Casual Ruby, Yang, and Melanie Cosplays

We did an Autumn themed photoshoot this previous weekend, since it is Fall after all! :D We had all sorts of fun and these were two of the only “COOL” shots we all in the couple of hours we had. 8D Haha!

These are our ‘Girl Band’ cover photos. :P For our first debut CDs that are coming! Please look forward to them! (totally just joking around, there is no such thing)

Cosplayers: stepbackwards (Ruby), hime-photos (Yang), and Melanie (kuraiai)
Photog: skyreading

Photo taken by our crappy phone camera! 8D My little sister and I in the morning of RWBY photoshoot day (which was a while ago, she just finally uploaded these and I completely had forgotten about them!)

Me cosplaying as Yang Xiao Long from RWBY.

People are now saying I look like Vicky Zhao in this photo because little sis brought it up….


MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH cosplays taken at Anime Expo 2015

Photographers ranges from: DinoTama, Hime-photos, and phaothor.
cosplayers: cerulian-cosplays​ (Fuu), kuraiai​ (Umi), and Hime-photos (Hikaru)

* With a lot of help from lanothor who also made my Hikaru blade. Please go and check him out for all of his armor and prop work! He also has a fb page called Chibi Lano Cosplay!

DinoTama has yet to make any social media page. phaothor was simply a friend helping out taking our photos when DinoTama was too exhausted to do so, haha!

All edits are by me. :) I’m still playing around with all kinds of edits. xD

Enjoy! We sisters had a lot of fun at Anime Expo this year! :)