FE 15 day shipping meme - day 03 favorite f/f pairing


Moving on to… well characters not that many people know about because Nintendo/IS es being a jerk by not releasing FE12 outside of Japan.
Kuraine and Aine are new characters and weren’t part of the original storyline of
FE3. Nevertheless they are my favorite aspect of the game. u 7 u;;
(Not like I have actually played the game further than just about 6 or 7 chapters. I am patiently waiting for the translation patch.)
Actually, I am not sure if I ship them in a romantic way. But their relationship is most definitely one of my favorites in the whole Fire Emblem universe.
I don’t really want to spoil anything so I won’t go into details, but if you play the game, you should keep an eye on them. They’re beautiful. u v u And heartbreaking, damn it.

Dear Defense Attorney,

That’s silly.

Haven’t you seen them together?

But if anything happened to separate them, I don’t think I could handle it.  I know I can get a little carried away, but I’ve seen too many relationships fall apart in Kurain.  I couldn’t stand to see them unhappy.

I… I refuse to believe Mr. Nick would ever abandon Mystic Maya!

-Pearl Fey

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Welcome Home: Day Zero

Alright, since I see that my narumitsu fics have been gaining a little steam here and there, I would like to start on my first serialization! Consider this a prologue to what may come next. 

Please talk to me or like and reblog if you would like a continuation! I appreciate your readership.

And this time on Welcome Home: [Occurs in the time between a week or so after the end of Justice for All and the beginning of Trials and Tribulations] Phoenix’s apartment is getting torn down, and he is running fast out of options. However, instead of resorting to living in the woods of Kurain Valley or on Larry’s couch, he knows that there is a certain prosecutor that just might take him in.

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