est Em are amazing! They’re very poetic, touching and the art is amazing. They feel often more like dreams than your typical manga.(No English license yet)


Shizuku, who is interested only in studying and thus called ice cold, befriends against her own will with a troublemaker boy Haru. What makes this manga interesting is that though it’s not mentioned anywhere, it’s pretty clear Haru is somewhat autistic, possibly having Asperger’s syndrome. He doesn’t understand how society works, how you’re supposed to behave in different situations, what emotions are and what you’re supposed to do with different emotions, he’s super intelligent but isn’t interested in studying but he rather follows firefly through the whole city to catch it for Shizuku, he doesn’t understand how facial expressions go together with words, he unintentionally hurts people… Many, many things, as you can see from the final panel; Haru really says that sincerely to Shizuku, asking her to hit him with 3kg weight if he does anything Shizuku doesn’t want him to. It’s not a joke. Thus this romance is very interesting. You have this unemotional and timid girl thinking only herself, combined together with a boy who’s overflowing with emotions and has no understanding of how to behave “properly as the society expects you to”, but who has extremely pure heart. 
(English license “My little monster” is just out! Has anime adaptation)


When disliked and shy Nino hears from her mother that her cool classmate and handsome neighbor boy Kira is dying, having only a year time to live, she thinks it’s some sort of a misunderstanding. However, when Nino finds Kira crying how he doesn’t want to die, she gathers all her courage and blurts “I’ll be by your side the next 365 days so you don’t have to be or die alone. Let’s go make rainbows together”. 
(No English license yet)