(please play the audio for this *audible wink*) 

I really wanted to do this ever since I first heard the cover! The reblogs for the remix had the idea that Sans is actually a really good singer but he’s too shy to sing in front of others. 

That idea was too cute not to draw. /u\

Frisk would be very amused by this. 

Made with SoundCloud
Drop Pop Candy AU

AU Creator(s): Unknown (searching seems to point to Karen)

Official AU Blog: None

Creator Tracked Tags: None

AU Canon: The canon is based on a Soundcloud upload of the song “Drop Pop Candy” by Vocaloid, which was edited to include Sans and Papyrus’ in-game “voices” singing the song. This new song “Drop Pop Candy - Sans and Papyrus” was created by Luxiay Kuragon. There doesn’t seem to be a whole canon history with this AU outside of the idea that Sans secretly likes to sing.

Official Canon Design:


OKAY, so circling around is a cover of Drop Pop Candy by Luxiay Kuragon where they used Sans and Papyrus’ beeps and I was inspired to make lyrics for them specifically!

Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/luxiay-kuragon/drop-pop-candy-sans-papyrus

SO YEAH, originally I just made lyrics that corresponded to the beeps but then I really wanted to sing it myself so here it is! 

This is legit, like, the first thing I have ever contributed to any fandom ever.

Art is by @kyleehenke GO CHECK HER OUT 

also, i cannot voice act very well, so yeah, i’m singing in my regular voice although if any voice actors out there would like to cover it…. *wink wink*

Lyrics under the cut

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Made with SoundCloud

wow this is so quickly done im sorry for everything im so discouraged and dead now

Just like most of the undertale fandom I have Drop Pop Candy on repeat; please - while glancing at this piece of shit - listen to the song. https://soundcloud.com/luxiay-kuragon/drop-pop-candy-sans-papyrus 

This is my take as how the song takes place, namely Papyrus dragging Sans to a karaoke club and not knowing any of the fecking songs. Sans do and, while at first real embarrassed to sing, warms up to the idea of singing together with his brother. 

It was fun to make, but fuck I hate those fonts (not the brothers, the actual fonts).



Original Song: https://soundcloud.com/luxiay-kuragon/drop-pop-candy-sans-papyrus

The guy who made the animation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNrq6rf8lXsgDAC1BKxBfYg/videos


Took  Luxiay Kuragon ’s Drop Pop Candy cover and did a video~