kurai mori no circus


“Dark Woods Circus” (aka “Kurai Mori no Circus”) by Machigerita

Singable Translyrics:

Deep in the heart, of the midnight forest
There in the dark, is a dreamlike circus
Somebody calls, a voice from high above
Ten meters tall, like something you once dreamed of 

All of the cast, seems so cheerful and bright
Their looks contrast, as if they crawled from the night
But even so, it’s too fun to make a fuss
Come now, let’s go – to the Dark Woods Circus! 

A frightening two-headed monster
A twisted and deformed singing siren
A terrifying blue beast who prefers
His food cold before it’s eaten 

This isn’t what we, ever wanted to be – our forms aren’t some sort of fun disguise
Why are you staring? It is so uncaring for you to look at us with such rotten eyes 

“Life is a nightmare, it’s always unfair, and you can’t ever hope to improve your luck”
She said this to me – and it’s truth, it seems – ‘cause the show goes on and it will never stop

This is so much fun, this is so much fun, this circus is always a wonderful time
Our skin festering, our faces rotting – can’t you see the joy behind our melting eyes?

I just want to die, all I want is to die, so maybe I could get away from here
But someone told me, that can never be – the torture is infinite, that much is clear