Living in Twilight

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Fandom: Ace Attorney

Characters: Maya Fey, Pearl Fey, Miles Edgeworth, Detective Gumshoe, Phoenix Wright.

Warnings: Aftermath of torture, hospitals, and a Phoenix with PTSD.

Summary: Maya would later always remember the phone call, and where she’d been when she first found out that anything had happened, and she would remember that, being in Kurain, she wouldn’t have known anything at all until the news came to them at a snail’s pace. 

Whoah, telephone line, give me some sign - I’m living in twilight… -E.L.O

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The AA6 Twitter campaign was a success, and as a result Capcom has released a special promo prologue anime for AA6!

Subs will be added.


The official Japanese AA6 site has been updated to reflect the dual-protagonist nature of the game, adding profiles for Apollo, Leifa, and Gaspen in the process! About time we got clean art of someone other than Phoenix and Bokuto, eh?

See our previous post for an overview of what “dual-protagonist means” here.

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Ace Attorney 6 ~ Gameplay Footage [Tokyo Game Show]

Gameplay footage for the upcoming Ace Attorney 6, also showing some tremendous animations for our new character, Leifa Padma Kurain.

(Made some slight alteration to the stream video to better show the gameplay.)


Ace Attorney 6 Prologue Anime ~ Subbed

Edited and subbed by me, posted by MegamanNG in a way of helping one another with our channels(due to being real friends), the translated subbed version of the prologue anime for Ace Attorney 6.

Hope you guys enjoy it, killed 4 hours having to get everything grammatically correct alongside the actual edits.

And the first scan of Apollo in AA6 is here! Not much new in this image that wasn’t in the previous post (namely, that the game will take place in both the Kingdom of Kurain and Japan, and that Phoenix and Apollo will serve as dual protagonists), except that Apollo is described as the protag of the Japanese segments, and Phoenix of the Kurain ones.  In any event, it’s good to see the old courtroom and the old chords of steel!

Full scans and details should be available tomorrow.

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