Attention all Role-Players!~

♦ Shinobi Way is an organized closed role-playing group, based on a time of peace between all shinboi nations. We allow you to play your favourite Naruto characters, and expand both your knowledge and experience with both Naruto and Role-Playing. 

↳ We have an active, fun, enhancing Skype group!

We offer very experienced role-players as “mentors” we have a Council that helps you have a voice, and the role-play is run by a mature and experienced admin. The group is drama-free and full of lively fun.

Some popular available characters: Yamato, Kurenai, Konohamaru, Kabuto, Haku, Zabuza, Pein, Deidara, Kisame, Guren, Sora, Zetsu, and many many more!

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